Written by Chunky

13 Sep 2013

Hello all, Chunky and Pam here again, (Model boat, model wife).

We picked up the prints and disc of our photo session and were delighted with them.

Whilst we chatted over a cup of tea, Xxxx put a slideshow of our shoot on his laptop and we were able to view them via his tv screen. He was both polite and respectful as he commented on the various shots, and although the images of pam were erotic, he made the whole thing feel so natural and even Pan, who normally would have been too embarrassed to watch them, was making the odd comment about how she should of did this or that differently.

Xxxx asked us if we were interested in doing another shoot, the images would remain private and there'd be another couple there. They were trusted friends of his, but like us, because of her job, they also had to be very careful who they mixed with.

Without asking what i thought, Pam said that sounds fun.

But Xxxx still asked me for my thoughts before he continued.

Needless to say, i agreed, but his respectful manner weren't lost on me.

He phoned his friends and after a chat turned to us and said, would you like to do it now?

Pan said she would, had she of known about it, but she didn't have any nice clothes with he and after her shower, she'd only applied the minimum amount of make-up.

Xxxx said none of that was a problem, so we agreed on yes, why not.

As it was, pam had some basic make up in her handbag and by the time Xxxx's friends had arrived, Pam looked great.

As we were all introduced, i knew Pam was nervious, a fact not helped that John was a muscular young guy and because of his age, which i'd put at about 23, i'd describe him as good looking in stead of handsome. Freya was stunning, maybe a year or two younger than john. She was, i later learnt a size 8.

Pam voiced her thoughts and said she felt too old to pose with them and wouldn't be upset if they wanted to call it off.

Both assured her they were more than happy with what they saw.

The story line was the next topic to discuss.

After various ideas, Xxxx asked how everyone felt about Pam pretending to be Freya's mum.

Pam and John would be playing around when Freya caught them, but instead of kicking off, she joined them?

All agreed, and Pam said with the age different, that scenario would be more realistic.

In a light-hearted tone Freya asked if i was going to join in, cos she had a thing for daddy bears.

I'm not a cuckhold cos ive never had the opportunity to be, but i said if they didn't mind i'd keep out of the shoot as im too old and fat to look good on camera, plus i was more than happy to just watch.

We moved into the lounge, Pam and john sat holding hands on the sofa and john did a few test shots, again he used 2 flash guns wireless-ly connected to a pocket wizard attached to his camera.

John began kissing pan, and she happily responded, there was a light hearted exchange of comments ranging from; mmmmmmm mummy, you are tasty, to behave yourself you naughty boy or mummy will smack you.

The comments were lost on film but the exchange took any tension out of the situation.

John then began to run his hands over Pam's body and cupped her breast as they passionately kissed.

He then began to unbutton her blouse, which slowly exposed her lacy bra.

As he eased the blouse from her shoulders, he kissed her neck and shoulder.

Pam pulled his tee-shirt over his head and i know by the way she ran her hands over his hard body that she was turned on.

John then knelt in front of her and after easing her shoes of he asked her to stand for a second so he could take her skirt off.

Seeing him ease Pam's skirt over her hips was quite erotic, and i knew from this point, anything Pam did was for herself and not for me, which took any guilt away from the situation.

As they lay caressing one-another Pam started to undo Johns belt and jeans. They were halfway down his thighs, when Freya walked into the scene.

She pretended to be shocked and said things like; Oh John, how could you?

John played his part, jumped up and began to apologise, but Freya kissed him and said sit down.

Kneeling between them, with an elbow resting on each of their knee's Freya siad to John, just chill, mummy and i share everything, with that she turned and began to snog Pam.

Whilst the girls kissed, john eased his jeans off, he wore no pants and his dick looked huge, it must have been a good 7 inches and quite thick.

Freya turned and took him in her mouth and john lent forward and resumed kissing Pam. Reaching behind her he managed to undo her bra and as he pulled it from her, i noticed pam's nipples were as stiff as organ stops. Freya must have noticed her bra being removed as she reached up and after cupping her breasts, she began tweaking her nipples.

Freya then told Pan to take over sucking John whilst she got more comfortable.

I was in heaven as pan leant down and after a shuffle to get more comfy, she took john deep inside her mouth.

Freya pulled her summer dress over her head and exposed her naked body. She was so petite, her boobs i later learnt were a 32A and she looked so fragile, but my god did she ooze sensuality.

She wriggled her way into the scene once again and began sucking Pam's boobs.

As the girls kissed, Freya ended up lying on the sofa and pan was knelt on the floor and was sucking of Freya's small pink nipples.

John moved off the sofa and after leaning over the sofa's arm he began to eat Freya.

As Pam kissed her way down Freya body, John moved off the sofa and Pan than began to eat Freya.

John positioned himself behind pam and eased her pants over her hips and off her legs. Then after kneeling between pams thighs, he ensured she was wet by finger fucking her for a few minutes. Satisfied she was wet enough, he then eased his dick inside her and after a few gentle probes he began to push deep inside her.

Needless to say they all changed positions a number of times, but i dont want to bore you as i know i'm not that good at writing, but i ended up using Xxxx's camera whilst he joined in the fun.

I saw pam taken twice by each of the guy's, saw her eating and being eaten by another woman and not only did she love it, i know it did her confidence the world of good.

We will we do more shoots, for sure. But unfortunately we live in quite a conservative area, all the spa,s and clubs are so far away, brighton is about 2.5 hours away and B,ham nearly 3 hours, but on the plus side, i hope our little group will grow into a solid and lasting friendship.

We will make more use of our pc,and have decided to fully join S H so we can answer and contact other people. I was always worried about pc security ect but Xxxx is in group called fetlife and he assures me that there's never any problems because you have complete control over your account.