Written by kathy

8 Apr 2007

last night my hubby and I went out for our usual Sat night meal, I was not wearing anything remotely sexy and we had no intentions on any nightime fun.

We left the pub around 23.00hrs and I was sober due to driving, Carl was pissed..we began to drive home a distance of around 10 miles

Halfway home I was desperate for a wee so pulled over in the driveway to some stables and farm ,I went to the nearside of the car and squatted down with my skirt hitched up around my waiste.

I was in mid flow when I noticed a car's headlights coming up the road, unable to stop I continued as the car drove slowly past us.

I noticed the car pull up further up the road and the lights turned off.

I got back into our car and Carl was fast asleep due to the large amount he had drunk.

I drove towards the car and as I approached the driver flashed his brake lights on and off several times, I know that this is a sign for dogging activities and drove slowly alongside the car looking over to the driver, In the car was a couple man about 50 and female much younger akthough it was quite dark.

I drove past them and he flashed his lights twice, I pulled up and waited we were not far in front and I looked in my mirror back to the car.After about two minutes the car doors opened and both got out, I locked our doors but did not wake Carl but instead watched as the woman bent over onto the bonnet from the side and the man stood behind her, in the silluettes I made out that he was fucking her, I could see his hips thrusting into her, Watching this made me very damp and I began to play with my pussy.

I was very nervous incase this was some ploy to nick our car but as a watched she got onto her knees and began to suck his knob.

I opened my door and walked slowly towards them standing about ten feet away with my nipples now rock hard enjoying there show, the guy called me over and foolishly I edged closer I got within touching distance from them my heart pounding but my cunt was throbbing in anticipation.

No words were spoken but he pulled out his cock from her mouth and offered it to me. I looked around to make sure no one was around bent over and took it in my mouth, it wasnt that long but it was thick and very wet.Isucked away and the woman lifted my skirt and tugged at my knickers, I was now dripping with excitement but a car began to drive up the lane so they quickly hurried back into there car leaving me turning my back to the road. At this they drove off I went back to my car with Carl still asleep but the taste of hot cock in my mouth.