Written by beachboy1959

11 Dec 2013

I can hardly believe that my wife of 30yrs has just been picked up by a man who has been chatting her up when he calls in where she works, they are going for a meal, then who knows?

I want something sexual to happen, and my cock has been hard since she left, just thinking about it.

It all started in the usual way I am always asking her to agree to someone joining us in bed, when we make love this becomes part of our fantasies and she is all for it, even bringing a couple into the equation, but as most blokes on here know, that is where it ends, great at the time, but the reality is she won’t even talk about it afterwards.

I have even chatted to a bloke on messenger ( we met on SH) who has seen pictures of her dressed to go out, and wants to help me play with her, our msn conversations got so horny I started copying them and putting them together into a story, and left it lying about, she read it, but wouldn’t admit anything, but was very horny and mentioned things during sex, that she must have read, but still no to the real thing!

She has told me about this fella wanting to take her out ,and naturally I encouraged her to go ,but she thought I didn’t mean it and no more was said, then 2 days ago I picked her up from work and she was feeling randy and telling me what she was going to wear that night stockings a thong, what shoes did I want her to wear and which dress, all this for a night in of sex, when she suddenly said I’m not wearing them for you, it’s for when I go out with my lover! I said oh yes he will love that, when she she said he has actually texted to ask her out ,i of course said well go, she said I will, you want me to be a bad girl don’t you ,I nearly came there and then.

I had a hard on just thinking she might, she felt it in the car, and said it really does turn you on, dead right I said, text him back yes, she said I will, as soon as we got in I showed her how hard I was, while we kissed she started to wank me, then got on her knees and gave me a fantastic blow job.

That was 2 days ago and they arranged to go go for a meal tonight ,I told her to wear something see through and show off her magnificent breasts, and he has told her he likes boobs, well she went out looking gorgeous and sexy, unfortunately for him? me and her yesterday she started her period, bloody great timing that, I have told her to just go with whatever happens and i will not mind I just insist she tells me every last detail, she said she will just flirt, and that she won’t break her marriage vows, I said what do you mean, she says well I won’t let him shag me, I told her I didn’t expect her to, oh good she says but I might let him have a feel!! Oh yes, and you feel him, wank him and suck him I say ,will you kiss him I ask, before she answers I say don’t kiss him snog him.

She is out now, and just the thought something might happen is keeping me constantly hard, and I will be waiting up for her and she has said I will get a blow job and all the details, I know this might be a bit long and tame for some, but I am hoping there will be a part 2 and 3 with more detail and something worth sharing.