Written by Lipspreader8

18 Apr 2010

Talked her into it

I had just had a session with my fuck buddy and she said she would love to be fucked by lots of blokes one after another.

I said would she like me to arrange it for her? She said yes but she wanted to be tied up during the session and she wanted to see all the emails and correspondence.

So I agreed to that and I said how do you feel about being fucked in the ass? She said I don’t mind as long as they don’t hurt me.

So I set too arranging for some blokes to get back to me on a site like this one. I was amazed at how many blokes replied, so we started sifting through them.

We had lots of definite, about fifteen and there were a few may be, about ten. So she said ok to the definite.

So all good plans put in place. So she was expecting about fifteen to turn up we arranged a time and a day and that was it.

On the day she was really excited at the thought of being fucked so much. She laid out her clothes to wear, Stockings, Basque, Heels, G string and a wrap around skirt.

All the drinks were put out on a large table for everyone to help themselves, and the first few started arriving drinks started flowing and there were now about ten of the fifteen there.

So someone said I think it’s about time she was restrained, she said she was ready let the fun begin.

So she was tied bent over the armchair , so her head was over the back of the chair, her ankles were tied to the casters at the front of the chair, her legs were about 3feet apart her wrists were bound together and tied down to the back casters. Then the blokes started stripping off the room was a mass of naked bodies, including me.

Then one bloke went to her front and started snogging her while another was playing with her fanny and her beautiful ass button. Another couple were of blokes were playing and sucking her tits. Which had been freed from her Basque. Her wrap around skirt was gone and her tiny G string was ripped from her.

The bloke behind her entered her fanny and started a gentle fucking motion. The bloke that was snogging her stuck his cock in her mouth.

She was moaning in ecstasy and as one bloke finished another took his place.

The door bell rang and another three had turned up, they had brought there fuck buddy’s with them.

Two gorgeous females dressed to kill. I said what are they doing here, They said they had been brought just for my pleasure as you were good enough to arrange all this for us and let us have your lovely young lady for our pleasure.

They said it was only fair that they could pleasure you.

These two gorgeous girls started French kissing me and feeling me all over, they started relieving me of my clothes and when I was naked they said I think you should be tied up just like your wife.

So I thought what the heck and let them tie me up to the other armchair about four feet from my misses so I could see what was happening to her and she could see what the girls were doing to me.

She was still getting fucked in every hole and moaning with pleasure I have never heard her moan so much. She must have had about ten of them fucked her by now, every time one withdrew from her fanny he went to her mouth for her to lick him clean and suck.

I had a fanny in my face and lapping away at it and the other girl was trying to insert her finger up my ass. She then got some lube and spread it on her fingers and in my hole. Then she was working wonders on my hole first one the two finger working away stretching it a little the three fingers.

The one who’s fanny I was sucking moved round behind me and I saw her talking to my wife the she disappeared never thought much about it thought she had gone to the loo.

But she had asked my wife if she had a vibrator, she told her where she kept them and the fingers in my ass were soon to be replaced by the large dildo.

Then I was moaning but soon got use to the feeling of it being worked in and out in and out.

Then the door bell rang and one of the other blokes answered it and there were about another ten blokes there. I thought what the fuck is going on I said to my wife I didn’t invite all these, she said I did I just wanted to make sure we had enough blokes.

I said to her where did you get them from? She said they are the ones you rejected the ones you said were curious.

So I thought as I was curious about something, I thought I would invite them. I said what were you curious about then?

I thought as you have always wanted to see me fucked up the ass, I was curious as to how many blokes you can take up your ass.

You are joking, arnt you? No she said.

From then on there were just along of blokes man handling my body, on laid between my legs and started sucking me off and another pushed his cock straight in me and I let out such a shout that one of the girls rolled up there knickers into a ball and stuffed them in my mouth, I could taste the cent of there pussy’s, now I can only breath through my nose.

Then the bloke carried on fucking my ass and the other still sucking me then a bloke came round the front of me removed the knickers and replaced it with his cock till he had filled my throat with his cum, then withdrew and replaced the knickers.

Then it was all change and then someone else was fucking my ass then another, then another all the while my lovely wife was still being fucked licked and generally Banged by everyone and watching me get the same with a really naughty smile on her face.

By the end all twenty five blokes had fucked both of us, You could say we were well and truly fucked.

After everyone had gone she said to me that will make you think next time you think about setting me up, won’t it. I didn’t tell her that I had enjoyed it after the initial shock.