Written by man man

8 Jul 2010

We are a married couple every day conversation average couple as I thought till one day on my way home the traffic was very heavy so I took a short cut down a country road which would get me home on back roads

As I drove into a wooded area my phone went so I pulled over into a parking area and took my call it was work, where I stopped my car was almost hidden from the other parts of the car-park but I had quite a good view of some other cars

As I was sitting there for a few minutes some thing caught my eye a car that looked like my wife's car it was parked in front of another one I thought no it looks the same it not her

Then the back door of the car at the back opened and a woman got out pulling her skirt down which seemed to have been bunched up round her waist giving me a nice look of her legs and bum with no pants on hell I thought my lucky day

She straightened her cloths and went to the car in front and got in the dives seat as a guy got out of the other car and walked to hers and talked then leaned in and kissed her

She pulled off and you know it did looked the same as my wife's car it was a 05 reg like her's the other guy left

I had a pee in the bushes and drove off on the way home I had a nagging question in my mind, it did look like her car but no it looked the same that's all and I never got a look at the woman's face only interested in her legs really

I pulled into my driveway and Anne's car was there I went in the house she was in the kitchen she was a little surprised and said I thought you where going to late tonight and gave me a kiss and hug I thought I was but things worked out okay

She said Iv not got your meal ready I was going to phone you I am going to see mum is that all right, yes I get myself some thing

She put some lipstick on and left later I was sitting watching telly and it all came back to me the woman I sore had a a skirt on and Anne had a pink dress on when I got home so no the car looked the same that's all

I went to have a shower and shave and put my cloths in the basket and there was a blue skirt and white blouse the same as the woman had on alarm bells in my mind where ringing I picked the phone up and called her mum and asked to speak to Anne the old girl said she's not here I said that's okay she at her friends then and left it at that at nine the house phone rang it was Anne to tell me she be late her mums not to well and she stay there a wail I couldn't speak that much I was choked up and said I was in bed and with a love you she rang off

I waited and waited with the lights off at 11.30 her car came onto the drive the light in the car came on she was looking at her make-up she got out and it looked as if she straightened her cloths and came in the house I had rushed up to bed and made out I was asleep

In the morning I was up before her and ready to go to work as she came down not wanting to talk to her I left it was eating me up all day when I got home I had made my mind up to have it out as I came in she was all smiles kissed me how are you had a nice day a really nice meat was ready and I lost it bottled it and didn't say any thing

In bed she indicated sex I did hesitate but I was rock hard even she comment how hard I was I slipped my full five inches into her but it was looser than it was before it really did seem it was but good I shot my lot in no time I couldn't control myself

The thing is she never got much out it but she made out how good it was which I know was a lie we got talking and fantasies came up I asked hers which she talked round then it hit me and said I have one only a fantasies like most me I wonder what it be like watching her with and other man and it be a buzz if she had a boyfriend this had been said before then she never spoke to me for a day

Now she wanted to talk about it but I had to lead and it was only a fantasies she listened and came out with things like could a husband handle that sort of thing would it be the end if a wife went with some one else I said only if it was behind the husbands back he wouldn't be threaten then if he knew about it and she was open and told the truth

There was some mmm's not saying much but she was thinking

Her hand come over to my dick it was hard and I don't do second times I have always been a one shot lover this gave her more thought I rolled onto her and rammed it in and she bucked back she did climax this time

In the morning Anne was very nice and loving but came out with few strange thing like it was good to talk last night and fantasies some times come true some times as I left I said I wish which hot a big smile from her I will leave it for now but back very soon I hope