Written by Happy husband

2 Jun 2014

After a few years of having great sex with my wife we went on holiday in a lively Spanish Island , long story short we ended up drunk in a swingers club on the outskirts of town, we just played and had sex with each other but with three or four men watching and sitting near by. The whole experience was very arousing and unfortunately I didn't last to long as my wife looked sexy as fuck ( I pay for her to go to the gym every day and she has had surgery leaving her with 32ff amazing breasts).

She constantly has low tops on and buttons left undone on purpose , her gym clothes leaves nothing to the imagination, we were out on a night out after a few to many drinks when the conversation turned dirty, when she told me about her X boyfriend who had a huge penis and it almost scared her when she first saw it whilst getting licked out in car park at work.

The whole story turned me on especially when she told me in detail he used to make her cum real good but it hurt if they done it more than once every couple of days as he was so big....she told me a few more times about some other dirty outside sex they had. When I asked her when she was in a dirty mood to see if he would be up for it again , she asked if I was sure and I said yes so she decided to text him "Hi" , within a few texts she told him that we had been chatting about him and his massive cock .....he replied I'm glad you still think about it.... She then text "we have been thinking about a 3some"

He replied he would be interested and she then said good and gave him my no to arrange we then had hot dirty sex talking about it.

At first it was strange texting each other but we both relaxed and got in the swing of things organising a 1030 am meeting at ours the following week, I felt excited all week and on the day I nipped out of work when he text me he was on the way, I got home to find my wife wearing a tight blue dress on with no knickers within 5 mins he had arrived and it felt normal and relaxed when we all just sat in the front room having a fairly normal conversation about work on the sofa.

I then started to rub my wife's legs higher and higher until I exposed her pussy which was soaking wet, I then invited him over and he also rubbed her legs when we pulled her dress to her abs, He then started licking her out like a professional pron movie which she instantly loved I started kissing her which was amazing, I got up to shut the curtains and looked back to see my wife sprawled out with her ex licking her out, I got my camera out and took some great pics,

I then went back and traded places it wasn't long before he pulled her top up and exposed her amazing breasts , I was then licking her out when I looked up and watched her undoing his jeans when she got his jeans down I looked up and saw the biggest thickest knob I have ever seen, not only was it about 10 inches long it was so so thick that the shaft was bigger than the helmet I have never seen anything like it , my wife whilst trying to give him a BJ could just about get the helmet in her mouth and that's it, the next day she winged that her jaw hurt....the next two hours were unreal if you would like further details just let us know plus I took some amazing pics...... She told me afterwards it was a one off either way it was a amazing experience keen to know your thoughts