Written by Bev

15 Dec 2010

Andy swam behind me for my first length. At the end of the pool he pulled me to him, “Come on Bev, lighten up or you’ll spoil the weekend.”

“Andy, I’m offended that you thought me incapable of finding some extra curricular on my own – that you thought it would need to be paid for! Well, stay away from me and observe.”

Tail between his legs he swam off. A few minutes later Steve was in the pool. He swam up to me – Andy was watching from the other end of the pool. We chatted a while, laughed then swam a couple of lengths before getting out of the pool. Steve went to the changing area – I gave him our room number and told him to come up when he was ready. I went over to Andy and told him I would be in our room and didn’t want disturbing for an hour. I told him to order lunch for three with a nice bottle of wine and to accompany it to our room at twelve thirty. “Who’s the chap?”

“Someone I managed to attract on my own, without having to pay him!”

“Where did you meet him?”

“His name’s Steve. I’ll tell you all about it later – don’t be late with lunch and be nice to him or I’ll ask you to leave us alone after lunch.” I smiled at the look of shock on his face, kissed him on the cheek and set off to our room to shower and change. I figured we were even now. I wanted the hour to dress nicely for my men and to have the chance to explain to Steve that Andy would be joining us.

There was a knock at the door just as I stepped out of the shower. I answered it wrapped in towels – Steve was beaming as I let him in. I sat and dried my hair whilst talking with him over the din of the hairdryer, catching up on our news before excusing myself and going into the bathroom to dress. I had decided to wear the black silk dress with the AP undies Andy had treated me to. Completely OTT but I was in the mood for being OTT in everything I did! Steve took a sharp intake of breath as I emerged, fully made up which is not something I would normally do in the middle of the day. “Now then Steve,” I purred, “You said that you liked working with people on a 1-2-1 basis rather than corporately in so much as you could change their lives. I thought it was a load of bullshit – but you were right. I am a changed woman. Wanton and horny as hell with the confidence and a husband who supports me in all I do.” I sat on his knee. His dick was hard, so I pushed on with my prepared speech, “My husband will be joining us in a few minutes for lunch. He has no problem with anything we may or may not choose to do. Are you cool with that?”

“Absolutely Bev. Let’s just play it by ear”.

I pored two G&T’s from the mini bar and Steve joined me on the balcony whilst I indulged in my smoking habit. It was cold. I could feel my nipples contracting almost painfully and was very aware of a cold feeling in my panties as my juices had started flowing with the thought of what might be after lunch. We went abck into the room almost shivering – in my case whether through cold or excitement I wasn’t sure. A knock at the door. My heart raced as Steve opened the door for Andy to come through. He was carrying a large tray with two bottles and three plates of food. A pleasant “Hello” between the boys and Andy suggested I sat with Steve on the sofa. He opened the first bottle of Champagne and poured three glasses before handing out the plates – caviar, smoked salmon and quails eggs with home made bread. He’d excelled himself! Andy sat in a chair facing us. I crossed my legs knowing Andy would get an eye full of the most beautiful lingerie I had ever owned. I was determined to savour every moment of the afternoon, evening, night – as long as I could eke it out. Anticipation is so much part of building the excitement for me.

After lunch Andy suggested that we all watch a film. I was furious, assuming it was the Barry film - but decided not to say anything in case it wasn’t and I didn’t want Steve to know about the Barry saga. “This looks like a good film,” I said stupidly out of relief. It told the tale of hubby coming home with two mates – wifey had cooked the dinner and it ended up in her enjoying three cocks. By the by. I let my hand wander to Steve’s groin and started rubbing his cock through his trousers. “You are enjoying this film aren’t you,” I laughed. Andy sat there, eyes flitting between screen and Steve and I. After a few minutes Steve’s hand was on my leg, stroking my thigh, feeling my stockings beneath my silk dress. He pulled my knee towards him which opened my legs some – I went with it. He slowly pushed my skirt up my leg until the flesh above my stockings was on view. I looked at him and smiled as I greedily put my lips to his, our tongues entwining instantly. His hand was at my chest fondling my boob through the two layers of flimsy cloth that separated him from my naked body. I stood and raised the dress above my head, turning and placing it on the bed. I straddled Steve’s legs, took his face in my hands and pulled him to my breast. His hands reached behind me and unclasped my bra – I let it slide down my arms as my small boobies were released into daylight. He took them in his hands, reached up with his mouth and kissed me again, fondling both boobs firmly. He pulled back and then latched onto a nipple, licking it, teasing it, nibbling it. One of his hands was now rubbing my pussy gently through the material of my panties. I stood and told him to stand also – I undid his belt and told him to take off his shirt as I slid first his trousers then his pants around his ankles. I sat him back down and knelt before him. I started into his eyes as I took hold of his now very hard cock and slowly wanked him with one hand, cupping his balls with the other. I adored his completely hairless body. I turned my head to see what Andy was doing – his eyes were firmly on me and he was rubbing himself through his trousers. Turning back to Steve’s manhood I took him in my mouth. I licked and ran my tongue around his helmet, I sucked and I rubbed. I could taste a little drizzle of pre-cum - I wanted him.

Standing I pulled down my panties stepping out of them I straddled Steve, this time with my back to him. I took hold of his meat with one hand, parting my lips with the other and stared into my husband’s face as I guided his cock into me. It was divine. I put my hands on Steve’s legs to support myself as I thrust up and down on him. To be honest, it was nice but I’d never come like that – I did it because it turned me on to see Andy’s face as I placed Steve’s cock in my cunt. I was feeling dirty! “You want to join in Andy?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he croaked.

“Alright with you Steve?”

“You’re not gay or bi or anything Andy?”

“Straight as a die” he replied.

Andy was quickly out of his clothes and stood in front of me. I took him in my mouth but not for long – he pulled away saying he didn’t want to come too soon. I raised myself off Steve’s cock and holding him tightly opened my anus – nervously – but all was well as I plugged it with Steve’s cock. It took a moment or two for the pain to subside – a bit like Barry’s black cock in my pussy yesterday – but soon I was back in the groove. Andy was stood there looking at me with saucer eyes – I’d never let him fuck my bottom. He was stroking his cock –“Put that down and come here – on your knees – get that tongue on my clit, tongue fuck my cunt,” I demanded of him. He hung back a little so he could see Steve’s cock plundering my arsehole – I grabbed his hair and pulled his head down to my pussy. It wasn’t long before I could feel myself coming. My stomach tightened, my pussy contracted and I came, juices gushing out of me. God it was a big one! I needed a break. Clad only in stockings, suspenders and heels, I reached for the dressing gown in the bathroom on my way out to the balcony leaving Steve and Andy to talk between themselves. I suddenly got a fit of the giggles – the sight of two men naked with raging stiffies, one of them my husband, talking to each other in the bedroom just made me laugh!

Back in the room I went straight to Steve, took his cock in my hand and started to rub him gently. Our mouths connected and our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth. Walking backwards to the bed leading Steve by the hand I sat on the edge of the bed and took him in my mouth. I sucked off the mix of wet and scabby come juices my pussy had dribbled onto his balls before once again taking his rigid cock in my mouth. Andy was on the move attempting to get the best viewing position fondling himself as he went. Standing I removed the gown and lay back on the bed. Andy moved to a chair at the foot of the bed. I motioned for Steve to climb aboard – I couldn’t see Andy but knew he would see Steve entering me. Slowly we ground our hips in unison, my pussy was feeling sensitive and I felt another orgasm brewing. I was conscious of moaning loudly, my hands gripping Steve’s cute butt and pulling him into me as far as we both could manage. Andy’s voice disturbed the moment, “You any spare vacancies there Bev?”

“Come and lay next to me,” I offered.

His face next to mine, looking into each others eyes I asked “Steve’s good. I’m going to come again in a minute. How feel to watch another man pleasure your wife Andy?” Only it came out in stuttered, gasping fashion as Steve continued to drive me closer to another crescendo.

“It’s fun isn’t it Bev,” he answered more by way of statement than question. He moved his lips to mine just as I exploded in orgasm, pushing him away so I could get the air I was gasping for – once I’d finished moaning, Steve climbed off and I sat up, bathed in sex juices and perspiration. I beckoned Steve to lay with us, me in the middle. I reached a hand down to each of their cocks and wanked them slowly and in unison for a few minutes. Having recovered, I rolled over on top of Steve, guided him inside me and started moving slowly up and down his very hard dick. I noticed Andy getting off the bed, the next I knew he was forcing himself up my bum. Slowly the three of us got the rhythm right – strangely the boys seemed to be about to come as one, both erupting together. Steve’s cock spurted first – seemed to hover then spurt quickly followed spurt. Andy seemed to be triggered by Steve’s onset – he just spurted and spurted in quick succession. My cunt and my bottom were awash with spunk. Andy pulled out of me and I rolled off Steve. Looking at each in turn I asked them both, “What happened there?”

“I could actually feel Andy’s cock up your bum rubbing up and down mine and it was a really incredible feeling.”

“Me too,” said Andy, “Then when I felt Steve’s cock throb when he started to come, I couldn’t hold back. It was incredible.”

Two happy customers. We opened a bottle of wine from the mini bar not caring that it would cost a fortune. Half an hour later we were back at it. Having sucked the two of them bone hard again, I decided to experiment. Both cocks were average size – together they would probably measure up to Barry’s black monster. They seemed to have liked feeling each other inside me, albeit in different holes. I had Andy lie on the bed and managed to position myself on him with my back to him. His cock inside me, although in danger of plopping out if I moved too much, I invited Steve to join Andy inside my pussy. It was fun as we all tried to move together, their cocks touching but we kept having fall out, so abandoned it after trying it for a while. I had Andy fucking me slowly as I sucked on Steve’s cock as he knelt beside me on the bed. “I’m going to shoot,” Steve warned me, “Where do you want me to splatter?”

Before I could answer Andy replied “All over her face,” as he withdrew and came up to kneel on the other side of my head. First I took Steve’s load, some in my mouth, unpleasantly up my nose, stingingly in the eye and over my cheeks, in my hair. Spent, I licked him clean, then “Quick!” from Andy as her turned my head to him. I took him in hand and brought him to full climax all over my face. I was dripping. We collapsed in a heap on the bed – I was feeling horny again so told Andy to get me some tissues from the bathroom and to lick my pussy clean whilst I wiped my face. Bless – he obliged, and he’s good with his tongue. Steve was kissing me and fondling my boobs as Andy’s tongue revolved around my clit which it knew so well. I came again, not as forceful as my previous two but that’s what comes from being greedy!

What a weekend. I only hope I don’t have to wait another year before experiencing such highs again!