Written by 1_well_hung_guy

3 Jan 2014

I'm very lucky to have three, long term, lovers. Like me, they prefer to meet overnight, although occasionally, our meetings will be short.

The other day, I was invited around to T's. I rang the doorbell and she opened the front door, wearing just her nightie. She took me by the hand, led me upstairs and pushed me onto the bed, blindfolded me and stripped me. I lay there and felt her tongue and hands beginning to tease every inch of my body. Needless to say, I was unable to hide my excitement!

Without any warning, she sat on my face and, teasing her clit with my lips and tongue, she took my cock between her own lips and slowly began to circle her tongue around my sensitive tip. Trying to ignore the pleasure I was feeling, I explored her lips, gently stroking them with my tongue, brushing her lips before lapping deeply. I heard her moan, her tongue stopping and her thighs tightening around my face, as her cum gave away her first orgasm.

Quickly, she turned round and I felt her hot lips around my hard cock as she tried to straddled me. I reached down and rubbed my hard cock against her lips, knowing that this excites her. She moaned again and pulled my hand away, taking my full length. We both moaned, and she began to tighten around me. We both enjoy this game - I tense my muscles, swelling and throbbing inside her, and she tightens, slowly bringing herself to another orgasm. Again, her cum flowed over me, between my legs and onto the towel below.

Without warning, T lifted herself and dropped back down on my thick shaft. I felt my long, hard cock stretching the sides of her pussy as she began, slowly and effortlessly, to grind on my lap. I tried (and failed) to ignore her wonderful breasts brushing my face and the teasing trace of her nipples on me. I reached up, cupped both breasts and took both nipples into my mouth, flicking her, sucking her, teasing her.

She sat up and pulled away my hands and removed my blindfold. Slowly, T slid her pussy up and down my shaft, her hips moving in circles slowly against me. She leant forward and teased my lips with her left nipple. Sitting up, she cupped her breasts together and play with them whilst still grinding me softly … slowly … deeply. Then, she leant forward again, kneeling over me, so that the tip of my cock sat just inside her. She looked me in the eyes and start to ride me faster and harder. I grabbed her buttocks and, as she thrust down, I thrust up, my long, thick cock, reaching its full length and my balls slapping against her.

She grimaced and looked at me as I felt my pre-cum mixing with her soaking wet pussy. Her sweat dripped onto me as we continued to make love. Suddenly, she stopped and I felt T tighten. Her mouth opened and her eyes stared. Silence. Then she shouted and collapsed on top of me, cum gushing over my hard cock. Her pussy holding my cock so tight.

I rolled T onto her back and kissed her lips passionately, slowly working my way to her breasts. Lifting her legs over my shoulders, I teased her swollen lips with my cock and then, without warning, slipped between them. Her eyes widened again and her mouth opened but no sound came out. Just a tightening of her muscles as I luxuriated in every slow thrust of my swollen cock deep inside her.

We kissed, our tongues explored as I continued to thrust. Deeper and deeper. My throbbing echoing T's spasms. I buried myself to my hilt. I was getting so close and I started to thrust harder and faster. I could feel my balls begin to constrict. T's hands wrapped around my back, holding me. I held myself deep inside her as I felt another orgasm course through her body. This time, my cock erupted. I groaned and collapsed. T tightened again, holding me inside, both of us cumming, T again, each time I throbbed. We lay there, wrapped in each others arms.

A short while later, T led me to the shower. Standing together in the hot water, T pinned me against the wall, and kissed me. Then, she knelt down and kissed my cock, taking it into her mouth. Yes, I moaned when T slowly start to suck me. She sucked each of my balls in turn while her hand gently rubbed my cock up and down. Standing, T's mouth met mine and amidst soft, sweet kisses, she raised her leg and invited me to enter once more.

I kissed her tenderly and moved down T's body, cupping, kissing and nibbling on her breasts. My tongue traced across and I softly kissed her stomach, thighs and then her mons, smelling myself in her. I stood up and kissed her on the lips before leaning back and slowly toying with her clit with the tip of my now hard cock.

After I'd teased her clit with my cock, I reached down and inserted a finger between her swollen lips. I could feel T's pussy tense around it so I inserted a second finger. Standing there, embracing, my thumb teased her clit whilst my fingers teased her pussy. Again, she moaned and tightened around me, holding me tightly.

Taking the soap, I began to rub her all over, letting the smooth foam cover her skin. She reached down and took my still hard cock in her hand …