Written by Beth

30 Jun 2013

Ive been married for 22 years to Robert,hes a lovely fella but is seriously boring in bed.hes got a big cock but just doesnt no how to use it.im normally dry as a bone when we fuck and it only lasts a couple of minutes if im lucky so to say im not sexually satisfied is an understatement.so my story starts a couple of years ago when i was around a friends house in an anne summers party.

We were having a real good laugh looking at the sexy clothes and some outrageous sex toys which i have to say was turning me on.i had my own vibrator at home but some of these were monsters!! one was 10 inches long and i thought way to big to fit in any womens pussy,boy was i wrong.As the night went on we were having more and more drink and were getting louder and louder,and i was getting hornier and hornier.as we sat chatting some of the girls started suggesting we should try some of the clothes on and maybe try some of the toys out.i was well up for it so said we should all try one peice of clothing and one toy.to my surprise everyone agreed,all 12 ladies.i thought that was very surprising as a lot of them seemed very quiet and no way would want to pose in sexy underwear let alone play with some toys,the beauty of alcohol.

So Karen the host decided to try on a skimpy pair of shorts and looked good for a women whos had 3 kids.after seeing her cute arse being shown off we unfortuneatly had to look at suzie show off a pair of knickers with her bush coming out of the sides,not a good look.a few more came and went and i was getting very horny and wet so i said id have my go and picked a crutchless thong and nipple free bra.as with the others i went into the kitchen and started undressing until i was naked.it was then that i noticed the hosts husband standing in the garden watching me undress from behind a tree the dirty fucker.i was so horny i didnt give a shit so i stood there playing with my tits,he was the only other person to see me buck naked other than my husband.as the other girls were waiting for me i put the bra on then i decided id make sure he got a good view of my pussy so i went and stood by the french door turned round and bent over so he had a clear view of my pussy.my pussy was so wet i could feel myself dripping pre cum.as i pulled the thong up my legs i was close to cumming,as soon as the thong touched my pussy i was close to climax so i pulled the front and back of the thong up and down so it was rubbing my clit.it was the biggest climax id had in years.

I did feel a bit embarresed that id put on a show for this man but was still horny. I composed myself before going into the living room where the fun really started.