Written by HornyZombie

28 May 2017

So i decided to write another story as I'm due for a meet tonight with this guy that makes me crave him. He is such a sexy man, a gentleman but a devil in the bedroom. He seriously knows how to pleasure my sweet pussy and boy do i push his head when he gets that spot. I try not to suffocate him but sometimes can't help it in the situation. So i think i been meeting pretty much the last 3 weeks with this bloke. After several time wasters, AGAIN, he is always there to satisfy my horny needs and boy do i ravage him when he comes round. Tonight i intend on being a slut, well to word it more precisely, a zombie who craves sex, not flesh, i want his cock so bad. He has been teasing me all week since our last meet.

He sends me pictures of his sexy face which i just love sitting on, he sent me a video of him wanking. in the video he asks me, where i wanted it, and to tell him. I swear i want to fuck this guy every minute of every day. If only my pussy didn't hurt after a good ramming. Bloody hell thinking about this is making me wet the chair I'm sat on.

I wake up this morning, extremely horny as usual, making me want this bloke the whole day. I start going on about me jumping into the shower. he then starts saying how he wished he could jump in with me. I want the bloke to shower with me one day and i want to be fucked like the slut that i am. I want him to fuck me till i just can't stay awake anymore and i want him to fuck me till he can't stay awake. I want him to fuck me like a proper slut in the shower, I want him to wank off to me playing with my toys in the bathroom. I aim to get a big sexy dildo with a suction cup, i want him to watch me fuck the dildo whilst he stands there and i suck his cock. I need to make him so fucking horny that he just fucks me in the shower then can't stand the fact that we can't fuck properly in the shower, then he takes me to the bedroom and doesn't care that we haven't got towels on or are even dry. I want him to not care about anything in the world except fucking me and me sucking his sexy throbbing cock.

When we decide to take a break and go get some food or something to drink, i want him to make me lift a leg onto the kitchen counter top and stick his dick in me and fuck me. He will then have to make me kneel down and take his monster cock into my mouth and he can make sure i deep throat his cock! he is then going to feel the need to put me on the dining table so he can suck me out. As I'm typing this, i am playing with myself this is how horny he makes me. I want him to get some pleasure from fucking my pussy which craves his attention. We will then move into the front room where the sofas will give me such a position so i can put my legs behind my head and he can literally drill my pussy! Fuck yes! I want him to be the man whore i know he can be. I want him to be fucking wild when he is fucking me. I want him to moan and groan and tell me how he feels. Then i want him to be able to stick his cock in my ass to finish off! I want him to get so high on sex that he will literally sleep for days.

I am craving his cock, his smell, his eyes, his smile, his voice, his compliments and his attention. Im craving it like a hungry zombie desperately seeking flesh! I WANT YOU NOW!!!! I AM YOUR SLUT!!!