Written by skihobo

21 Jul 2013

After the escapade in the back of the car Nat wanted more, only next time in more comfort and with more time to enjoy.

'We should see if he will agree to an mmf 3sum' was my suggestion... 'I dont want him there' was the response. So the 42yr old with pert natural tits and a smooth juicy pussy wanted to have a liaison without her other half knowing anything, fine by me I said. We live a reasonable distance apart and he isnt exactly the sort of guy i would meet for a beer!

She worked for just a few hours on a wednesday morning, and didnt need to be back until kids came out of school in the afternoon. She was at the door by 10am, a quick cuppa and a chat (well a cuppa and a snog whilst fondling her sweet ass breaks the ice) and we made our way to the bedroom, much more room than the back of the car. Clothes were not necessary and were soon disposed of, in the daylight her body was even better than the pictures and no time was wasted in sucking on those pert nipples bringing them both to erectness. I do love a nipple to suck and nibble and she sure enjoyed the attention on them. But it was the prize between her thighs that i needed to explore at leisure in the comfort of the bed, and those long legs parted to reveal a beautiful pair of labia, dark and inviting. They parted as my tongue ran along their length from the tight bud of her ass to the hooded clit, a great shiver ran through her. My tongue delved into the juicy inner depths and i drank in their nectar as the first wave of orgasm flooded through her pussy and clit, never relaxing my actions her pussy became a moist pleasure pit that I had no intention of removing my tongue and mouth from as i drank as much as she gave me.

She wanted and needed my cock and I was in no mood to deny her as she reached out and wanked it to full hardness in readiness for her mouth and pussy to spoil me and to fill one of them with my spunk.....