Written by Lipspreader8

10 Oct 2009

The Man I met on Sh

When I first started advertising in here I posted a few ads not thinking I would get any replies.

Then I got a reply a few days later, it was a man I looked at his profile and a picture of him naked.

He said in return to your add I would like to visit you and strip you naked and play with you how you want me to.

Well we set up the meet and he arrived on time and we had a drink to break the ice so to speak. He then walked over to me and looked me up and down, put his hands on my shoulders and then under my arms and ran his hands down my body and back up again feeling every part of my body, like he was buying me at an old fashioned market where they used to buy slaves.

He said you’ll do if you are ready, well it was now or never so I just nodded. He said take me to the bedroom then.

Once there he looked me up and down again and the un buttoned my shirt, then slipped it off my shoulders and threw it to the floor in the corner. Then he undone my belt and my fly’s them put his hands on my waist band of my trousers then slipped them over my hips and down to my ankles the standing on one leg the removed my trouser leg and shoe then the same to the other one. Now I am just stood in front of him in my white tight smooth feeling boxers. He just stood there and said Ummm looking good, I think I am going to enjoy having you.

Then he started to remove all his clothes till ha was completely naked his cock hanging semi hard. He left me standing there while he walked over to the bed a single bed he took the two pillows from the head board and positioned them across the middle of the bed, one on top of the other. Then he returned to where he left me standing, then he knelt in front of me and slipped my smooth boxers down very slowly his face was only an inch from my groin and as he slipped them down my semi erect cock flipped out from my pants and hit him on the nose and still with his hands on my boxers he engulfed my cock in his willing mouth and pushed harder onto my cock it grew very quick in his mouth. He slipped of it and I stepped out of my pants and over to the bed where he told me to lay face down on the bad with the pillows under my tummy and my cock hanging down between my legs.

He then climbed between my legs and held them wide apart till my feet hung of the edge of the bed.

He then started feeling me all over my legs, arse, balls, cock, back and then all over again.

He then took some lube placed a big blob on his thumb and placed it against my tight little rosebud

Then he started working it in and around his thumb slipping in and out. Then he produced a but plug which proceeded to work in and out for what seemed for ever.

He ripped a condom packed open with his teeth and slipped it on his quite adequate cock and started to gently push it in me his two thumbs spreading my arse cheeks apart to ease his entry, he was now about two inches in me then out an inch the back in two inches the out an inch and in three inches every time he pushed it back in he pushed more of his cock up my tight little hole. He is now nearly all the way in he has about an inch and a half still left too put in me and with every forward stroke I could feel the tip of his cock in the pit of my stomach. Then he told me to hold on to the head of the head board at each side and not let go. I did as I was told who was I to argue his weight on top of me, and then he got hold of my hips and continued to push the rest of his cock in side me it was hurting right up inside my tummy. I let go of the headboard and he said I told you not to let go. With that he slipped his hands under my arm pits and hooked his hands under my shoulder and this aloud him to force his way further in me than before. Then he fucked me harder and harder his balls banging against mine and his cock all the way up inside my tunnel. Then the door opened and my girlfriend walked in knelt down at the side of the bed and took my cock in her mouth and sucked me it felt fantastic then she said is it hurting you? I said a little, then she said to him to fuck me hard hurt him, I couldn’t believe her saying that to him.

She then put a couple of ropes round my wrists and tied me to the headboard, as she done this he speeded up his strokes and fucked me hard and long strokes then I felt hot com hit right inside me then another, then another till he had unloaded his load right up inside me. Then I realised the condom had split. He got off me and as he withdrew he immediately pushed the but plug back in my arse.

Then he walked over to my girlfriend and they kissed passionately then his hands were feeling her all over and rubbing between her legs. She was getting very excited and he picked her up and he put his cock into her pussy and she wrapped her legs round his body and rocked back and forth on his tool. She looked over to me and said he is very good at fucking isn’t he? She said John is very good isn’t he? My thoughts were running wild in my mind how did she know his name was John? I said to her how did you know his name was John, she said that she had been talking to him and set the whole thing up and for John to contact me. She said now you know what it is like to have your arse fucked hard don’t you and the condom split because John bit the top off when he ripped the packet open. He was still fucking my girlfriend till he came inside her and she had an orgasm. Then he slipped out of her fanny and they came back to the bed and she positioned herself with her fanny against my mouth and said lick me out suck it good. As I did as I was told John removed the but plug, positioned himself at my entrance again this time without a condom and his cock still covered in my girls cum and roughly pushed his cock up inside me again and fucked me for the next ten minutes till he came again and filled me up. He slid out of my arse cleaned himself up and got dressed and left.