Written by Ajb77

23 Jul 2009

My wife took nearly 8 years of marriage to finally agree to fucking another guy. It has been a desire of mine to see her get fucked in front of me and be really slutty. However, she couldn t understand why I would allow her to do it and always said she liked the idea of it. Yet that was as far as it went. She even got to the point of saying the only way she would do it would be to have me organise it and then she would go along with it.

Well I thought, I am going to do just that. We got an advert on here and got some replies. I arranged for her to meet a black guy( big fantasy of mine) and all was well. That is until about two days before and she totally went off the idea. Gutted as I was I had to tell the guy.

I am now in a position of not knowing where to go now. Should I leave it or try again. My wife always got off on the idea of being fucked while I watched but I am thinking that is as far as it will go.