Written by Mark

15 Jan 2018

Sept 2017

We met a guy who we got chatting to on a forum we are subscribers to. After dinner one evening we got online and introduced ourselves to Sean, who lived in Derby. We chatted for about an hour with him, Sally topless for most of the conversation, and he agreed to come to the house on Saturday afternoon. He did at first think that Sally was a whore which made me smile and her horrified, but put the record straight and the date was booked. He had been attracted to our forum advert by the strap line I added “looking for strong dominant guys to share my wife Sally”. We agreed he would lead and that he could explore Sally how he wanted with the understanding she could use the safe word ‘RED’ if necessary.

Sally had spent an hour getting ready even though she was likely to remain naked all evening. Sean arrived just after 5pm. He looked a little nervous, but was soon ruling the show once he had a glass of wine in his hand. We just chatted for a while, but with Sally naked in front of him he was demanding that Sally got to work on him.

Sean was in his late 20’s and had washboard stomach and thick rigid cock. He definitely looked after himself and soon proved he had tremendous stamina. Sally got to work, as instructed, on her knees on the floor of our bedroom feeding on his cock like she had not eaten for a week. When Sally is horny she gets into the zone.

Sean worked her over for the next couple of hours, stopping only for a drink or to swap positions. At one stage I got in on the act and got Sally in a position where I was in her ass and Sean in her pussy. That was the first time she had been DP’ed. We kept her like this for a little while, but it was a bit too intense for her and we soon had to change positions again.

Sean did show his dominant side as they both relaxed into the evening. Sean was able to really pound away at her. It got quite rough with Sean sticking his fingers in her mouth and fish-hooking Sally while he pounded her now stretched pussy. I too got real carried away calling her names and slapping her ass. Sean followed suite and we really used and abused her, it was awesome.

We finished her off by cuming all over her face. She jerked me off while Sean sat above her head and shot his load across her face. She was really freaked by the amount of cum on her face, but she lay there passively while we finished off.

Sally got used and abused by us both, but she smiled, groaned and moaned throughout. She took it up the arse, in her pussy and her mouth. We fucked her together then one after the other. We never left her alone for the best part of 3 hours. I was so hard throughout I thought I might burst a blood vessel.

Sean was a very happy man and kept telling me, and her, what a good fuck she was. She was passive throughout and just gave her body to us to use as we wanted that evening.