Written by lovemuscle4play

21 Jun 2007

The background to my current interest goes back to when I was a young lad and after a party me and this other guy took a girl a piece back to a friends house. The living room was where almost everyone had crashed out but it was all guys apart from me and this other lad that had also got lucky.

We had no problem with fucking the girls there and then knowing that the other dozen or so lads could hear what was going on. In fact I encouraged the 16 year old slut I had picked up to be as noisy as possible when she was sucking my cock and certainly thought it was entertaining to noisily slam in and out of her wet cunt there was heavy intense squelching and moaning as I made her come. I knew no-one could see anything but I knew that anyone that was still awake would find it difficult to relax enough to sleep through this.

Halfway through the night I chatted with this other guy whose name was Johnney as I recall who had also been getting a lot of moans out of the girl he had picked up...it turns out that we knew each other and had been in opposing school gangs but we chatted and got friendly and I put it to him that we might wanna swap sluts. It turned out that this was (more and less) his girlfriend but regardless he pulled her out from his sleeping bag and pushed her towards mine. He instructed her to be a little slut for me and she duly obliged, similarly he fucked my pick up, by the sounds of it actually fucking her arse at one point. It was a great night we ended up sleeping at about 6 in the morning and the 12 or so other guys in the room only after repeatedly wanking off.

This started a special interest for me which I refined over the years. I realised just how exciting it was from the other point of view whilst backpacking around Mexico 5 or so years later. We met up with these fellow backpackers a couple of girls from London, both very friendly but one very large and one perfect, absolutely gorgeous. Unluckily for me she fancied my mate. We got a room between us and the large one who was very drunk fell asleep. I was on the floor whilst Tom and his conquest started to get it on. I found this very exciting, i could see virtually nothing in the dark but could tell what was going on from the pussy licking and fingering to the deep throating and hard fucking and cum swallowing.

This lead years later to my current interest which could be described as fucking women in their beds while their husbands/boyfriends are right next to them. Although I love MMF and all kinds of scenarios, this is the one I think that really for all concerned. I have found that it works best in the dark, with the husband pretending to be asleep (he's not of course, he's usually wanking himself into a coma, while I sneak in the room (I'm often giving a from door key, usually after we've met and talked about what we want though as you can imagine from a safety point of view) stripping off and helping myself to their woman, if anything this is a hotter sensation that watching your woman doing it as that's more staged. The atmosphere and noises are so important, some (very dirty) whispering is good but talking ruins the role play nature. I often leave after although a few times the action has spilled over into the next day. Does anyone know of anything hotter than this? i believe it even better than fucking someone when they're on the phone to their partner. Would anyone like to try it or share their experiences, let me know!!!