Written by shymonkey

10 Sep 2014

While we are talking and texting you mention that you like to be blindfolded and tied up…. so i suggest that we might try that, maybe i could come to yours.. at an arranged time and you will be on the bed already blindfolded……

You decide you want to try that and we arrange a date.. As the days get closer you get more excited and nervous,, you don't know why but the outdoor love making has made you want to meet again for more and its been over a week…

The day arrives and you have decided what you want to wear, you remembered i said i like hold ups… so you put on a sexy set just for me… a few minutes until i arrive and you nervously sit on the bed place the blindfold over your eyes……

what seems like an age goes by and you are thinking this is silly and I am not coming, when you hear the door open downstairs…. you tighten, god what if it is someone else… it can't be but what if..

you hear the door close and footsteps, not coming straight upstairs..but wandering around. you start to panic a little… then you hear footsteps on the stairs… you want to rip the blindfold off but the erotic side of you wins… and you sit back and wait…

The bedroom door opens and you feel someone come up and kneel on the bed. then your hair is being stroked and your neck kissed…. you relax a little… it must be him. but what if… then you a whisper in you ear.. 'can i tie you up?' you recognise my voice and relax 'god yes' you reply.

You feel me tie something loosely around you a wrist and you recognise the texture,.. silk, you smlie and think that is a nice touch….. you feel the same on the other wrist and your ankles and know that I must be tying you to the bed legs….. god what is going to happen next.. you cannot wait nervous and excited..

You feel me move away from the bed and again what seems like an age nothing happens…. the you feel my lips on your nipples i must be leant over stood up, taking a nipple in my mouth and biting it gently….. then it stops… and you feel me close mmm kissing your neck now nibbling and teasing… then a whisper……. 'please don't speak,,, just nod'……. you nod and smile then you feel me kiss your lips…you move your tongue to meet mine then i am gone again….. ahhhh you want to say something.. but before you do you hear my voice ' no speaking baby, i want to tease you until you explode.., is that ok' you hate me for this but want it… so you nod…. you hear me laugh a naughty sexy laugh….

silence again, god come on you want some attention. just as you are thinking it you feel me between your legs my tongue there on your pussy,… pushing inside.. wow you lift up a little and feel the soft silk restraints. limit your movement… I am aggressive with my tonuge probing flicking, then you feel your tummy and breasts being caressed by my hands. mmmm you like this. already the anticipation has made you wet and you want me to carry on… my tongue deep hands all over you love it and moan…….

Then i am gone.. your legs open you feel the emptiness between your legs… noooo you think… you open your mouth you have to say something then you feel my hand cover your mouth and me say 'noo talking, i told you…'' you calm down your body relaxes and my hand moves away…….

then before you can think whats next, you feel something against your lips…….. gently pushing… you almost want to not open your mouth to show protest but you are soo horny,, the bed moves a little i must be sat astride you… you feel me as my cock slides in your mouth.. you start to suck me nibbling me… my hands are over your tummy stroking.. you start to move your head back and forward sucking me… then you feel my hand lower stroking between your legs and on your clit… mmmm you like that.. you feel it being flicked and you suck me harder..you hear me moan… thats better you are in control of me you make sure i know by sucking me faster and harder… my moans get deeper… this time we are not in the woods and we can be loud… 'fuck that is good' you hear me say….. you like this way more control…. .you feel your body react to the fingers playing with you and it feels good.

then my cock is pulled quickly away…..and you feel me leave the bed and the bedroom door open and me go downstairs… what the fuck,… what am i doing one minute sucking and playing next i have gone… you shout at me 'what are you doing?' then you here me come back upstairs… you are annoyed you were worried for a minute.. god what a bastard you think..

then cold hits your leg the inside of your thigh… you flinch what the hell is that…. then the feeling is less a cold wet feeling rubbing up and down your leg… now it makes sense.. i have brought ice with me…….. my tongue is again on your pussy as you feel the coldness of the ice rubbing slowly up and down your thigh…. you feel it dripping down your leg as it melts a little… then on the other leg all the way up it carries on the cold sensation it is not ice cold but quite sensual chilling your warm legs… then you feel it carry on up your legs above your pussy and on your clit… mmmmmm

i don't stop for a while the ice has melted and is dripping from your clit to your pussy round my tongue that is deep inside you and mixing with your juices.. this lasts longer and you are now relaxed and wet… not aware now that you are tied up and blindfolded as the pleasure takes over… again i push my tongue deep and another ice cube on your legs… wow sense overload.. you moan and you feel my tongue push a little deeper…melted ice dripping then another it goes on, and you want more it feels good, your body moving under me your thoughts are on just my tongue and your pussy… willing me to stay there and make you cum… the first tingle comes.. you gasp,, you know what comes next that familiar wash of excitement growing stronger…..

The rush feels good stronger than normal between your legs, you know you are going to cum hard… close now, just got to keep my tongue going… mmmm… then i am gone… NOOOO you shout…don't stop..

but too late the feeling inside you subsides a little… you are so frustrated you wanted to cum… then its there before you realise my hard cock is inside you… just hard deep and fucking you… you gasp 'yes…' you know the rules are out of the window and there is only one outcome…… your body is back the feeling growing.,…. so quickly.. as each thrust gets you closer… god you have not seen me since the woods and yet we are here both wet and horny and fucking.. this excites you, nervous to angry to about to explode… you know i won't stop as you hear me say your name…. each thrust me gasping deep as i can be inside you… then it floods over you, stronger than you have felt in a long time you moan and lift your body to meet mine….as you cum, deep and hard it flows over and you moan louder… you feel my body shudder and you know i am about to cum.. this makes your orgasm stronger your mind and body completely in rapture at the same time,… you moan lift up your hips and you feel my warm cum inside you… holding there feeling the pleasure at its height… hold it there as i hold my self deep in you… mmmmmmmmmmmmm the pleasure weakens and you feel exhausted… just from lying there!!!!!!

you relax and feel me come out… you are dripping wet and lay there moaning… you feel me until your wrists and arms.. 'leave the blindfold on please' i say…. you do, too relaxed now to care….. you laugh, now you know why i didn't com upstairs straight away… putting the ice in your freezer… you smile at how the ice on your clit made you feel, then you hear the door shut downstairs…… have i left you… you pull off your blindfold and i have gone…well you are sure it was me…..you think… you look down past your wet pussy and legs and see a single rose… laid on the bed…………

until next time….