Written by 4 skin

3 Nov 2013

I am 50 years old single and fairly well off. This allows me a lot of free time. About three months ago I decided to go to a local nudist beach near Valencia. I walked around till I found a small sandy cove which was deserted. I settled down put a bottle of white wine in a pool to keep cool. Got out my book and felt so relaxed lying there in the nude enjoying the sun. After about an hour a lady walked towards me looking a bit flustered. She looked to be in her late thirties with a lovely tan and about 5 10 in height. She was also nude and carry her towel and a large bag. She brushed back her long jet black hair and asked if she could sit near me as she had been harassed by a couple of guys and was a little scared. I told her to put her things down and just take it easy. We talked for a while and she told me she was a regular to this beach area but had never before been harassed. Apparently the two guys had been wanking off next to her. So she fled.

I found her very easy to talk to. She asked if my wife would be joining me later. I told her I was single to which she replied. Me too. My name is Nancy and yours she asked?. John I said with a smile. Would you care for piece of chicken and some salad. I have more than enough asked Nancy. That would be grand its almost lunch time anyway. I have a bottle of wine cooling if you would like some I replied. Oh how lovely she said with a smile that could melt an iceberg. We enjoyed our food but kept the wine till after we had eaten. We later discovered that we lived only 5 miles from each other. Nancy decided to have a swim as she came out of the sea dripping wet she looked fab. She was very slim. Legs that looked to go on for ever and small breasts with large nipples that stood to attention. She turn to look out to sea and shouted. Come and see this yacht it beautiful. As I walked up to her she stumbled a little so I put my hand on her shouldered to steady her. By this time I had an erection and she stepped back again stumbling a little which resulted in my cock nestling between the cheeks of her arse. Nancy turned without a word took my hand and said. "lets finish the wine" After we had sat drinking our wine and me still with huge hard on. Nancy suggested pointing to my erection. Put some sun cream on its a very sensitive place. I took out some cream and rubbed a little on my cock. But Nancy just said. "Men" Here let me do it. She got a hand full of her cream and massaged it into my aching cock. We seem to have know each other for ages she said with a grin. I NEVER EXPECTED doing this today. She then asked if I would like her to give me hand relieve. I replied Nancy I would love to fuck you. She looked at me and said. I have not had sex for two years perhaps you would come to my house tomorrow we would then get to now each other better and take it from there. OK no rush until tomorrow then that's fine with me. Nancy took my cock in her hands and told me. I have wanted to touch your thing for ages. Said the word Nancy.I stood

holding her in my arms. Said it Nancy COCK COCK. She still held my cock looked up to me and said your big big beautiful cock. She then went down on her knees and sucked my cock dry. I then told her that while she was sucking my cock two guy were

watching us. She asked if I was annoyed. Fuck them I replied. Nancy that when I used dirty words it made her horny as her ex husband was so reserved. Later We walked to the car park and Nancy gave me long lingering kiss. Will I see you tomorrow she asked. OH yes I whispered in her ear. But please please can I fuck you. She turned got into her car and off she went.