3 Mar 2017

Hi, Me again – sorry it's been so long since the previous chapter (7th January 2017) in which Mr. Bull gave me a serious arse fucking. Afterwards he asked if we, myself and my husband-to-be David, would like to join himself and his wife in a foursome. We accepted.

Mrs. Bull (Oh! Please call me Jilly, dear) was fulsome, voluptuous, curvaceous but I don't think quite Jessica Rabbit despite being a farmer's wife. She was, as David, my-husband-to-be, succinctly put it when he saw her walking across the farmyard on the day we arrived, 'I would!'

I looked where he was looking and could quite clearly see why he 'would' too. I no more realised that he 'would' before we left for home any more than I realised that I would be taking Mr. Bull's fat cock in my mouth, cunt and arse on numerous occasions in the same time frame.

Jilly had prepared us some lunchwhich we ate very late, after our wonderful threesome. It was devoured hungrily. Midway through the meal Mr. Bull again brought up the idea that his wife should join us for a foursome the following day. I thought of David's response on seeing her the day we arrived and with a quick look at the excitement on David's face agreed. As I agreed I realised that it wasn't just for my-husband-to-be's benefit. I wanted to watch my David enjoy fucking another woman and I wanted that woman to be Jilly!

The boys, Martin and Phil, were leaving the following morning and I was slightly pleased that they couldn't make a long night of it. David and I got up to see them off completely forgetting that the long windbreak would not be there to protect our modesty. While Phil was easing the final bits into the little van Martin asked if we would swap details. We waved them off and returned to our sleeping bag for a couple more hours where I dozed off with happy thoughts of Jilly and I playing with her husband and my husband-to-be. Breakfast was brunch in town and at four, all clean and scrubbed, we wandered excitedly down to the farm house for 'tea and tiffin'.

Jilly looked drop dead gorgeous! Her simple flowing dress showed off her breasts perfectly, was just snug enough to emphasis her waist and hips to perfection and long enough to be nearly decent. Jilly was wearing the same number of items as me, one! We were both dressed for sex!

To my surprise she stepped in close and pulled me into her arms. “Oh! I'm so pleased to meet you my dear. Ralph has told me so much about you.” She gave me a big kiss on the cheek and I found myself returning the hug and the kiss enthusiastically.

I saw Ralph and David shake hands then I was released into Ralph's arms while Jilly embraced David. I heard some indistinct words and David laughed. I wasn't concentrating on what they were doing as Ralph was unzipping my dress. I slipped it off without a thought. Even in those early days naked was my favourite outfit. Does that mean I had no dress sense?

David followed Ralph's lead and there were suddenly two naked women in the kitchen even better dressed for sex. I expected to be led straight upstairs to the bedroom but Jilly said tea was required so that we could get to know each other a little better. As she put it, the boys can have crumpet later and we, she said smiling directly at me, could have tiffin. We sat and drank tea and enjoyed idle chit-chat if Jilly asking how I had enjoyed Ralph's fat cock the first time could be classified as idle chit-chat? From there we explored my week of firsts, seconds and often repeats. I asked about her smooth cunt and was told that it wasn't always smooth, just for special occasions. Ralph had prepared her that morning and I learned that I had Ralph's shaved cock to look forward to. Unconsciously I looked at the door to upstairs which made Jilly laugh. She told Ralph to take us upstairs 'so the boys could warm me up' while she tidied up a bit.

“Have you tried one of these?” she asked holding out what looked like a small piece of material, as I rose from the table. It was a sleep mask.

“Slip it on when you get upstairs,” she suggested, “it adds a whole new dimension to the sensations”.

I laid on the bed and slipped the mask over my eyes while the boys got undressed. It was totally black! Only the sound of the boys talking softly penetrated the darkness.

“Lift your knees and open wide.” It was Ralph's voice.

Warm breath blew on my inner thigh and started to move up towards my cunt. There was nothing to distract me and my whole being focussed on the warm caress as it crept ever closer to my cunt. Warm breath ruffled through my bush then worked it's way down the inside of the other thigh. Silently I screamed 'No! Don't go! Please come back!' but the breath didn't hear me and continued down until it disappeared. I waited and waited. It seemed like an age then something wet started up my thigh. A probing tongue, circling, switching from thigh to thigh. It reached my cunt and teased my pussy lips, sucked briefly on my clitty and disappeared. I would have sobbed with frustration had I not been so very turned on. A pair of lips encircled my nipple, the tongue flicked back and forth over it as lips pulled my breast up and suckled on my nipple. A finger stroked gently across my clitty and worked down to part the lips as it searched out the wetness of my greedy cunt. It slipped in without any resistance and found my special spot instantly, perfectly. One mouth left my breast and I felt the lips tracing a route directly to my cunt. I opened my legs wider to make it welcome.

Arms held my legs wide, fingers parted my pussy lips and a soft tongue probed deep. The orgasm that had started to build as soon as I slipped the mask on quickly gathered momentum. When the mouth sucked deeply on my clitty I came and shook and came again. The mouth didn't stop, nor did the fingers. The mouth on my nipple abandoned me to my pleasure as I sensed a leg swing over me and reorganise itself so that both my arms were pinned to the bed. Orgasms rolled over me until I was forced to ask for a rest.

“Close your eyes,” said Jilly's voice from somewhere.

I closed and felt the mask being eased up onto my forehead. I opened them slowly expecting to see a stiff cock inches from my mouth and waiting for personal attention. I saw a smooth, wet, swollen cunt! Jilly's head was between my legs, her tongue still playing with my throbbing cunt and her own was invitingly close to my face.

At that time I'd not been aware that I might have any sapphic tendencies although, thinking back, I understood perfectly what David had meant when he first saw Jilly across the farm yard and announced that 'he would'. Maybe, with the prospect of two weeks of unrestricted sex with my boyfriend ahead, my inner self was truly awakening. No matter, I cautiously lifted my head and ran my tongue along Jilly's slit. I felt her tremble, she returned the pleasure and I, in turn trembled with delight. Somebody slid a pillow under my head while she sucked my clitty then I sucked hers. She nibbled. I nibbled and for the next many minutes I learned how to pleasure another woman. David and Ralph were totally forgotten as Jilly led and I followed.

The boys had been patient, very patient but after some time I sensed knees just behind my head. A long hard cock appeared nudging carefully against Jilly's beautiful arse. David's cock! Ralph's cock was no less hard but it was shorter and noticeably fatter.

“Guide me in sweetheart.”

I took my husband-to-be's stiff cock and gently rubbed the purple head around the lips of Jilly's cunt. She didn't stop eating me but she did stop wriggling her bum. I took my time positioning the cock at the entrance to Jilly's cunt but when I did Jilly stopped everything expectantly. For the very first time I watched as David slid his cock into another woman. I didn't see anything wrong with it then nor do I think it wrong now. He wasn't making love to her, he was fucking her. They were having sex, a pleasurable, social activity enjoyed the world over. A bit like football really except more people do it and it is a game for both sexes. I'll say nothing about putting the balls in the back of the net. Using today's idiom, it was pretty cool! His cock slowly penetrated her cunt only inches from my face and I felt Jilly shudder with her pleasure. The cunt lips seemed to wrap around his cock and drag his cock into her. As he withdrew they seemingly held his cock tight hanging on so that it didn't escape. David fucked her slow and steady making sure his long cock went in as far as he could with each measured thrust. I watched as it became wetter with her juices. As he fucked her faster little droplets of frothy pre-cum formed around the lips of her cunt and on his cock. She dribbled her juices and I did my best to catch them and enjoy the new taste of a woman's pre-cum juices mixed with those of my husband-to-be.

David's thrusting became more erratic. Jilly started to push back harder onto his cock. I could hear her demanding that he filled her dirty cunt with his young, fresh spunk. With a final hard thrust David buried his cock deep and held it there. I watched as he balls pulsed and shot his spunk deep into her cunt just as her urgent pleas for a full release from her building climax became a delighted scream of 'Yeeeeeeesssssss!'

David held her hips tight, keeping his cock fast within her cunt while I licked and sucked his balls and strained to lick her clitty. His cock slipped out, straight into my waiting mouth. I sucked on it while his spunk dripped from the cunt above me. When I had finished cleaning the cock I returned to the cunt and started to lick and suck mopping up my husband-to-be's spunk. Watching David fuck another cunt from so close was utterly breathtaking and I hoped, that before the day was done David would have the chance to watch Ralph's fat cock thrusting into my eager, wet fuck hole.

Ralph fucked me missionary while Jilly and David watched then Jilly went down on me. David fucked her missionary while Ralph and I watched and I went down on her after. We laid on the bed resting. Us girls in the middle and the boys playing with us. Jilly and I played and I discovered the joys of kissing another woman and sucking and playing with her tits. Jilly's hand went down between my legs. I parted them wide and she finger-fucked me perfectly. I returned the pleasure and brought her to climax also.

I saw my chance when Ralph's fat cock was ready to fuck a little sooner than David's. I knelt over David's head and took his cock in my mouth, preparing it for another fuck with Jilly. I wriggled my bum invitingly but Ralph was already in position to fuck me doggy.

“Watch! See how beautiful it looks when a cock slides into a wet, willing cunt.” I told my husband-to-be and waited for Ralph's fat cock to enter me. It always felt good having Ralph's cock filling me but I had a massive extra buzz knowing that David was only inches from the cock and my cunt as they fucked. I could feel the previous loads of spunk moving with each thrust of the cock and could only imagine what David was seeing as it covered Ralph's cock and oozed out between my cunt lips and his cock. I knew I had to watch David fuck Jilly at least once more that night.

Love and Lust, Shirley

PS - There's more – If you are interested?