Written by Andy B.

2 Mar 2007

Sex with Susan, my mistress of 4 years, had become quite predictable and was feeling we were more like an old married couple, until a shopping trip to Edinburgh.

Suzie was getting a lot of attention at the hotel bar by 2 guys in their thirties, and whilst we were talking about not much really she starting talking about how she liked to be fucked. I was slightly taken aback, as it was clear by her frequently looking over at the guys that she wanted more than just me. She told me that she wanted to be taken from behind whilst being watched and could we go to the room right now?

I hesitated, but watching her walk towards the lift and the sight of the most gorgeous arse you will ever see, gave me an instant hard-on.

She approached the 2 guys, turning to face them as she walked past, saying "Follow me!" and beckoned them to come with her using her left hand. Tony, one of the lads joined us in the lift, and Suzie told him what to expect - if he wanted it?

I was completely mesmerised, but was willing to go along with whatever happened. My first threesome, and not the good kind.

On reaching the room, Suzie asked both of us to sit at the end of the large bed, whilst she went into the bathroom. Me and Tony looked at each other, and I told him that this was for real and that I was cool with it.

Suzie came out of the bathroom wearing just her white silk blouse, having clearly removed her bra, her nipples looked huge and dark as they pressed against the material, and her white thong and black stillettos. She always did look great, and her husband had been a lucky lucky man until he cheated on her, much to my benefit, and today also Tony's.

'Well Boys', she said, 'I am going to take out your cocks, suck them until they're hard, and then you are both going to fuck me hard. Tony's cock was bigger and thicker than mine, and Suzie seemed to like the taste of his, and wanked him into her mouth.

I went behind her and pulled the string of the thong to one side and started to lick her bum-hole. Suzie squirmed at first, then turned to face me whilst standing up, and pushed her pussy, which was dripping with her juices, into my face.

Tony had stood up and she was still tugging on his cock, whilst he chewed on her tits after lifting her blouse off.

I was ready to explode, and knew when I was going to come it was going to be by the bucketful.

Then Suzie pulled her thong off, naked now except for her shoes, and told Tony to fuck her hard with his big beast. She bent over, pushing her arse into the air, and her face into the bed, and pulled her fanny lips apart exposing her wet cunt. Tony slide straight in, and started to pound her. He looked at me, and smiled, then got back to concentrating on filling Suzie with his spunk. Suzie just moaned with pleasure as he came.

I then got on the bed, and Suzie straddled me. She just sat for a few moments letting Tony's spunk leak out of her and run down my cock. She sucked Tony dry before riding me, as she did she rubbed herself and making herself cum.

Despite the excitement, Suzie being totally wet prevented me from cumming, so she told me to do her up the arse. I pushed my cock in gently, and could see Tony wank himself back to hardness. I was so turned on I pulled out after a few strokes and wanked my cock eventually spraying over her beautiful arse.

Tony and I played with Suzie for the rest of the afternoon, ordering room service to keep our energy up.

That afternoon took our sex lives to new heights, and today I am fortunate still be fucking Suzie, and the new friends we meet. Boy and Girl.