Written by stillup4it

22 Nov 2008

What is it that makes a man on business arriving alone and checking in at his hotel look around for something on the side? Is it the sexy young receptionist who is showing her lovely cleavage to all and sundry? Maybe. Is it the hunky Porter who offers to carry those bags, and smiles so knowingly in the lift and follows you so closely into the room? Maybe again and even more?

Is it the gentle touch of the hand across yours, as the barman slips the change into your hand, and just looks straight into your eyes? Maybe, and it sends a tingle down the spine, just from recognising that look.

And is it the silent guy drinking the end of the bar after dinner, shirt open, revealing a toned and tanned chest, and glancing casually across the room for a fleeting glance and then back to his paper, as he strokes his open thigh on the bar stool? Perhaps also it’s the friend that joins him shortly, whispers as he sits and turns to look at you as well and just slightly nod?

Just maybe it’s a combination of all those things?

And as I entered the bar quite late in the evening, the mood, the lighting and the music struck me. I checked out what was happening and my eye caught the barman’s shape in the shadows behind the counter. Tall, shaven, soft hair cut short and a lovely tan. Crisp white shirt and I could see his muscles fitting snugly inside the short sleeves.

He turned as I approached, and our eyes met. He was just a horny looking guy with such a great smile.

‘Large Beer please,’ I said and he went into the routine typical of continental bars. His English was good, and I watched as he poured the liquid, stroking the handle of the glass as he did so. His chest was slightly exposed, and I could see it rising and falling with each breath. Buttons undone about midway down revealed a lovely skin, completely shaven and flat and muscular – just as you like it I thought!

The glass was full, frothing gently at the brim and slid across the counter towards me. I reached out with my Euros and he took the note, smiling back at me. In seconds his hand was out in front of me again. I reached forward, wondering what might happen. Would we make contact? Would he say anything? Might I accidentally make a grab at his fingers? I felt hot and bothered at the thought that I might completely blow it. I was shaking, my breathing short and shallow. How could I make it work? Would he want to? What might he be like?

I pushed my hand forward, hoping that the shaking wasn’t obvious. The coins dropped one by one into my open palm. He was close. Watching my reaction. And as the last one fell, his fingers followed and gently stroked my palm. He made no attempt to hide it. I did not retract. I said, ‘You have a gentle touch, thank you.’ He nodded, smiled and his piercing eyes said it all.

‘I finish at 11.00,’ he said. Then just silence. I stumbled with my thoughts, what should I do? This young Italian guy was propositioning me, and I wanted him there and then. I placed my room key on the bar, number upwards and watched his eyes glance down, register what he saw and then back up into my eyes.

I just knew then, I realised I was going to enjoy something – but I wasn’t sure what!

I spent the time gently sipping at the beer, at the open window watching the world go by. Chattering girls, flaunting themselves as they walked along the street, tight jeaned boys following along, with slim backs, lovely side profiles and smiles and eyes to die for. If only they would look over here! A nudge at my elbow distracted me. It was another English guy; I’d clocked him when I checked in. ‘You here long then?” he asked. “Couple of nights, you?” He nodded, “Yes me too. Can I get you another beer?” Was this a pick up, or was it just some idle conversation in an Italian city hotel? I drained the glass and handed it over, smiling approval. He was gone like a shot. My eyes followed his walk, he was tall, slim, about 10 yrs younger than me, and had long legs that looked like they could be explored from tip to toe.

As I gazed over towards the bar, I saw the same routine from the barman. One, two, three, four coins dropped and a stroke of the palm and a smile from those dark eyes, which also darted in my direction. Was he playing us both? Would it be a long night of enjoyment and titillation? Was I daydreaming? And as the thought processes continued, the frothing beer made its way to my table, and he sat. His leg slid down mine as he seated himself more comfortably. I didn’t move, just smiled and felt the pressure of the thigh against mine, and a hand rest on his knee but with fingers just overlapping onto mine. Something distracted me and I caught the barman’s gaze again as he watched our closeness and winked at me.

You know what its like, you make polite conversation, but underneath you’re fumbling for the right words, and for the questions that will lead you to where you hope things are going to take you. Well, Brian kind of let the cat out of the bag, when he said “We could take a bottle upstairs and enjoy it you know,” and he looked into my eyes and I knew that I was in for at least an evening of action. I let my hand slip to his knee and squeezed gently signifying my acceptance.

He stood and drained his glass, and moved to the bar in the same swift action. His key was on the bar in no time and he as ordering a good bottle of white to take up with two glasses. The Barman obliged and looked at us both, smiled and then said “I'm off duty soon.” He glanced at the key fob and smiled.

As we entered Brian’s room, I noted that it was bigger than mine, but had the same fabulous view across the city roof-scape. Indeed it had a sitting room as well and was spacious and beautifully appointed. On the bed lay the same white robe that I had found in my own room, and Brian casually picked it up and said, “Open the bottle while I shower?” He slipped into the shower room and left the door open. I poured the wine and sat savouring its fruity taste. He showered pretty quickly and appeared towelling his hair and revealing his nakedness through the openness of the robe. He handed me a second robe with an enquiring look, and nodded towards the shower. “Its hot he said, and its powerful enough to stimulate you nicely.” I thought, who needs stimulation at this stage? Here I was with a naked guy in his room, a glass of the finest wine and an evening and night of beautiful action to come.

I entered the shower room, peeled off my clothes and dropped into the shower. He was right, it tingled, and it was hot. The steam rose and clouded the mirrors around me and I soaped myself generously to the extent of sheer enjoyment – but wait, I was not alone and should save myself for what was to come.

He lay, robe open on the bed. Legs apart and gently stroking his sac. His shaven and cut prick was hard, glistening at the tip and looked so inviting. He patted the bed beside him and I slipped my robe off to join him, sidling against his thigh feeling the warmth of his flesh against mine. We raised our glasses together and drank a toast. His lips were still wet with the wine as he came closer, looking into my eyes and then our lips touched. I felt his tongue searching my lips for entry and I just parted them to let him search my mouth with his hot tongue. It was the first time I had experienced such a tender kiss from a man, and I savoured it, tasting him, taking in his newly showered aroma and feeling his light stubble against my freshly shaven skin.

We held each other’s heads close, caressed each other and explored our mouths oh so slowly. I could feel my cock tensing, hardening and loving as I slid my legs apart. A hand stretched out across my thigh and then fingers slowly enclosed around my throbbing meat. Gently his fingers slid up and over my tip, spreading the oozing precum about my knob. He squeezed so gently and I felt more of that sticky liquid emerge only to be spread up and down my rigid cock.

Our kiss concluded as he reached down to encircle my engorged head and take me inside the warmth of his mouth. He licked up and down and I was engulfed by the warmth and wetness of his throat as his lips and nose gently stroked my shaven pubic area. God this was unbelievably erotic. He slipped his hand down to my balls and stroked them, moving his head oh so slowly up and down my cock. I could see how wet it was and felt so close to him as his tongue gently flicked about my tip, exploring my hole and then taking me back inside all the way to his throat again.

I tried to reach out to his meat, but was so engulfed by this man’s closeness that I lost my balance and just lay back beside him, letting him have his way with me.

I can’t say how long we were so embraced. I remember moving so that we were closer together and that I could now see and taste his huge cock at my mouth whilst he continued to give tender attention to mine. I was struggling to get much of it in my mouth; it was so hard, so thick and so long. Would I be able to cope with that monster inside me? Who knows.

I became aware of a noise, from across the room. Then silence and it happened again. The door was slowly opening and a hand slipped inside followed by a face peering around. I recognised those eyes, that smile and that sexy guy from the Bar. He had a passkey, he was coming to join us, no unbroken promises there then!

Brian was just so intent on enjoying me that he hadn’t noticed. I lay back and watched his head rise and fall on my erect and hardening penis, but also catching a glimpse of clothes being shed quickly to the right and soon a naked body climbed on to the bed beside us. His body was all that I had anticipated, firm, brown all over and his stomach so flat and rippling above a deep but less tanned groin area, shaved as smooth as a baby’s bottom and sporting the most beautiful shaved and cut cock of good proportion. The head was smooth and glistened as he began to ooze already.

Andreas reached out towards my nipples. Caressed, kissed and sucked me inside his mouth. He reached across with his hand and tweaked the other one. My nipples are always firm and pointed, now they were rock hard, pink and tender to the touch. His teeth dragged across them one at a time and I flinched at the sensation. Brian was still busy down below, gently rising and falling on my meat and squeezing my by now hot and heavy sac, and probing my cheeks from below. I lay back and opened my legs further to allow access. Andreas slipped further forward to reach out and caress my face, his lips close to mine and his breath hot on my cheek. I reached down to his waving manhood, felt its strength and its wetness as it throbbed in my hand. I slid my hand up and down slowly sensing each ridge, each vein, and feeling the blood coursing inside.

Andreas shifted his attention to Brian who now realised that there were more than just two cocks to enjoy. We spent an hour pleasuring each other in all manner of ways. Stopping occasionally for a slurp of wine and then back to the main action.

Brian wanted more of my cock and slid down the bed to take me inside his mouth. It felt cold from the wine and I sensed a swishing in his mouth as he gargled me to the back of his throat. Andreas leapt on Brian’s meat, squeezing it, licking it and savouring the gentle dribble that emerged as he held it tight. I move closer to Andreas’s face and we kissed again. He thrust his pre-cum laden tongue into my mouth and for the first time I savoured new cum. Its always a fresh taste, and anew flavour. It was sweet and sticky, and I held on to that essence.

We rested awhile. Drank. Talked. Fondled ourselves and each other in turn. Andreas slipped his jeans back on and his shirt and slipped down to liberate yet another bottle from the bar – on the house too!

We were well down that bottle when the tempo increased somewhat. Each paired with another a la 69, a la straight face to face and eventually into mutual teasing of our cocks and balls. Andreas motioned to me to set myself up on all fours, and he gently posted his meat slowly into my mouth, gently pushing till it was filling me and I was gagging for air. I relaxed and let it happen. Then I felt fingers in my crack, and a cold gel sensation at my sphincter. It spread to my balls and engulfed my sac and rigid cock. And as I was still just coping with a mouthful of meat, thrusting gently and steadily in and out of my mouth, I relaxed to allow the pressure on my arse to open up.

Something was pressing against my ring. It was different. It was something I’d never felt before. It was wet, it was wriggling somewhat and was pressing me open. And then I realised, I was being rimmed. Brian was at me, so gently and so patiently and it was sheer heaven. And as I relaxed even more that allowed the attention to my mouth to become more enjoyable and penetrating.

Then the sensations below changed. The more familiar stretching of my ring commenced as more gel was applied and fingers probed my insides, reaching for my prostate which reacted in an instant. And then more pressure on my arse as a rigid member was making its way into my insides. Wow, so long since the last one and this was just so gentle but still stretching me to the limits. I relaxed, breathed as best I could given that my mouth was till full of rampant cock. And then my body rocked to the motions of two men thrusting at me, slowly, in time with each other, and slipping and sliding inside me as I was so beautifully spit-roasted.

I allowed my senses to wander and just took in the slow movements as they gradually hotted up. And then almost in a trice, I sensed that the time had come for both guys. More urgency. More groaning. More thrusting. More physical contact, hands on my face – hands on my hips.

Then in a moment, it happened. Brian flexed inside me, momentarily paused. Went rigid and arched his back as his juices flooded inside me. He stopped and just let it happen. And seconds later Andreas’s juices were at my throat, filling my mouth, escaping through my lips clamped to his cock. The saltiness, the sweetness and the heat of that fountain was almost too much.

And within seconds it was over. I was filled to overflowing and they were spent. We all collapsed on the bed, chests heaving, panting with fulfilment and me leaking jizz and swallowing like mad to get my breath back and to enjoy every last drop of my Italian lover.

We slept, entwined. I remained rock hard for ages. And in the later hours of the night we awoke to swap around and do it all over!

Pity I'm not going back there for some time…………………………