Written by sally

16 Dec 2010

My name is Sally I am an artist making an not bad living doing illustrations and landscapes, I live on the Cornish coast. It was early summer a lovely warm day and I decided to walk to the beach and do a few sketches for ideas for my paintings. After showering I looked in the mirror as I dressed at 50 not bad figure not to saggy, hair still as black but a few grey streaks which when I tied my hair back from my face didn`t look to bad. I dressed white lace panties, white peasant skirt and a gypsy style blouse not bothering with a bra, and picnic basket blanket and sketch pad walked the mile to the beach.

I layed my blanket out between a couple of dunes the slight breeze from the sea keeping me cool and started to draw but no inspiration so I decided to walk along the beach for a little while. It was deserted but then I heard a noise and as I looked a horse and rider passed me trotting by the shoreline. He was riding bareback and waved as he passed. I carried on till I eventually came upon the horse standing quietly a pile of clothes beside him, I saw no sign of his rider so smoothed down the neck of the horse. I looked out to sea and saw a figure making for shore and soon the rider was walking up the beach towards me. He was probably about 25 blonde hair streaked with the sun and a tan that was from a man used to the outdoors and a very tiny pair of swimming trunks just holding him in place. I tried not to stare paying attention to the horse as he dressed his clothes clinging damply to his body we chatted, did I ride, not for a few years. He swung me up onto the horses back and climbed up behind me and we started to trot along. The feel of the horses movement between my legs and a very fit young body pressed against my back was giving me a very warm feeling in the pussy area. We arrived at the dunes where my things were and invited him to share my picnic, okay but must take the horse back to where I borrowed it from.

We shared the picnic and the wine I brought he drinking from the bottle as I had only one glass. He stood up taking of his shirt and trousers and lay back sunbathing, to keep my eyes of those tiny trunks and what was in them I started to draw him but my mind wasn`t consentrating. He stood up suddenly standing in front of me my eyes level with his crotch, oh god, those tiny trunks weren`t holding him anymore he was geting a hard on and and he was coming stiffer by the second. I put my hand up my finger tracing his length, he held my hand against it, through a haze I heard him say why don`t you take them off and I pulled those tiny trunks down his cock springing out pointing towards me. He pulled me to my feet his mouth giving me butterfly kisses on my neck and throat his cock pressed to my stomach bliss. His hands went to my waist undoing the ties of my skirt pushing them and my panties down he sinking to my feet his face buried in my pussy hair rubbing his face against me. I lifted my leg placing a foot on his shoulder so my sex was open to him and I felt his tongue start to lick me I pressed his head pushing it into me. He was urgent his tongue flicking my clit and as my first orgasm hit I felt my self wobble with the intensity of it. He pulled me down onto the blanket opening my legs his cock just at the entrance to my hot wet hole, he pulled my blouse over my head his mouth encircled one of my tits sucking on the nipple, I wrapped my legs round his waist clung to his shoulders and thrust myself up piercing my self on his cock. He shuddered pulling me closer and together we rode each other till with a cry he shot his spunk I could feel it flowing into my body. As we lay side by side regaining our breath he, calm, me what the hell am I doing he is young enough to be my son. I leaned over him kissing him lightly on the lips taking one of my tits to his mouth and he sucked on my nipple, my hand dropped to his flacid cock and I slowely started to wank and play with his balls I felt him harden. I rolled onto all fours I love it doggy fashion and he did not disappoint, slowly at first his hands running up and down my back pinching the cheeks of my arse and then shock his fingers were rubbing my arse hole and I liked it. He inserted his finger and he started to ride me harder his finger thrusting in and out of my hole my orgasms were just coursing through my body I couldn`t believe the pleasure this young man was giving me. I did not want it to stop but it did as I felt him withdraw and hot spunk landing on my arse. Gasping for breath I collapsed onto the blanket. I felt him move and stand up he was dressing I turned over looking up at him we both said thank you in unison and burst out laughing. He knelt down kissed my lightly and walked away and although I came to the beach a few more times that summer I never saw him again. It was a erotic afternoon and although my partner and I have a good sex life I often hanker after that summer day.