Written by Rob2012

30 Dec 2015

Before you read this you might want to catch up on the previous instalment.

I was very surprised to receive such an overwhelming response to the question I posed with regards to calling Katie or not. I mulled over my options for the next couple of days and decided that I would give things another try with my wife Wendy . If I am honest things had cooled a little between us over the last couple of years.

We have never had children simply because one or both of us are unable to. We looked at IVF and adoption but it was either too expensive or we didn't feel it was right for us. So childless and in our 40's we had less and less in common. We would work all week with Wendy going to bed early to read or do cross-stitch or some other craft type thing whilst I would be downstairs in front the TV or out at a football or rugby match.

Things were never nasty between us but the spark was gone. It's probably why I ended up in bed with Katie in the first instance.

So I thought I would use Christmas as a chance to give things a bit of a jump start. I decided I would spoil her with some sexy underwear and maybe a mini break in London to shop and see a show next year. I hoped it would rekindle something between us,

Sadly her response was very negative to both presents . As we went through the usual visits to relative to drop off presents I mulled over the telephone number in my wallet. I decided to write the post and see what others thought. I have enjoyed many posts from people on here and hoped it would help me make up my mind. It certainly did.

So on Sunday I made an excuse to go for a walk and found a quiet spot to call her. My heart was racing as I dialled the number. Part of me hoped it was a fake number. It rang but no answer. I thought about leaving a message but thought that the universe was telling me to move on. I had barely walked 3 steps when my phone rang. It was the number I had just dialled. Nervously I answered it.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi who is this please?" responded the female voice.

"It's Rob," I replied hoping she would remember me.

"Oh hi Rob. I am so glad you called. It's Katie but I expect you realised that," she said with a certain amount of joy in her voice.

"I just wonder if you would like to meet for coffee sometime? Soon." I asked hopefully.

"I'd love to babe what about Tuesday? We can meet at the park and have a chat if you like?" she responded.

My mind quickly thought is this the right thing to do? What if we get spotted by someone we know?

"Sounds great! One o'clock ok for you?" I suggested hoping it would be acceptable to her.

"Perfect but you're getting the coffee. I'll have a Latte," She cheekily responded.

"It's a date! I'll see you then," I said.

I could hardly wait as Monday dragged. Luckily Wendy had agreed to meet an old uni friend that day and was out till late in different town so I wouldn't need to rush things at all. I left in plenty of time as I didn't want to be late. I arrived a few minutes early at the park so dropped Katie a text to say where exactly I would be. Two coffees purchased I sat down on a bench and awaited her arrival.

I had barely had a chance to take a sip when I saw her walking towards me. My heart raced and she came ever closer. she was wearing a figure hugging jumper dress, black leggings and boots. Her hair was in a high pony tail. She looked better than I had remembered.

I went to get up and mouthed at me "Sit down!" I stayed where I was worried that something was wrong. She sat at the far end of the bench as if she hadn't come to see me. "Sorry to do this but we need to chat but make it look like it is just to people talking about the weather," she said.

"This is like something out of James Bond," I joked. "Are you saying I am a Bond girl then?" She laughed breaking the ice and immediately making me feel more relaxed. She reached over and grabbed her coffee. "I hope you haven't drugged this because I'd willingly go with you if you wanted," flashing me a very sexy look.

We chatted for about half an hour and we told each other all about ourselves. She had moved to the area after her fiancé had died about three years ago. He had been involved in a car crash as he drove back from the pub one night. She didn't know may people but had made friends with a couple of women from work. She had tried internet dating but never found anyone worthy of a second date.

I told her about my marriage and that we had just fallen into a stagnant relationship. She asked if I was sure if I wanted a casual relationship with her?

"I don't know what I want really," I answered. "I mean the sex the other week was just fantastic but it happened so suddenly."

She placed the coffee on the bench and looked directly at me. "If you want somebody to fuck and l can't do that, However if you want a passionate relationship that keeps both of us happy well I'd be interested."

"So lovers not fuck buddies then?" I said looking into her dark brown eyes.

"Perfect!" She said "We won't get too serious unless we agree we want to."

We sat in silence for a few moments just looking at each other. If I could have kissed her there and then I would have. "I live a few minutes walk away," she said "get up and follow me in about a minute. Sixty seconds has never seemed so long. I got up and followed her to her house.

As I got to her house she had waited and let me in. "Up to the bedroom," she snapped as she closed the door behind me. I entered her bedroom a was immediately reminded of the previous time I had been there. My adrenaline was up and I was determined to make the most of this time.

"Let's get down to our underwear and jump into bed," she ordered. I quickly stripped and slipped into her bed. Katie sat on the side of the bed and pulled her boots off then stood and pulled her dress over her head. She then pulled down her tights and kicked them off. She was wearing what looked like the same underwear as our first night together. She pulled back the covers and joined me in her bed.

I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips and she responded accordingly. We kissed as our hands pulled us towards each other, her slim elegant body. I started to kiss her neck causing her to gently moan her approval. I slowly kissed her chest as I unhooked her bra releasing her firm pert breasts. I gently sucked her nipples and she gave out a sharp shout of delights. I spent the next few minutes kissing. licking and caressing her upper body.

She stretched her arms and held onto the head board of the bed as I kissed down towards her pussy. I gently tugged and pulled her skimpy black lacy knickers down towards her feet. I then moved my head towards he moist glistening vagina and began to gently lick and probe the entrance to her hole. I kissed the inside of her toned thighs and licked her crotch which she liked a lot.

I wanted to pleasure her so much. So I took my time to make sure I did everything I could to make her happy. "Fuck me," She whispered "I want you to fuck me now." I continued to caress her hot wet pussy finally as she reiterated her early demand.

I slid into position only to be asked about a condom. I reached over to my trousers and grabbed the pack I had bought on my way to meet her. I quickly unwrapped it and pulled it over my rock hard cock. I returned to my previous position and gently slipped the tip of my penis into her wet pussy.

She was surprisingly tight as I slipped my manhood deep inside her. When I could go no further she gave a low moan of pleasure and I slowly pulled back and began to gently fuck her. I held her wrists down making her powerless to push me away but she was obviously a willing participant.

"Fuck me harder. I'll tell you if it's to much," she whispered. I picked up the pace an d ferocity of the thrusts from my hips and began to almost slam and push her up the bed with very thrust. Every time she gave out a short cry of joy. "Fuck my hard Rob! Fuck me like you own me!"she cried as she became very excited at the increased pace.

I released her wrists and knelt quickly as I grabbed the back of her legs. I pulled her onto my engorged penis fucking her as hard as I humanly could. "Oh god! Don't stop" she cried as I fucked her like a rag doll. I was in control and she was happy to let me set the pace. I wanted to kiss her on the lips and hold her close to me but that would have to wait. I could feel myself beginning to reach my peak not knowing if I could hold off.

At that same moment Katie cried out "I'm cumming!" I Pushed as hard and as fast as I could and we vigorously fucked. I could feel the muscled in her pussy tighten as she climaxed with a loud cry of joy. Moments later I joined her as I came hard giving a loud "Arrrrghhhhhh" that I am sure was heard next door.

As the pleasure subsided I let her legs slip from my grasp and lowered myself to her face. I kissed her passionately on her luscious lips and pulled her body towards mine in a passionate embrace. We kissed and held each other whispering sweet compliments to one another. Eventually I lay back on my side of the bed with Katie resting her head on my chest. I looked at the clock on her bedside table. It was 2:35pm. I smiled to myself thinking how much time I had to spend with this wonderful woman.

"Do you want to stay a while longer?" Katie asked. "I can stay until about 8-ish then I have to go home," I answered as she cuddled into my chest.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed together and we both came a few more times. At about 5:30 she went and made us some tea and we chatted some more. She told me that I would need to get another phone in case Wendy went snooping through my phone. I said she couldn't contact me on Facebook or Twitter and I would set up a special email for her to send to.

Her next comment sounded strange at first. "You should join a gym in the new year," She said abruptly. I stared down my nose at her. "As a cover," she groaned "You can join the same one as me to make life simpler."

I'm glad I called her.