Written by sexymatcpl

14 Mar 2014

From my point of view, these are the things that I like when our fuck buddy comes to our house, his balls full of hot cum his cock hard, the wife is ready showered dressed smelling great, we are sat there , like two lost sole,s my heart is racing, I hold the hand of my sexy wife, just then the door bell goes the wife smiles and gets up behind me I answer the door, with a big grin he walks in holding out his hand, as I close the door both he and the wife embrace there tongues working into each others mouth, his hand on her bottom pulling her into his groin, from here he is showing his dominance, we go back to the lounge and sit down, the wife is impetus us, his hand on her stocking leg, now and then he runs it under her skirt, my eyes transfixed, I ask if he would like a drink, he asks for a cup of Tea, a cup of Tea that wont be drunk, while I am waiting for the kettle to boil, I look through the gap in the door , they are kissing his hand under her tiny knickers, I can see her legs wide open, her silky knickers bulging under his hand, by the time I have made the Tea, and gone back to the room, there is no way that either of them want to wait and drink tea

The wife looks at me her eyes say it all, I let him walk behind her to our bedroom, a room that has been made ready for sex, they stand and kiss, and I am behind , I undo or pull her short dress of to expose her in her beauty her stockings her tiny knickers matching bra, his hands roaming her body, now and then our hands touch, his fingers delving inside her pussy, I keep looking taking it all in, the wife is undoing his trousers, these fall to the floor, he kicks them away, his pants bulging , his rock hard cock needs to be released from its confines, she pulls them down, his hard cock now pressing against her pussy, all that is in its way is her knickers.

He is laying on the bed, my wife is laying in-between his legs, holding his cock, I stand there looking then she invites me down, she stops sucking and holds it, I bend down and I take over as she licks his shaft and sucks his balls, we then kiss with his cock in our mouths , then its her turn , she lays back and he goes down on her, for my part, I am flying solo licking sucking both his cock and cum heavy balls,

Then its fuck time, he wants pussy, he wants to have my wife on her back legs wide open and to fuck her, he pulls a pack of condoms from his pocket, she tells me to put one on him, she likes that, she watches as I roll one down his shaft, then she lays there I hold his cock and guide him into my wife’s open cunt, in he goes, I go around the back and can see him as deep as he can go, I feel his balls , there so full she wraps her legs around him, I try to lick his balls, he senses this and opts for fucking her doggy, an he invites me to lick under as he fucks, with a clear view of his cock, his balls dancing over my face, like some sexual ritual that all cuckolds have to go through, he lowers down so that his balls get maximum coverage on my face, to him it’s a dominance to me I submit open my mouth, and lick and suck his balls, and then there is the act of more dominance from him when he withdraws his cock and slaps my face, this is only met by my compliance.

Then there is the money shot, his balls twitch and lift he plunges deep I can see as he is pumping his sperm into the confines of the condom, soon he is spent and as he pulls out the condom hangs half on half of, but what is evident is the huge load hanging there for all to see, I move closer and I want to see his sperm, I then open my mouth and take him in, with my lips tight I pull and of it comes, using his cum I let it dribble onto her pussy then lick her , the rest is dripped onto her belly this is good for when I fuck her as well, as I get covered in his sperm, it’s a hard life but enjoyable.