10 Aug 2016

Lou tried to stay still, yet her body gave away her feelings of fear and excitement in an instant. Shaking as if being hit by small electric shocks she stood facing the wall, wet and willing and wanton.

Her legs splayed almost to the point where her ankles felt as if they would break at any moment. The folded leather of her boots and the sharp steel zips dug in deep, causing her thighs to shake and convulse with little pulses of pain and pleasure.

Her ass entrance was now gaping open, inviting and exposed, the outer edge of her anus glistening in the dim light of the room, covered in her cunts sweet liquid.

Her hands pressed firmly against the cold wall, fingers white and ridged. Her face looking down towards the floor flushed red in anticipation for his next onslaught. She stool still again, then in a deep voice he said;

“Right you filthy little slut, it’s time to open you up...”

The cold air stung her lungs as she inhaled sharply. “Uuuughhhhhh...” she cried again in a low guttural, almost animalistic voice.

“How many fingers had he pushed up her cunt?” she thought as he pulled his hand out of her soaking wet gash. Then again, he pushed even deeper, penetrating her dripping wetness again and harder than before.

Her head jolted forward with some force almost smashing against the white, damp wall in front of her. He grabbed her hair tightly and pushed her face flush against the ice cold wall, the smell of old paint and the pungent odour of her thick juices now pouring down her thigh mixed in the air.

He thrust his fingers back in to her again, even harder than before. Then as quickly as he had placed his probing fingers into her, seemingly never ending stream of wetness, he removed them.

Lou stood there with her cunt entrance hanging wide open for a second before the muscles began the process of closing the dilated wetness back up.

Without time to compose herself for the next onslaught she found that he had thrust his sticky wet fingers near her face, offering her a chance to gobble up the runny liquid she had secreted.

“Lick... Now...”

Opening her mouth with an almost imperceptible sneer she slowly she started to lick each finger, sucking to the tip of each digit one by one. There was no room for error, or the punishment would be greater, and right now she knew that could mean anything.

“Was she doing it right? How did he feel? Was she making her Master happy?” All these thoughts shot through her mind in a split second, but then her mind screeched back to a new feeling as he pulled his hand away from her face and inserted his fingers once more into her wet mess.

“Uuuugghhhh.... Arrhh...” she uttered as his fingers, now bunched into a small powerful fist, rocketed into her violated orifice.

Again and again he pulled out and offered her his fingers, each time she sucked the fluid off his hand, each time more juice seem to be flowing out of her, the sweet smell of her thick juices now commanded the air letting all know her cunt was streaming and receptive to further abuse.

Then he stopped.

She stood quizzically face against the wall, peering out of the corner of her eye towards him. The lack of touch puzzled her. Being denied her Masters was not right, she needed his touch, craved it even, yet here she held was against this cold wall spread open and still for him to view as a painting or art work.

A smile emerged from his mouth, the sternness of his facial expressions all but gone. He was teasing her, seeing if she could hold that position whilst totally exposed to him and all who would venture down the tunnel towards them.

“Uuuugghhhh.... Arrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Arrrrrrhh...” she screamed as he made her position and his completely clear.

His fist now embedded deep in her wetness had taken her by surprise and caused her to inhale more cool air than she needed, into her frightened quivering body. She coughed twice to expel the damp air, only to take even further sudden intakes of breath as he probed further into her.

His hand now folded tightly into itself was now completely lost inside her, the bone of his wrist now spread her cunt entrance to one side, plugging her in a split second and stopping all escape of juice.

He turned his hand inside her and began to unfold the clench of his fingers in a slow flower-opening like action, presenting his nails to her soaking distended tunnel.

In an instant she started to shake and cough, causing her cunt muscles to grip harder over his wrist. She knew what he was about to do and closed her eyes, biting her lip, ready for the onslaught of pain that would mark the beginning of his next cruel action towards her.

His tensed fingers scrapped over the ridges of her dripping canal as he withdrew his fist from deep inside her.

“Arrrraauugghhhh....” she groaned as his fist fell from her now wide open tunnel. Her velvet like juices had covered his skin, coating each digit with her pungent aroma.

“Lick them slowly” he said softly

She hesitated.

“Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk” the smack against her ass told her who was boss in a pain-filled second.

“NOW...” he said in a raised voice.

She did as he said, sucking the liquid off his soft warm skin.

Then without warning he removed his hand from her face.

“Face forward...” he said, looking at her rounded ass with its perfect symmetry.

He then placed the head of the dildo that he had used on her cunt earlier, against her wet glistening ass entrance.

The head started to push slowly into her tight puckered little ring.

“Oowwwwwww....” she murmured.

The head now pushed further into her past her tense sphincter and onwards into her depths.

It filled her up slowly, and unrelentingly, pushing her to the very limit of the pain and pleasure boundary.

“Ohhhhhh.....” she gasped.

Then he pulled the vibrator out, and started defile her again in the same sadistic way.

“Owwwww” she murmered again.

The head pushed even further than before and past her now loosening sphincter.

Full beyond anything she had experienced before... then in an instant he withdrew again.

He continued to push the machine into her and out again and again, each time it penetrated a little further into her ass.

He started to breathe heavily in rhythm to the pulses of the dildo now buried deep in her.

She turned to look around and realised in a split second that was the wrong thing to do.

He stood behind her with both his sleeves rolled up, and a look that terrified her. Her attention was drawn to his hands and more to the point, his fingers.

His hands now pointed towards her, fingers clenched tight as if to invade her in quick succession. She had no idea what he had planned, but she knew this was going to hurt.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh......Noooooooooo...... aarrrrrrrrrrrhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDD........”

In one quick movement he had shoved his left fist hard into her rectum, forcing past her sphincter in a brief, painful lunge. Meantime his right hand had surged into her cunt at almost the same time, causing her to bite her lip so hard that it started to bleed.

His hands, now imbedded in her cunt and ass, were starting to move. This was so unexpected that she just didn’t know what to feel. The fingers in her cunt kept touching her G-spot as the hand in her ass moved in and out slowly, widening her ass even further. She bit her lip again.

“Oh my God....” she uttered.

“He won’t help you now, you dirty little bitch...” He said with an almost vengeful sound in his voice.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh...... urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....” she spluttered.

In and out, his fists ploughed into her, then out and then back in, over and over.

She felt weak, yet his touch was so intense that it sent wave after wave of pleasure over her body.

Her whole body quivered in a jelly like mass...

Then she screamed in a low grunting voice “Arrrrrrrr....rggggggg...ggggggggg....hhhhhhhhhhh... I’mmmm..... cummmm... iinnnnnn”

He pulled out of her with both hands.

She collapsed on to the floor; knees folded and body still quivering.

He held his fingers to her face and looked into her eyes. Without a word she opened her mouth and sucked the liquids and juices off his flesh in slow, deliberate tongue movements. Each lick tasted different to the last, the contents of her cunt and ass now swallowed and forgotten.

“Turn around” he said commandingly.

She shuffled on her legs and moved to face him. Looking up into his eyes she smiled.

He smiled back at her and then said in a low, guttural voice

“Sit on the staircase over there and keep your legs open”....

She stood up and moved over to the staircase, then sat on the second step up with her legs apart, showing him her red wetness.

He stood in front of her and unzipped his trousers slowly. His black, Lycra underwear bulged in front of her face, holding back his manhood from her.

“Please may I touch you” she said almost girl like again. He nodded to her his approval.

She ran her finger around his waist and slowly tugged the sides of his shorts. Out sprang a very thick semi-hard cock, pulsing in front of her. She leant forward and took it in her mouth, whilst bringing both hands up to it at the same time. She was amazed at how soft his skin felt and how much his ever thickening cock was growing in her mouth.

She ran her fingers off from his shaft and across his hips, then round until she cupped his tight ass in each hand. Slowly she started to move her fingers towards her second goal, his little puckered hole.

Then in a slow crablike movement she placed the nail of her index finger against his ass. Sucking slowly over the entire length of his shaft she started to run her nail round in circles across his ass hole.

His cock started to pulse even harder than before. Again she ran sharp little circles around his ass. He started to pull away from her but her grip on his ass was too great. Over and over again she ran circles with her nail. He started to grip her hair as she began to pump his cock into her mouth. His breath became ever quicker as she worshipped his length with her mouth.

Now panting he pulled away from her. Standing some four feet from her he held his cock in his left hand, pulling down hard on his cock, panting ever harder.

His eyes stared straight at her and then a slow lingering blink he began to cum.

launching his white seed into the air. The first liquid hit her on the face with some force, as his second and third spurt landed on her legs and chest, more of his cum splattered over her as his fluid burst forward.

“Oh my God... she said...” not believing what she had just seen. “How did... Oh my God.....” She said, at a loss for words, now covered in his release. He stood well over a meter from her, yet she was covered in his liquid.

He walked over to her and scooped up his cum for her to eat, holding out his hand as vessel for her to drink from.

She lapped away at the fluid until it was all gone, her eyes wide open, lost in her thoughts.

Then in the distance she heard footsteps.

Panic in her eyes she started to move...

To Be Continued...