Written by Arlington_49

22 Sep 2014

Lydia and daughter Celine have been in London for several weeks…on leave from their Manila residence. Husband William is under contract with a Petro Chemical company handling development in the Manila area. Wife and daughter are here to settle on their future residence at UK return early in 2015. My wife specializes in commercial real estate; however, her work with this family has been an incentive to handle other of their company’s personnel returning to The UK. Judi has also enjoyed ‘handling’ other more personal things with Lydia and her daughter…!

Celine is 24…an aspiring ‘artiste’ whose future financially secure by her family’s wealth. Nice to have a sugar Daddy and Mommy…for real…;) Mom Lydia is in her early 50’s. Lydia has mixed Eurasian pedigree…quite mature stunning. Daughter Celine follows Daddy’s handsome Euro look and charm. She’s also a closet lesbian…though these days “closet” has no real effect on sexual realities. If someone has a sexual interest in another…male or female…it’s acted upon! No different given my wife’s bi-attraction AND without a doubt, Judi’s enthusiasm for a young lady with stunning features. Celine’s fair skin, beautifully sculptured body, and long dark tresses make her pussy appealing to ANY man OR woman! Judi saw ALL the positive sexual interaction doing business with this family…though with one obstacle! How does one deal with ‘Mom’ always present during property tours and business discussion! The ‘Mom distraction’…call it what you wish…has been me for the last 5 weeks…!

Rare I interfere with Judi’s bi quests unless I suspect she’s being set up…or set upon by aggressive of the species. Given my failure to prevent all of Judi’s engagements with her male-driven GB activities, I haven’t always been her savior. In this instance, I wasn’t looking at the downside. No…Judi enjoys nurturing…and having Celine…once weekly over the last 5 weeks. I’m the “nice” hubby there to distract Mom Lydia. AND, to be sure, Lydia is a sexually pleasant distraction, albeit it’s taken me almost a month to get past her panties and into her pussy!! BUT…I’m there…!!

Lydia is typical of many Asian-influenced ladies…subtle hot and cautiously willing to fuck when husbands not immediate vicinity. With William thousands km distant, I’ve been able to find my way into Lydia’s affections…well worth it too. At 52 or 53, she’s got a hot, built figure. I know she works out…keeps her body in good shape. A little extra ‘flesh’ here and there…however generally in the right places to feel, hold and manipulate. Her titties much in same style as my wife…lovely pear-shaped globes held in play by sports or halter bra’s…both styles easily removed at slightest gesture and sexual engagement. It took a few extra weeks to move Lydia into a proper fuck place…BUT over the last 2 weeks, she’s been a willing comeback gal…wanting more of my cunnilingus skills, and more deep clit drills…! Hey…she’s got the looks, feel and now willingness.

I sense she doesn’t know her daughter is being worked by my wife…her very own real estate agent. I know that might sound hard to believe, but sometimes Mom can be in disbelief or rejection about their children. This is one instance where Mommy doesn’t know how much a ‘plaything’ her daughter. This is also one of those instances where Judi and I share what’s going on in our respective tryst beds… I’d love to ‘share’ her bed, however I’m well aware Judi has NO interest in Celine’s Mom…she’s leaving the mature pussy to my affections…;)

Mom and daughter will be here through end of October…making review and property decisions as well as closing on their respective contracts. Judi can’t play with her business…meaning she can’t delay negotiations; however, fortunately the time it’s taking to close is longer than all anticipated. While so, Judi is getting the pleasures from Celine as she takes the young woman to levels of experience and excitement. I suspect my wife may have a friend…not sure male or female…occasionally joining in her activity. For the moment, I’m solo with Lydia…but I may invite Greg or another senior colleague to join our bed. Lydia has the body to handle ‘more than one’…;)

One final note…well worth sharing. Lydia is ‘old-school’ wife slut. She hasn’t gone the way of her young daughter…! In our current sexual age, Lydia still sports a lovely, manicured bush protecting her seemingly youthful-looking pussy. I’m always charmed by a lady’s style and choice to retain ‘tradition.’ As I eat her out…play and fuck her into the evening, I’m getting a great deal of pleasure out of this…!!