Written by Lucky guy

27 Feb 2007

Dropped the wife and her mate off shopping and went to sit listening to the radio and reading the paper in the car park in the local park.

One or two cars already there all with just the one guy in and I assumed they were reps having a lunch break.

Soon it became apparent I had dropped in on the local "Meeting Ground" as they all seemed to be giving furtive glances at each others cars.

On guy got out, walked up the hill and followed the path into some bushes and trees closely followed by another.

In for a penny ect so I got out and followed the path and soon hear rustling from a secluded area, then on entering foung guy number 1 on his knees sucking guy number 2.

They quickly parted so I said not to worry, carry on I would like to watch.

Guy No 1 then restarted his sucking and I moved closer to see the action.

When I was near the standing guy held out his hand indicating I should let him wank me, so without ado I unzipped let my now solid prick out to be immediatly taken and fondled gently.

The No 1 turned and letting 2 go took mine and began to suck me.

I was in heaven as no 2 then began to slip his hand down the back of my jeans and soon was probing my ring.

I undid my belt and let them drop he then came behing me and stood close pressing his warm erect prick into the cheeks of my arse.

I was rweady to cum by now but wanted this to last so I pulled my prick out of No 1s mouth then bent forwards so No2 knew what I wanted.

He didn't waste any time and soon was pressing harder trying to enter me.

Suddenly he gave a groan and said "Oh Shit" and I felt his prick throbbing and the warm cum spread between my legs.

No 1 then came behind meand rubbed the cum into my crackthen further inside witha finger.

Now I was OILED so to speak he pressed up to me his 7 inch very solid piece of meat slidinto the first inch.

He slowly pushed a bit at a time until I knew he was fully in.

I put my hands behind me, pulled his arse cheeks towards me and then he began to fuck me hard and fast

No2 cameround the front and was wanking me hard as No1 grunted, pushed extra hard, then paused as his cum throbbed from him to me.

At the same time I just spurted mine into the face of No2 who was by now slobbering all round my prick and balls.

No 1 slowly slackened off and slipped out, I stood up straight and pulled my jeans up.

We walked back to the car park and swapped phone numbers for the promise of another more relaxed session at No2s flat.

I'll tell about hat when it happens.