Written by LuckyJon

6 Aug 2008

I\'m very fortunate to work in a lovely spot in the countryside. We are the only commercial people around and look over fields. Our neighbours are all very wealthy, big houses, nice cars etc.

One day, a few weeks ago, one of the neighbours, Jill, popped round to say that she needed to go out but was expecting a package to be delivered and could we take it if it turned up. I said this wouldn\'t be a problem.

Now, Jill is a very attractive, early 40s, slim, blonde, goes to the gym a lot housewife, a true MILF in every sense of the word.

Sure enough, while she was out, the package turned up. It was quite big, probably too heavy for her to carry. An hour or so later Jill came home, I called out of the window that the package had arrived, and she said she would come round and get it. I explained about the size and said I would bring it over shortly. She was very grateful and said she would leave the back doors open.

10mins later I was round there with the package. I called out when I was at the door, but no answer, so I stepped in and placed the box on the kitchen table. I called out again, but still no answer, so I ventured a bit further into the house.

I\'d not been in before and was amazed at how nice it all was. As I wasn\'t sure where I was going I tried a couple of doors, one lead to the laundry room, and there in front of me hanging on the dryer were some amazingly sexy pieces of underwear. I stepped in for a closer inspection only to be frightened out of my skin by a voice behind me \'Do you like what you see?\' it was Jill, dressed in a short silk dressing gown. My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

I went bright red and apologised for intruding \'I\'m really sorry Jill, just wanted to tell you that I\'d brought the box round and didn\'t know where you were\'

\'Thats ok Jon, I was just in the shower, hard session at the gym you see\'

By now my cock was solid, and as Jill said this she looked down at the bulge in my trousers.

\'I best get back and leave you to your day\' I said

\'Do you have to rush off? I could do with that box upstairs if you have a minute.\'

How could I possibly turn her down.

I went and got the box and Jill told me to follow her. As we went up the stairs I could see up her gown and the fact she had no underwear on.

She lead me into what appeared to be a spare room and asked me to put the box on the bed. My cock was still obviously very hard.

\'Thanks Jon, if you need me to do anything for you just let me know.\'

Suck my cock I was thinking but instead I said it was fine and went to leave.

She stopped me as I got to the top of the stairs and said \'I mean it Jon, anything\' I looked round and she had removed her gown and stood there naked, before smiling at me and walking down the hallway into her bedroom, giving me a come on with her finger as she reached the doorway. No way was I passing this up.

I entered her room and she was sitting on the edge of the bed, legs apart, gently rubbing her shaven pussy. I approached her and got to my knees and pushed her legs further apart before gently kissing the inside of her thighs. She lay back on the bed and moaned.

I kissed further up before finally I reached my goal, and slowly pushed my tongue inside her wetness. She squirmed around, pulling on her nipples then pulling my head tight into her as she had her first orgasm.

She then sat up, pulled me to her and kissed me before standing me up and practically ripping off my clothes. I stood naked in front of her, cock stood out in front of me. She smiled at me then took me in her mouth, heaven. I was so worked up I nearly shot my load there and then, but somehow managed to hold off, but not for long as Jill moved her hands behind me a poked a finger into my arse. Without warning I shot what must have been 5 or 6 jolts of cum into her mouth.

\'Mmmmmmmmmm\' she mumbled as she swallowed the lot down. She carried on sucking and probing, keeping me hard.

\'Fuck me Jon, I want you inside me.\' Not one to argue, I laid her back on the bed, put her legs over my shoulders and slowly pushed myself inside. Her cunt gripped me like a vice and then released me. Then we fucked, and fucked, and fucked. I don\'t think I have ever lasted so long. We changed positions more times than I can remember and we finished with her on top.

\'I\'m cumming again Jill\' I warned her.

\'Good\' she said \'shoot inside me\' and shoot I did. Again, an unbelievable amount of spunk shot from my cock, and as I came so did Jill for the final time, and it was a big one. She shook and screamed, her pussy going into overdrive, until finally she collapsed on top of me, my cock softening inside her.

\'That was amazing\' I said

\'I agree\' she replied \'When can you come over again\'

I got dressed and left Jill naked on the bed, giving her one last kiss before I left and a quick stroke of her pussy which sent another tremble through her.

That was about 3 weeks ago, and we have since fucked another 3 times, once on my desk after everyone had left the office, and I\'m sure we will continue to fuck when her husband is away and her daughter goes back to Uni.

Now her daughter is a whole different story, which if you liked this one I will tell you.