Written by Old lucky guy

15 Jul 2008

I could not help enjoy the story from JaniceB re her older lover, as it reminded me of a lovely time I had with a young girl in Lanzarote, we were all staying at a Hotel in Playa Blanca at the far end of the island- as its a place I know well for its lonely area and like to get around so I always hire a car for the holiday, and of course I am very popular especially when the bus did not turn up or taxis were busy, one afternoon I was eating lunch at a beach restaurant, when I could not help notice the young girl and her fellow from my Hotel, she was having problems because he was well pissed and it wasnt even 3 oclock, I called her over and said when I have finished my lunch I will take him back with me in my car, to which she was very grateful - so we eventually get him back into the Hotel room and stripped him off and into bed - she was all thank you etc - I said lets go to my room and sit on the balcony and have a nice coffee - (I always have my minikettle with me.)

She was called Katy and bless her she was not too bright and told me the story of her life - I soon was pouring out another large Vodka and coke for her as she did not like my coffee - and she was slowly getting into a sexy mood - saying silly things about my love life and what did I like, and what sex she liked - when she mentioned oral sex my cock was pushing against my pants - I simply said can I give you some oral - and she just slipped out of her shorts and off with her tee shirt, bra and pants and she was mine.

Here was an 18 year old girl, lovely body, shaven pussy - tight cunt and her legs were wide open for my tongue, I of course put all my technics into play - finger up her arse played with her tits and took time out to give her a good fingering, and sucked her nipples, she was responding as I planned and I just slipped my cock into her juicy cunt as she was peaking her next orgasm, now she was really tight and my foreskin felt her cunt muscles grip my cock head as I pumped away, Katy was taking my cock as if I was her first lover, and making all the noises of an unexperianced girl, as I was riding her bare back I pulled out and said have you sucked a cock before - once she said just a little bit, well she took my cock as if it she was going to break it, and started to suck, I said about moving her tongue around it and sucking harder - she was my pupil now and she was soon sucking like a pro, I did not warn her but came into her mouth and held her nose so she swallowed my semen, she gasped a bit and said thats not bad - a bit like almonds, so suck it dry I said and she did.

The next day I did not go out my way to see her but she and her boyfriend sought me out - to thank me for getting him back to the Hotel, no probs I just said katy is a lovely girl - and that he was lucky - he then astounded me by saying did I fancy a threesome with her as he wanted to try it out - so I said if she did not mind I would love to - when we have a drink tonight he said I will get her half pissed and then we will both fuck her, now thats not the way I operate but I went along with it - I told Katy what he had said on the quiet, and that I would get her just coke and no vodka and he would get pissed instead - well our plan worked and we both took him back to the room, and stripped him off - he made an attempt at shagging Katy but he kept coming out, so I said I will have her and you enjoy a blow job, the next few minutes I was happily fucking Katy and she was with my stroke , raising her arse to meet my incoming cock, the BF had fallen asleep with his cock in his hand and lay half on the bed, I got up and lay him on the floor and went back to Katy - well we fucked in loads of positions and she even learnt to give me a deep throat job, that was really something, after a few hours I went back to my room for a rest.

nearly every day after that I was visited by Katy (an excuse for a coffee)and we she had me screwing her in loads of ways, I ran them to the airport a couple of days before my holiday ended but somehow lost her number ( as I had ridden her bareback and come a great load up her on the last night maybe best I did not phone)

So girls look out for an older guy when next at Playa Blanca, it might be me.