Written by Watlingj56

5 Dec 2017

This happened nearly 10yrs ago now.

Having a threesome is something my wife and I had been fantasising about quite a bit and talking through in detail what we would want to do would really get us turned on. We were both in our late 30s and after finally talking about doing something to try and make the fantasy a reality we found SH, placed our details and had been registered for about a month. Our photos got a lot of replies and Jodie had picked a couple of guys to chat with which really turned us on especially when she would relay the dirty bits of the conversations to me when I would get home from work!

Anyway, we choose the guy we wanted to take part in our first threesome and arranged a date with Jay. As we had young kids we couldn’t arrange a babysitter overnight so Jay had booked himself into a hotel in the area and we arranged to meet with him in the bar. As we drove to the hotel we were both really nervous as having been married for 9 years it was a long time since either of us had had sex with anyone else. Jodie had bought herself some sexy new underwear for the occasion so was dressed in a sexy red and a black bra with matching thong, suspenders and lace topped stockings. She wore a sexy black dress with her black heels and looked really sexy.

Outside the hotel we had a final check to see if we both still wanted to go in and both agreed. We recognised Jay from his photos and sat down with a drink together. It was quite a surreal experience being sat there talking with someone we had never met before but could very shortly be helping me to fuck my wife!!

After a few drinks I suggested we move somewhere else for a drink so all three of us headed to Jays room for a glass of champagne. Once in the room I sat down on a chair and Jodie and Jay were perched on the edge of the bed. No one was quite sure who would make the first move until Jay gently put his hand onto Jodies stocking clad leg. This started to break the ice and as Jay started to gently stroke her leg they were staring into each others eyes gradually getting closer until they were finally kissing each other. As they began to kiss more passionately, Jay started to move his hand up to Jodie stocking top and then in between her legs. I was sat watching as Jay was rubbing her pussy through her thong and then pushing it aside to rub his fingers on what was now a very wet pussy! Jodie spread her legs wide to enjoy his touch and seeing her in that position with another man had got me rock hard!

Things started to move more quickly now with Jodie rolling on top and taking Jays shirt and trousers off. She moved down his body and took hold of his hard cock for the first time. She worked it in her hands for a few seconds before taking it in her mouth and started to suck and wank him off. If watching my wife get fingered got me hot, well watching her take another blokes cock in her mouth made me nearly explode! Jodie then moved into a 69 position on top which Jay had asked to do when chatting on line which allowed him to finger and lick her wet pussy as she continued to suck his cock. Jodie then climbed on top of him and eased his cock into her waiting pussy and started to ride him.

By this point I too had stripped off and was wanking and watching whilst taking photos! It wasn’t long before Jodie felt him start to stiffen and begin to cum. She pulled him out and went down to take this last bit of his cum in her mouth and swallow. Jay was still turned on and remained hard so he pushed her onto all fours, pulled her thong to one side, and started taking her from behind as she learned forward and took my cock in her mouth. What an incredible feeling watching and taking part as your wife is spit roasted for the first time – I’d recommend it to anyone!! The next two hours were a blur of positions and images as Jodie used and abused both our cocks for her pleasure and came multiple times herself. By the time it was time to leave Jodie had taken six lots of cum from both of us - in her mouth, up her pussy and over her arse and tits and we were both physically exhausted even though Jodie could have kept on going!

It’s not just the positions and the dirtiness of a threesome which really turned me on, it was to see Jodie just going with it and just loving the whole experience of taking two cocks at the same time – very sexy and horny.

As we left, we had to walk out through the hotel reception late at night, with Jodie having laddered stockings in numerous places and her slightly crumpled dress had lots of cum stain marks from two blokes on – it felt really dirty!

Hope you liked this and for any couples out there wondering about a first time take this as my recommendation to just go for it – it an amazing and sexy experience. If people are interested there are more meets I can tell you about.