Written by sunder1

2 Jun 2015

I recently joined this site because a story I read here reminds me of an experience I had in the late 1980s when I was in my late twenties .I was on my way from perth to london to meet my boyfriend via singapore on a half empty plane and had the whole rear seats to myself when I was joined by a handsome sexy man at singapore I was by the window and he sat in the aisle seat shortly after take off we started talking and I was charmed by his good looks and grooming although he was twice my age.we ordered wine and soon were feeling quite jolly .He moved into the seat near to me and the smell of his masculine scent and aftershave made my pussy tingle .He touched my arm when he talked and his breath in my ear was making me slowly more aroused against my will. we had more wine with our dinner and then the cabin lights were dimmed and the plane was silent .I pulled a blanket over me and lay back to sleep .I soon felt his hand under my skirt sliding so slowly up my inner thigh I was so excited couldnt keep my breath steady did he know I was faking sleep? I decided to say nothing and opened my legs a tiny bit more and see what he was going to do .I soon felt a warm finger push between my swolen pussy lips and then another while he massaged my clit with his thumb .it was so wrong that it drove me wild .still my eyes were closed next he kissed me so gently on my lips and ran his tounge in side my mouth his mouth was clean scented and delicous .he moved his fingers in and out of my pussy expertly and I could feel the tension building in me like a stick about to snap yet somehow i was still shaming sleep, but my chest was heaving and I was now sucking his tounge .finaly he increased his pace and I came ! with a shuddering orgasm that came frome the core of my being .i came so hard and long that my toes curled and Iwent as stiff as a board in my seat .panting with ecstacy into his mouth locked on mine..when i opened my eyes he was smiling at me .I went to the bathroom and removed my soaking panties and freshened up .I felt a bit shy at how easily I had come and guilty about my boyfriend so I told him and he said sorry but i was so turned on and I resolved not to touch him but after some more wine I was longing for his hands on me I took them and led them to my hard nipples ..he pinched them quite hard and rolled them in his fingeres and stroked and kissed my neck which I adore soon I was throbing in my pussy again ,and i rubbed his cock through his pants and was shocked at the enormous size of it straining against the material .He helped me take it out removing his belt and partialy pulling his pants down it felt so hot and heavy and was absaloutly enormous ! I couldnt make my fingers reach around the head I stroked it and tickled it wondering at its meaty weight adjusting the blanket so as to remain un detected .I tried to get my mouth around the glans but it was so huge my teeth scraped on his glans .a little impattiently he pulled me on to his lap and grinded against me but it was too cramped so he pulled me over into the aisle seat and ajusting the blanket to hide us bent me sideways my ass against him and thrust into me very slowly it streched me more than anything before and hurt a bit untill I had fully opened I could feel him right at the top and as he pulled back my pussy was draged almost inside out before the next very slow thrust in ..I have never felt so bad sexy and wild I wanted to push back and scream .but knew we had to be silent so it was a long slow motion fuck with him holding my hip so I couldnt speed up .we must have been loked together like that for an age .he suddenly stopped thrusting and exploded inside me filling me with hot cum and triggering a huge orgasm I whimpered and groaned and bit my lip to stifel the sound .his cock kept jerking and spasming inside for 5 mins it was so tight I could feel every twitch .we sort of snoozed locked together like mating dogs for half an hour .after he pulled out a tidal wave of sperm ran out on to the napkin I tried to catch it in but it dripped all over the place and on the seat and floor ..after that all hope of sleep was gone and we kissed and fondled each other all the way to london where we parted with a kiss ...I have neve been more excited and somtimes guiltily think of it when I am having sex to get myself off.