Written by Mark

1 Jan 2018

November 2017

I have been married to Sally for 4 years. She is perfect for me, attractive, big tits, confident and fucks like a whore. To my surprise it soon became apparent that although Sally has a very strong and confident demeanour outside the bedroom she becomes super submissive in the bedroom. The change in her attitude and behaviour is in complete contrast and as I learned you can easily push her limits to the extremes with a little help and persuasion.

I have been working on pushing these limits for the past few months by introducing her to being shared by other men. I wanted to test her submissive nature and so plotted a way that would help me do that.

I have paid for her to have a spa day in London and to have her hair cut just to say I love you. It also meant she could attend a dress fitting for a wedding where she was going to be a bridesmaid next year.

I had arranged to meet her in a Champagne bar in St Pancras station on the 2nd floor above the Euro-star arrivals after her activities at 3pm. However, I had another present to offer her. I have a buddy that I have known for 10 years and who had meet Sally on a couple of occasions and I knew that they had got on ok. He has always wanted to fuck Sally and had talked on many a drunken night about what he would do with her given the chance. I thought this would be a way to push Sally to her sexual boundaries and beyond. I had discussed with Ian about her experiences this year and Ian was keen to help me test her further so together we devised a way to put this plan into action.

So instead of me meeting her at the Champagne bar, Ian did in my place. He was to approach her and tell her that he was her second gift for the day and that Sally was going to be his fucktoy for a few hours, well words to that affect.

I booked us into a Kings Cross Hotel called Central on Argyll Street just round the corner from the station. Ian and I checked in about an hour before we were due to meet Sally. I had given Ian instructions on how to approach her. He must quote our safe word "Banana" which would be a sure way to ensure that it was me that was behind this approach.

To be honest I was not confident she would go with him. I watched from a vantage point some distance away as Ian approached and they got chatting. I could not see her reaction clearly. She looked shocked and even looked around to see if I was close. I could see her shaking her head and then she reached for her phone. A few moments later my phone text chime went off. Sally asking me if this was real and what she should do. I replied. "Yes real, make him happy. I will see you later at 7pm". I watched her look at her phone and then they chatted for about 10 minutes more. To my amazement and excitement Sally finished her glass, stood up and walked off with Ian in the direction of the hotel. I stood there almost numb with disbelief, my cock was throbbing in my pants.

I had told Ian to ring me when he got back to the room so I could listen in for a while. I followed them back and watched as they disappeared into the hotel. 10 minutes later my phone rang and I could hear muffled noises although clear enough to hear what was going on. Ian told Sally to undress and to show him what she had bought today. A good way to break the ice. I could hear lots of rustling and chatter as she got out the Tiara and shoes she had bought. Then I heard Ian say "fuck me you have amazing tits". At that point I smiled and put the phone down.

I left them too it and went and watched a movie arriving back at the hotel at around 7ish. Sally was drying herself after a shower when I walked into the room. Ian had left about 30 minutes before and had sent me a few pictures of Sally enjoying his cock and lying waiting to be fucked.

When I walked in the room she slapped my arm and demanded to know why I had let Ian be with her. I ignored the question and simply asked her if she enjoyed it. She hesitated, surprised at my response. After some consideration she smiled and nodded agreement. There I said, I am glad you enjoyed your presents today.

The day had been an amazing success. Sally seemed to have enjoyed being with Ian and was delighted to tell me all about the last few hours. I was so flushed with success we went out and had more Champagne before taking her back to the hotel to get fucked for the second time that day.