Written by James

5 Apr 2007

My wife and meet about ten years ago, she was a student nurse in our local city hospital and i was employed by the trust's maintenance department and used to do the Hospital odd job. We are both in our early thirties. I'm James and she's Jacky.

When we first started dating, i found her different to all the other girls, she was slightly challenging and would always flirt with all the other guys, particularly those who worked on the ward. Watching her flirting with the other guys always sparked off a inner vibe that i had never experienced before and i actually liked to sit back and watch this happen.

As our relationship grew we became great sexual partners whereby she had little if no sexual inhibitions, she was a great lover and always wanted sex, there were occasions whereby she would suck my cock during our lunch hour, she even fucked me in the relatives room on the ward. she loved it.

We all finished work at the same time on this particular day and my mate Chris joined us, Chris was a mate who worked at the Hospital too, he was also in his thirties, a big guy, sports physique and black, he's about 6'2 and really friendly. We were all going to the local pub, just outside the Hospital, i went straight to the bar while Jacky and Chris sat outside in the sun. As i returns Jacky was doing her usual thing and flirting with Chris, I found this a real turn on. As the beer flowed we enjoyed ourselves as our discussion turned to sex, Chris was saying how he had nt had it in a while, Jack's response to this was, "What a big black guy like you"? Big being the key word i thought to myself. Following on from there and few pint later, we all decided to head off to our house, Chris in tow, as we arrived at our house my life changed for the best.....

Jacky and i were out the kitchen when she asked me to kiss her passionately, as i did she started to grip onto my cock, telling me she really needed it badly, she pulled my cock out there and then and proceeded to suck my now throbbing tool. Chris was still sat in the lounge. At this stage my heart was beating as though it was all so wrong, the excitement was awesome.

Jacky proceed by jumping up onto the kitchen worktop were i began to enter her now swollen pussy, as i entered her slowly her pussy felt really warm and wet, her back arched as i held my 8" cock as deep into her cervix as i could get, she seemed really turn on at this stage, as our session got hotter she whispered in my ear to call Chris in to join us, so i did.

Chris came into the kitchen to see Jacky upon the kitchen worktop, leaning back with her 34" FF boobs exposed for the taking, I was between her legs deep inside her pussy. Chris approached Jacky and started kissing her, as she sucked on his long pink tongue, he began to tweak her nipples until they responded into their 1" glory. Jacky was really turned on by this big fit black guy, The sight at them kissing was really sexy, then Chris began to undress. He slipped his clothes off quickly until he was stood there just in his pants, you could see the shape of his cock through his white CK's, he looked big and excited, he pulled his now throbbing cock out and it was huge, his cock must have been 10" long, it was really smooth with an impressive black helmet that was oozing pre-cum.

He jumped up onto the kitchen worktop with Jacky and placed his big black cock at the opening of her mouth, as i'm pumping he now soaked pussy, she began to suck Chris's cock, pulling his foreskin back and exposing his oozing helmot, he really wanted her. The thought of his cock inside my wife really turned me on and as i watch her take him in her mouth i could feel myself wanting to shoot my load. Whilst Chris was getting his cock sucked he proceeded to rub my wife's tits, then slid his hand down onto her pussy and played with her clit while i continued to fuck her. It was at this point that i held on for sheer life and shoot my heavy hot load deep into Jacky's pussy. My twitching cock slid from my wife and her pussy was cream pied as she just let it all drip out from her. As i moved away still engrossed by what was happening, Chris jumped down off the kitchen worktop and toke my position. He held his cock at the base, some 6" of his cock still exposed and gently teased Jacky's clit until she was begging for it. "Give me that Big Black Cock" she cried, Chris slowly entered her cum filled pussy, her pussy lips encircled his throbbing black cock and surrounded it tightly, Jacky gasped as Chris pulled her down onto him until he was balls deep inside her, as he continued to slowly enter her (back and fore) she began to shudder, her size 12 frame was literally being destroyed by the biggest cock she had experienced. Jacky began to call out as Chris increased his pace, "oh fuck me big boy, fuck me" she was calling, i lay back and watched on as this awesome sight was about to explode, and then there was this mighty build up as both Jacky and Chris increased their speed just prior to coming together, as they did, Jacky looked awesome as she looked up at me in sheer lust, Chris black arse tensed up as he shoot his heavy black load into my sexy white wife, she cum all over him too, they both looked so tense, pumped up and horny as he stood between her both covered in spunk. Chris pulled his cock out of Jacky and she squeezed her pussy to expose all Chris cum, as it dripped from her pussy it just poured on to her arse, she looked well and truly fucked.

The best sex of my life so far, glad to share my experience, Jacky occasionally still makes reference to how she described a truly great fuck.

JE, Bristol