Written by Kim

16 Oct 2013

My name is Kim and I am in my mid 50s. I have been swinging with my husband John for a few years now both with couples and more so with single men than John contacts through swinging heaven and other sites. Two years ago we met a guy called Roy and my life has changed completely as between the two of them they have turned me from a frumpy housewife to a slut and whore.

First, John promised me a new wardrobe if I lost some weight and they also began coaxing me to do more sex wise than just drop my knickers. It took me about 9 months to get down to my target weight and during that time Roy had become a regular fixture in our games. I was now sucking them off in the car, something I had not done since before our marriage. With the loss of weight I was a more confident person in myself and the 3 of us went to one or two clubs together having sex with couples and many more men.

Just over a year ay took me out to a pub, to be honest it was a pub that was fairly lively with a group playing, not the sort of place I`d normally go. Well, he told me to go to the loo and come back without my knickers on, which I did as instructed. Then he told me to flash my pussy at a group of young men at the bar. My heart was pounding but I did it and a couple of them obviously caught sight of me, I did it again as Roy told me. Two from the group made their way over to Roy and I and asked if I was on offer. None of this can I buy you a drink, fancy a dance from my younger days. Roy answered for me, which was just as well because for once I was speechless. We finished our drinks and made our way to the car park where the two guys were waiting. I had thought we would go for a drive or something but I was ushered around the corner up against the wall and felt the cold and damp brickwork on my naked backside as my dress was hitched up. Gathering my thoughts I pulled both their cocks out from their trousers and began to wank and suck on each in turn, one turned me around bent me over and pushed his cock into my pussy while I sucked on his friends cock. They had not played with me at all except for a quick grope of my tits and here I was being spit roasted with guys I had only just met. The first one came inside me without warning and when he had fully unloaded I was spun around and the second one pumped away until he too had finished. The first one was still talking to Roy as the second one pulled out of me, zipped up and joined his friend while I fumbled in my bag for a tissue. Roy took me home after that and made me confess to John what I had done before the both of them took me upstairs for our usual play session.

A few weeks’ later Roy and John took me to a club and I ended up in the gents toilet being offered several cocks to suck. Roy took me out again a couple of weeks later to meet a guy he had been in contact with, we met in another pub and then the guy suggested we go back to his flat. This was me being set up because when we got there his mate was in and watching a porn video. Anyway, I sat between them while Roy sat in the armchair opposite and we had a few drinks while watching porn. Needless to say my boobs came out and my knickers were around my ankles for much of this and two very stiff cocks poked out from the guys either side of me. I was now quite merry, that is not drunk but was open to their suggestions that I fuck the pair of them. Roy was busy taking photos on his phone to show John when we got back and I was happy to give John something to really gloat over. Roy had been using my Bum hole for several months by this stage but when he suggested that these two might like to try it for size I was a bit taken aback. Before too long I was being pounded in both holes and Roy was snapping away between me sucking his cock and draining my glass which never seemed to empty.

We got home around 4 am that night and I think John was a touch upset we had been out so long, I was sore and ached all over, I had been well and truly fucked the night before. John seemed to like the photos Roy sent him about mid day. It was agreed that next time John would come with us, I just thought, oh a next time.

Roy and John had free range over me, we saw Roy once a week on average and we did everything different positions, different rooms, even peeing together on occasion. We were also going to meet Adam and Paul in their flat fairly regularly, sometimes there would be another couple there but most times one or two extra males and I was ready for all them to do their worst with me. One time Roy asked me if there was anything I would not do now and I couldn’t really think of anything. In the end I said animals and going on the game which seemed to satisfy him. This brings things to 5 months ago. After a session at Adams flat Roy pushed a bundle of notes into my hand and said “there, your earnings for the night”. At first I looked at him quizzically then the penny dropped. I was upset with him, I had not wanted this and I tried to give him the money back but he and John just laughed at me, said I had enjoyed it (which I had) so to buy something nice with the money. The same thing happened the next month, this time I took the money without hesitation, I was on the game, well sort of.

The porn at Adams and Pauls place had gradually got more and more hard as time had gone on and I was now doing just about everything with them too. Last week Roy took me to the pub and bought me several drinks. I knew the signs by now he wanted something special as he would put it, I was compliant as usual and by 9.30pm we were at the flat (Adam and Paul). I was ready for another night of cock but as we were let in there was only Paul and one other guy there, soon I was naked and being fucked silly again, I did not really notice the DVD being changed but there was now a new one being played and as I caught sight of it my heart jumped into my mouth. My education had been completed over the last 2 years, I was no longer a bit slow on the uptake. I looked at Roy and shook my head adding “I don’t think so”. Roy looked at me innocently and said “what?” “that! I said” nodding my head in the direction of the TV screen. Roy`s face changed to a wide grin, “oh, I think so” he said in that authoritive tone, “besides you like it doggy style”.

John was upstairs asleep when I got home around 2am….I haven’t said anything to him and Roy did not take any photos that night so maybe he was not in on it.