Written by Arlington_49

13 Feb 2015

I was a bit out of sorts…and NOT in the know about an incident earlier this week regarding Judi and Lucille…Lucille is my colleague Greg’s wife! Two evenings ago, Greg and I learned our wives were “seen” Monday night at either a club or at the St. Katharine Docks Marina. As it was put to us…WTF were your wives doing there…especially in light neither of us were aware…!! Greg and I thought the gals had evening plans… a show or dinner date with some other gals…both of our wives suggested they’d likely over-night with friends Monday eve…be home later Tuesday. Curiosity was more than serious…Greg was able to gather what happened. Over drinks after office last evening, I learned…and a little shocked as well…!

Turns out, our wives had arranged ‘dates’ with two young men from Judi’s office… As it was described, it was a ‘casual meet’ over drinks and inner. Seems the lads had been appealing to Judi’s interests, and as a means of having a relatively calm night, Judi invited Lucille to join. To my thinking, NEVER innocence in mind…I was thinking ahead of hearing the details…! AND, the details only validated my thinking…!!

Our gals met both lads at either a party boat or local tavern/pub…I have yet to confirm that part of the social meet. What Greg and I learned, however, is that both women had become ”main attraction” for the lads…and some of their RE friends. Mind you…these were apparently associates from Judi’s circle of Real Estate colleagues! The circle, in my growing opinion, is one of some seriously debauched individuals. Single and married, as we understand, the lads have been running an ongoing sex party…engaging favored ladies. Rather than habituating their own swing and social group…near home or office…appears this group takes than sexual exploration to the ‘field’ so-to-speak. In this instance, their party was held at the marina…or a nearby pub. In whichever instance, they had to have some accommodation and privacy…for what we learned. And what we learned wasn’t all that much in detail…merely snippets of how our wives played with their younger friends.

Seems the group opted to “take” Lucille first! Both of our ladies apparently well-inebriated, Judi remarked that for her age, Lucille has a stunningly smooth pussy no way customarily reflective of her mature 57 age. Lucille became hostess to several men…eating out and enjoying their oral way with her pussy… It became a sexual frenzy…two men at a time…converting Lucy into a spit roasted woman…ravishing her until as we were told, she fainted from her sexual engagement. Lousy timing for my wife, as it turned out…

Seems Judi thought…foolishly…that ‘handing’ Lucille over to her ‘friends’ would exempt her from fuck time… Not so…in fact, she became the sexual object of several men who were pissed by the fact Lucy fainted…no longer actively submissive to their sexual endearments. No…it quickly became…the ‘Fuck Judi’ show…!

As we learned…NO…as I interpreted, the SOB’s gang fucked my wife. Greg and I not sure how many…but from George’s retell, perhaps 5 or 6 young men had their total way with Judi. My wife never fainted…to be clear! She apparently struggled to some degree, but as I’ve often determined in her tryst behaviors, Judi likes it from young, well-endowed gentlemen…especially if they are in her business field… Whatever “struggle” seemingly observed was likely her sexual arousal and reaction to a gang bang. George termed it a…”rape.” I took issue as much as the term offended me…to suggest Judi was raped…!! Whether I’m concealing personal concerns, I told George…he incorrect…Judi went in with open eyes. In fact…and meant to assuage Greg’s concerns that Judi set Lucille up for a good fucking…I advised George that both of our wives are NOIT neophytes to sex play outside marital “constraints”… No, in fact, both women married… all the more exciting for Judi and Lucy to regularly fuck other lads OR husbands!!

With some humor…IF there is any humor to be found…Greg and I have yet to see our wives…here it is Friday evening! Both gals texted us late Tuesday, they would remain with Judi’s ‘family friend’ Into this coming weekend. Greg and I are looking to eventually learn what fucking, half-ass excuse the girls will come up NOT returning earlier as they had suggested.

Last night, we told George to follow their circumstances…he knows the men involved…see if the party continued in some fashion… George thought our gals were too partied out to return home. HOWEVER, he suspected Judi may have arranged for a follow-up party tonight or tomorrow.

As for George and me…we’ve already invited our respective admin gals to join us for late supper tonight…about 2 or 3 hours from now. We’ll have our own fuck party…both gals are either single or divorced…NO hubby or BF waiting for their arrival. We’ll have a good time…I’ll post next week…results from George’s ‘spy-work’ on Lucille and Judi…AND what fun Greg and I will have had with Melissa and Angela…!