Written by jo1957m

13 Nov 2008

Sharon and Tim

Part one

Starting out.

I first chatted to Tim in one of the cuck rooms on SH. He seemed to be sensible and from the things that he said his wife was fully aware of what he was hoping for.

After that we chatted a few times on MSN and swapped a few pics, he showed me pictures of his wife Sharon, and I showed him pictures of me with other cucks wives. ( the ones I had permission to share of course) He was looking for a regular bull to use his sub wife and to turn her into a slut, this was starting to sound very interesting and so I asked him to introduce me online to his wife Sharon.

Within a couple of days I had started talking to Sharon, she told me that she wanted to be used and turned into a slut, but also that both her and Tim were into being embarrassed and humiliated. As we chatted more and more online we explored a number of scenarios and I learned from her the things that made her and her hubby Tim tick.

I gave her some rules, she had to tell me whenever she started playing with herself when we were chatting, and she had to tell me whenever she had an orgasm , also she was told not to wear knickers any more unless I told her to .

Eventually we all arranged to meet at a pub of their choice. I got to the pub first and was sat in the bar and saw them drive up. They came into the pub and looked around, I didn’t move , I let them seek me out. When Tim finally spotted me they came over, Tim extended his hand and I shook hands with him very briefly and in the same movement moving past him and embracing Sharon and giving her a deep deep kiss, forcing my tongue into her mouth and after kissing her like this for a good half minute I turned to Tim and asked him why he hadn’t got the drinks in already. Tim scuttled off to the bar to get drinks as I took Sharon to a seat near the window. I placed her across from me facing into the room and I sat across from her so that I could see up her legs almost to her pussy, she moved to pull her skirt lower and I told her to leave it as it was.

Tim returned from the bar with beer for us two and white wine and soda for Sharon. I told him to sit next to me and then I asked him to tell me all of Sharon’s good points and sexy bits. Tim wasn’t comfortable talking about his wife in this way but fair play to him he managed to tell me about how Sharon had a lovely shaved cunt and very nice tits and that she was a very horny girl that he couldn’t keep up with in the bedroom. AS he mentioned her cunt I looked across to Sharon and told her to open her legs so that we could see her as Tim was describing her. She blushed but did as she was told and opened her legs, Her naked pussy was very smooth and she was obviously turned on as her pussy lips were visibly opening as we chatted. Another couple walked into the pub and Sharon shut her legs together quickly as they walked past. I told her to open her legs again, and to leave them like that if someone else walked in. I looked at Tim and I could see that he was excited, the bulge in his trousers were clearly visible. I moved across and sat next to Sharon and told her to tell me all about Tim, and why he couldn’t satisfy her, As she was talking to us I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me, I could see down her top, her cleavage looked very inviting.

She was saying how she wanted to meet a guy who would show her things that Tim had never done, and to test her limits. I asked her if she was turned on at that time and she said yes, I asked her to show me how much, she put her finger between her legs and then into her pussy, when she pulled them out and opened her fingers strings of pussy juice dangled from one finger to the next, she offered them to me to taste, which I did, sucking greedily until I had eaten all her juice. I then reached between her legs and had a feel of her cunt for myself, she was very very wet , her pussy sucked greedily on my fingers, I looked at Tim and his face was a picture, I told him he was right, she did have a nice pussy, tasted good, felt good and that I was going to take her out and fuck it while he waited in the pub for us to come back.

I stood up and as I did I faced Sharon who was still seated, I placed her hand on the bulge in my trousers in a way that Tim could see. I said tell him what you want. She looked at Tim and said, “ I want this cock, in my cunt, in my mouth and up my arse” Tim was bright red, his hand was touching his own trouser bulge, I moved his hand over so that he could feel my cock,I smiled at him, she is going to get her wish, I asked him for his car keys, told him I was going to use his car to have his wife in, but also it would mean that he wouldn’t be tempted to follow or to just wait in the car for our return, I wanted him to have to wait in the pub in the view of others who would have worked out what was happening.,see you in a while I said.

Once outside I put my arm around Sharons shoulder and let my hand find her tit, it felt good and as I found her nipple I discovered it to be very hard and highly sensitive, looking back, I could see Tim watching us thru the pub window as we walked to his car.

As we got to the car I unlocked the door and told Sharon to take her skirt off before she got in, she looked around nervously but I dismissed her modesty and told her to hurry up. She quickly dropped her skirt and slid into the car in one movement and then sat in the car seat trying to make her top cover herself, I laughed as I started the engine and drove off. We chatted for a few minutes as we headed off down the road, Sharon told me she was feeling very nervous but also very excited.

I told her to put her seat back and to play as we drove and chatted. As she talked I watched her fingering heself, a damp patch was appearing on the seat between her legs. We passed some builders on a scaffold by a house, I told Sharon just before we got there and told her to carry on playing, I slowed down and sounded the horn to make sure they saw us and Sharon was rewarded by a collection of wolf whistles and cat calls, this prompted her to finger herself harder and within a minute she was having her first orgasm of the day. Soon we were out in the country and as we drove thru a wood I saw a clearing and turned the car into it. Sharon looked up as I switched off the engine, I told her to take the rest of her clothes off which I collected and then took them and put them in the car boot. When I got back into the car I sat and studied her body, she had a fine pair of tits, her nipples were very hard and stuck out in a very nice manner. I reached over and had a feel of her breasts, careful not to touch her nipples for now, but enjoying the smooth feel of her tits in my hand. She started to moan and wriggle in the seat a bit, she was trying to make me touch her nipple so being a gentleman I obliged by taking her nipple between my finger and thumb and rolling it and pinching gently, she started to moan and I asked her if she liked what she was feeling, she murmured “yes” so I continued increasing the pressure until I was pinching her nipple extremely hard, she started to wriggle more and her breathing became shorter and faster, just as I thought she was about to ask me to stop a long moan escaped her lips, low at first but then raising to a squeal which was accompanied by a stream of femcum as she had her second orgasm of the day.

She sat up and pulled my head towards hers and kissed me deep as the orgasm continued to race through her body, in order to keep it going I pushed 2 fingers straight into her sopping cunt which was throbbing and twitching as if it was trying to suck my fingers. She started to undo my shirt buttons and pull my shirt off, her hands briefly feeling my chest and shoulders before decending onto my trouser buttons and undoing them, desperate to get her hands on my by now very hard cock., I pulled her hands away and told her to open the passenger door, I walked around the car and told her to kneel on all 4s , I took my trousers and jockeys off and stood behind her naked, I asked her which hole she wanted me to fuck first,,,,she told me to shove my cock into her cunt as she needed me to fill her up. Instead of fucking her straight away, I pulled my hand back and smacked her arse as hard as I could, the shock of it made her scream out and she collapsed forward across the seats holding her arse. I told her to kneel back up and that when ever I slapped her she must not move away or scream out. After I had let this sink in for a minute I took careful aim and slapped her other cheek, again as hard as I could, to her credit, she flinched only slightly and barely whimpered, it must have hurt as I could feel my hand tingling and as I watched I could plainly see 2 very distinct hand marks appearing on her buttocks. I could also see that she was so wet by now that she had juice running down the insides of her thighs. I placed the end of my cock into her sopping wet cunt and just pushed it in and out at the entrance, teasing her, building her expectation, making her plead with me to out it in further, gathering my momentum and trying to take her unawares I thrust as hard and fast as I could, my cock buried deep into her cunt, I could feel the head touch the back of her cunt as mt thighs collided with her hot stinging buttocks, she screamed again, not from pain this time but from shock and ecstasy of being penetrated so deep and forcefully. After holding in deep and hard for a few second I started a strong deep rhythm, stroking hard and fast , fucking her deep , feeling her cunt starting to tighten around my cock, she came again, just as I was starting to feel my spunk rising I continued to pound her thru her orgasm as I was heading for my own. When I spurted I pulled her back onto me with her shoulders, holding my cock deep inside her as I emptied my balls into her.

Sharon was purring like a kitten, her cunt was still trying to milk my cock, I could feel waves of spasm from her cunt. I pulled out slowly as my cock started to relax, I wanted as much of my spunk as possible to stay inside her. I handed her my phone and told her to ring Timm to tell him what had just happened, she did so, I told her to put it on the speaker so that I could hear both halfs of the conversation. We could also hear that the pub was filling up as the background noise was considerably louder than when we had left. I asked him if he wanted me to do any thing else to her, he was trying to whisper into the phone, I told him that I couldn’t hear him but for the mean while she would suck my cock. With that I turned her around, I put my semi soft cock into her mouth and told her to suck me deep, she started to suck and as I began thrusting my cock went to the side of her mouth and inbetween her cheeks and teeth, I told Tim that she wasn’t sucking me deep so that he should excuse me while I corrected the situation.

I lifted her face to look at me and told her to open her mouth, she did so and as I moved my cock deeper into her mouth she closed her lips around it and her tongue started to force it to place it had been before, no I told her, open your mouth and move your tongue, I tried again, but once again her lips closed around me and the tongue got in the way. I explained to Tim what was happening, give me a minute I told him, this time I pulled out and told her once again, keep mouth open until I tell you , and don’t move tongue. Again I pushed my cock in her mouth, again her lips started to close around it, I slapped her face hard and held her nose between my fingers, this time he mouth opened wide and her tongue stopped down, I managed to push my stiffening cock towards the back of her mouth. Tim could hear us on the phone and he was saying something, but talking so quietly I couldn’t hear what he said. I told him to shut up and listen as I fucked his wifes throat. Holding the phone close to her mouth I pushed my cock deeper with each thrust, I felt it enter her throat and she gagged, a loud rasping gag, I though she was going to barf but she didn’t, her eyes started to water but the gag went away so I pushed deep again, the gag came again, but I t was silent this time as my cock was so deep down that no sound could come out, I thrust hard a couple of times and then pulled out so that she could breath, she gasped as if she had been under water and spluttered for a while, Tim said he could hear her so I told him to listen again, I told her as before to open her mouth and as I slid my cock back in she did exactly as instructed and kept her tongue out of the way, I fucked her face for a while, timing the thrusts so that she could breath every now and again, ignoring the couple of times she gagged, all the time I was talking to Tim on the phone and describing what was happening. He said something quietly and I told him to speak up, he whispered a bit louder, I could hear what he said but I pretended I couldn’t, speak louder man I told him, Fuck her arse he said and just as he did the record stopped playing in the pub, the silence cut thru the phone and I could imagine everyone looking at him, eventually the hubbub returned over the phone line, lots of laughing and much louder than before, I smiled as I realised that Tim had given the game away at his end and everyone now realised what was happening.

Just as you wish I told Tim and clicked off the phone. I pulled out of sharons mouth and started to feel at her arse hole, he cut was still wet thru so it was easy to get some of her juices and use it to wet her arse, working my fingers inside her I stretched and prepared her ready to take my cock. Have you been fucked in the arse before I asked her, she nodded, yes, but only by tim and he is much smaller than you, In time her arse relaxed more and more and I could easily get 3 fingers in there, I told her to wet suck my cock to lube it ready for her arse, she licked me and left lots of spit on it. I positioned myself behind her and then pulled her back onto me, I let her find her own comfort and back onto my cock.

She wriggled it in, deeper and deeper until my full 7 inch was in her arse, I reached underneath her and holding her nipples between my fingers and thumb I fucked her arse as I used her hard nipples to pull her back onto me. AS I fucked her like this I could feel her fingers appear inside her cunt and she was frigging herseld with her fingers as we fucked, she started to moan louder , her hand went faster and faster , rubbing her clit and then inside her, faster and faster, she was close and so was I , I cum just as she did, she tried to slump forward as her orgasm wracked her body but I held her close as my cock pumped more spunk inside her. She let out a long moan that rose into a wail and then almost a scream, her fingers grabbed my thighs and her nails buried deep into my thighs.

She was moaning, yes, oh yes, mmm mmm mmmmmmm. I pulled out slowly and turned her around, lifting her face up to look at me I asked her if she had enjoyed that, she said oh yes, oh my god yes, I told her that she was now mine and that she would do everything that I ordered her to do in the future, If Tim wanted to fuck her then one of them had to text me to ask if he could, she agreed readily, as she smiled I opened her mouth and told her to lick my cock and suck it so that all her arse juice was cleaned off, this time I didn’t force fuck her throat but just enjoyed feeling her hot mouth and tongue licking and sucking all around my cock. When she had finished I took a pen out of my pocket, it was a fine nib indelible marker, I wrote “ my cock was here” and drew an arrow pointing to her cunt. Then I turned her over and traced the outlines of the slap marks on her arse, There was some spunk on her thigh so I circled it and labelled it “ spunk” then I drew arrows to her arse hole and wrote “ Nice fuck” across the bottom of her back I wrote “ THIS SLUT IS MINE “

By now it was starting to get a little dark and so I told her to sit back in the passenger seat, I got dressed and then got back into the drivers seat and started the engine. “ you put my clothes in the boot” she said , “Yes I did” I replied, as we drove back out onto the road she tried to keep low in the seat so that she couldn’t be seen. “sit up “ I told her, she sat higher, still not full height, but higher.

I told her to phone Tim again and to get him and me a pint of beet each, and a bottle of coke with a straw in it for her.

She did so and then asked me why a bottle for her?, I smiled but didn’t answer. As we pulled upto the pub, the carpark had filled up quite a bit, she was very self conscious now, naked in a car in a pub carpark, I parked the car at the back row and then switched off the engine.

I told her to wait there and I went inside to find Tim, he was still sat where we had left him almost 2 hours before. He asked where Sharon was, “ waiting in the car” I told him, “she wants you to take her drink out to her, then come back here “ “why didn’t she come in?” he asked, I just smiled, he took her bottle of coke out as I took a long drink of my beer. Presently he returned, I cant describe the look on his face, part shock, part excitement, part disbelieving.... “Happy?” I asked him...”oh very much, he said, and so is she”

I hope you like my story, if I get enough interest I will post the second and subsequent parts, where I describe how I trained her and turned her into a total slut and Tim into a sub Cuck.