Written by Roy

22 Oct 2007

This is the follow on to my wife Laura\'s first threesome with her workmate David and myself, we all made our way upstairs to the bedroom touching and kissing on the way, once we were upstairs i went to use the toilet, by the time i\'d finished i went into the bedroom to find Laura and David having a 69 i decided to watch for a while whilst wanking, because it was so horny to watch Davids cock sliding in and out of Laura\'s willing mouth while he was licking her soaking wet cunt. After about 5 minutes of this with much moaning and groaning Laura started pushing her hips into Davids face as she cum, this pushed David over the edge and he started thrusting upwards into Laura\'s mouth who did\'nt miss a stroke as she swallowed every bit of spunk he could deliver. We lay on the bed after, myself on one side of Laura and David on the other just playing with her wet cunt and solid nipples when David said, i was talking to Alison at the works party who told me that she fancied Laura something rotten, i said to him pity you have\'nt got her phone number, then to my suprise Laura said no but i have ! shall i ring her, i could feel her cunt getting wetter as she said this, after a short phone call and within 15 minutes Alison had arrived, Laura bought her straight upstairs where she saw the three of us naked, and said fucking hell Laura i wish i knew you were up for this before, as she grabbed her and gave her a full on kiss, within moments she stripped of till she was naked like the rest of us, myself and David were forgotten as they lay on the bed kissing and touching each other, that is till Laura got her head between Alisons thighs and started licking her cunt, David saw his opportunity and moved behind Laura and offered his cock against her wet cunt, she pushed back slightly to tell him to enter her, i went to the top of the bed and pushed my cock towards Alisons lips who opened her mouth and took it in greedily, i think the sound of Davids cock in Lauras soaking wet cock and the slap of his balls against her thighs sent myself and Alison over the top, because we both started cumming at the same time, as she was swallowing my cum my lovely Laura was doing the same for her, within moments David started fucking Laura faster and gripped her hips like a vice as he filled her with his cum, To my delight Alison said lets change places, and i can lick Davids spunk out of Laura, while you fuck me from behind and Laura can have a mouth full of Davids spunk, and hopefully we can do this again next week, and i\'ll bring a strap on next time if Laura\'s up for it, i don\'t know about mixing work and pleasure but its been fucking great so far, i\'ll let you know the next episode.