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Suzy’s exploits

"I’m not racist"

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Author's Notes

"Iv written this here on my now bfs account Rockfun"

Hi this happened quite a few years ago now but was recently mentioned and bought it all back to me

I had recently split up from my hubby due to me seeing a guy .David was a younger blk guy

On the night in question I had been out in Portsmouth with his cousin who I worked with . We had been to pubs n club n come back across ferry to gosport both a bit drunk

She lived near by so left me at the taxi rank

I was there waiting a couple joined the que behind me she was white he was blk

I couldn’t help looking at them I guess I was wondering what i looked like when I was out with David

I had had comments about being with him but had always ignored them

Anyway the girl says to me aggressively what u looking at

I say oh nothing

She starts on me saying do I not like the fact there together n stuff

I tell her that I in fact have a blk Bf

Which she clearly didn’t believe calling me a racist we argued she started to push me about all getting out of hand thankfully her guy pulled us apart we’re now away from the que in the ferry gardens he says to me that if I have a blk Bf then I will have sucked other blk cock too !

I didn’t know what to say but yes it was true David’s brother had been the first blk guy idslept with and David had had me suck off some of his friends so I reluctantly told this guy that yes I had sucked a few

She piped up that if I liked blk cock I should prove it I was like how can I do that ?

He calmed her told her he could sort this all out he said to me I should suck him off to prove it we were by a bench so I sat down looking up at him he undid his jeans lowering his boxers with her looking on at me I took him in my mouth

He was a good size n very hard so to prove my point I gave him my best effort putting on a show (if I’m honest I wanted her to regret pushing me into this ) I licked n sucked his cock taking it deep kissing the head bobing my head up n down on him till he filled my mouth with his cum I held it in my mouth catching it all then showed him my full mouth before swallowing it

He smiled at me told me I was a good slut

By now she had gone quiet I felt I had done a good job on him he seemed happy

He took her arm n led her away

What a way to prove ur not racist !

Written by Rockfun

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