23 Dec 2017

T'was the night before Xmas and all through the house something was heard whirring, it wasn't a mouse.

It was Mrs. Alicia Crawford's rabbit! She had bathed luxuriously, shaved fastidiously and oiled copiously. It was five minutes to seven pm. Baverstock T would arrive promptly on the hour. Mrs. Alicia Crawford clicked the speed up a notch and activated the ears. With a sigh of contentment she sank into her pillow, closed her eyes and listened for the 'click' of the front door.

It was the third Xmas in a row that Mrs. Alicia Crawford had made Baverstock T. her Xmas present to herself. He was now twenty one and she was still old enough to be his mother if not his grandmother. It had started in a perfectly ordinary way, as most illicit relationships do. The office computer systems were running a bit sluggish. She had asked her husband, a lecturer at the local University to ask Gerry, Head of Computer Sciences, if he had a suitable student that might want to earn some spending money during the Xmas break. By noon the same day Gerry had emailed saying that Baverstock T. would pop into the office at ten the following morning to see what was required.

At ten am precisely there was a knock on the office door.


Baverstock T. towered over her even when she had stood to welcome him. She looked him over surreptitiously as they introduced themselves. Automatically motioning him to an easy chair she took another opposite him. Her first thoughts were, 'surely they don't put that much padding in jackets nowadays?'.

“Now,” opened Baverstock T. in a business like manner, “what seems to be the problem?”

What seems to be the problem mused Mrs. Alicia Crawford to herself, apart from the fact that you are eighteen and I am old enough to be your mother?

Aloud she said, “Our computer system isn't working as well as it had. We've added a few bits over the year and it really needs sorting out properly. A sort of annual service I suppose.”

“No problem,” he announced getting easily to his feet. He held his hand out to the little woman, “maybe you could show me around a bit so I can get a feel of things?”

A feel of things? Yes please! She chided herself - she must get a grip but he really was absolutely scrumptious and smelt divine. She took the big, strong, proffered hand he offered and stood, looking innocently into his deep blue eyes.

“Show you around? Of course. It would be a pleasure.” she murmured quietly then told herself off again!

He rested his hand gently at the small of her back as he opened the office door for her. 'Down a bit. Down a bit. She concentrated hard on her thoughts but unfortunately he wasn't a mind reader. He stopped to close the office door then walked politely beside her.

They spent a full hour with Baverstock T. making copious notes. Everywhere they went eyes followed him. Girls eyes and ladies eyes. He really was a good looking lad. They returned to the office where he flicked through his notes studiously.

“Do you have a budget?” he asked politely.

“How much do you think I might need?” Mrs Alicia Crawford asked in an unworried tone.

“There's a couple of bad bottlenecks that could do with sorting. That old server you are using could be replaced with a modern NAS unit and your security is virtually non-existent. Maybe 5-6 thousand but I'll know more once I've done a bit more research. We finish for Xmas tomorrow, can I get back to you Monday? I know a couple of local suppliers that are good. We could get what's needed before Xmas.”

“Excellent!” Mrs. Alicia Crawford declared. “Monday is also our staff Xmas party, would you like to join us and get to know us better?”

Mrs. Alicia Crawford was actually thinking 'get to know me better' but from the looks the other staff were giving him, there might be competition.

On Saturday Mrs. Alicia Crawford drove Prof. Alan Crawford to the airport to catch his 'plane to Australia. His annual trip to see his other family. Mrs. Alicia Crawford was very pleased to wave her husband goodbye for three weeks.

The Staff party was a great success. Baverstock T. danced with all the ladies several times and Mrs. Alicia Crawford many more times. As it all ended very late she felt she had to offer Baverstock T. a bed for the night. This caused many ooohs and arrrhs and not a few wistful looks from her staff. Baverstock T. smiled, took her by the hand and led her to the mistletoe. He bent slightly, took her by the waist and lifted her effortlessly until her lips were level with his. He kissed her politely. She kissed him ardently.

“That'll give them something to talk about.” he said to Mrs. Alicia Crawford quietly.

She took him to her home. He took her to her bed.

The following year Baverstock T. again upgraded her systems.

Mrs. Alicia Crawford heard the front door latch 'click' Baverstock T. had his own pass card. She visualised him slipping off his shoes prior to climbing the stairs. She clicked the rabbit up another notch. Seeing the door lever begin to move she parted her legs wider. The door opened. She held the rabbit firmly in place and watched excitedly as he entered.

He was a big boy! He very nearly filled the doorway. When dancing with him the very first time she discovered that there was no padding in his jacket. He really was that wide! He closed the door silently, walked to the end of the bed and looked down at the naked woman that awaited him. He smiled a smile of pure pleasure.

“Good evening Mrs. Alicia Crawford,” he said politely.

“Good evening Baverstock T.” she replied and clicked the rabbit into full speed.

He watched attentively as she fucked herself with Mr. Bunny, his present to her the previous year, then slipped his jacket off and tossed it carelessly across the room to the nursing chair. Mrs. Alicia Crawford looked appreciatively at her lover's torso. The shirt was undone at the collar. The buttons were straining to hold their place. She'd had half a dozen shirts made for him the previous Xmas. She was pleased she had added more inches for this year. He started to undo his buttons, one by one then pulled the shirt tails out of his jeans. He was magnificent! She thought back to her childhood when she had always been home to watch Clint Walker or Steve Reeves on television and never missed a film. Now she had her very own Hercules. He stripped off his jeans and his boxers. Standing naked at the foot of her bed he looked down on her body and purposefully licked his lips as he watched the rabbit pleasure his lover. He took hold of his cock and started to stroke.

Mrs. Alicia Crawford watched the cock growing in his fist. It looked hungry. It looked as if it needed to be inside her, fucking her – hard! She came with the thought of the hard cock plundering her. She trembled. She shook and she gushed. She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly. She HAD needed that release before they started to fuck.

“Thank you.” he said, still stroking his hard cock. “That was so beautiful to watch.”

Letting go of his cock he knelt at the foot of the bed and wormed his way up between her legs until his mouth reached her cunt. He kissed her, licked her and sucked her clitty into his mouth. He ignored all her entreaties to cease and desist. Held her firm when she tried to wriggle away and kissed her tenderly every time she gushed into his mouth.

When she really seemed to be exhausted he let her rest, only blowing cool air onto her cunt or licking it very gently. When she had fully stopped gasping for air and wriggling he started again, with his mouth and his fingers. It was gone eight o'clock when he finally worked his lips up her body, over each breast, her neck and finally settled on her lips. Holding her close in his powerful arms he kissed her and allowed her to doze.

Even as she dozed she reached down and stroked his cock, tenderly. It grew steadily in her little fist. Her turn to wriggle down the bed. He made no attempt to stop her. She took him into her mouth and gave his as much pleasure as he had given her. She swallowed, licked and refused to let him go. Her turn now!

“Fuck me,” she murmured when he was hard again.

They fucked and made love all night. With the enthusiasm of youth he was ready for more in the morning. So was Mrs. Alicia Crawford.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you all!