Written by Kathy T.

21 May 2016

Hi, its Kathy again. My boyfriend Dave and I were partying late at night and into some heavy interracial roll playing while watching some BBC porn. There was this scene on with the sexy black guy being mean and rough with the cute white girl. I mean he was really giving it to her hard and merciless!! It was really hot! Dave has shared me with BBC on four occasions and don’t get me wrong, each time was super incredible and I loved them very much but, when was I going to get handled like the girl on the screen was? I asked Dave and he said it was because he has always been there while I played with the BBC. He said if he wasn’t there, he was sure the guys would treat me differently. Really, I asked? I wasn’t so sure. Of course, I knew by telling Dave this, he would something up to prove his point. I couldn’t wait to find out what he planned.

That following weekend, we were about to start playing when he asked me if I wanted to find out right now. I said ok and asked him what he had in mind. He told me to call up his black buddy Troy and tell him that Dave is about to leave the house for an hour and see if he wants to come over real quick. Dave said that he will hide the entire time Troy was here, just in case I would need him. My stomach was nervous but so turned on at the same time! Dave handed me the phone and said it was up to me. I thought about it for maybe a second, before smiling at Dave and calling Troy. Troy quickly answered and when I told him the plan, he was ecstatic and hung up saying he was flying over. This was so sexy!! I put on some tiny shorts and a tank top and Dave warned me to expect to be treated differently, now that Tory thinks he has me all alone. I was hoping so, deep inside, but still told Dave I didn’t think so. It seems like only minutes later, we heard Tory pulling up. Dave wished me luck, kissed me and told me if I want him to interfere to just yell his name. He ran off and I went to the door to let Tory in. “Hey Kathy. What’s up baby. You look fuckin hot in those shorts, girl.” His eyes were drinking me up, making me go crazy already! He asked me to do a little turn for him and he moaned his approval aloud, making me melt!! He asked me how long Dave will be gone and I said 45 minutes or so. Right as I said the last word, he reached out and got a hand full of my hair, pulling my face to his hard! We were tongue kissing roughly and at that point I knew Dave was right and I was going to be treated like the submissive white slut I have dreamt about! While we were kissing, he somehow managed to pull my shorts down and take my shirt off. He pushed me down on my back on the couch and quickly undressed. When he was naked, he jumped on the couch(on me!), straddling my shoulders, sat on my chest pinning me down, and told me to open my slut mouth as he slapped his hard black cock hard all over my face! Oh my gosh, I was in heaven trying to catch that massive beautiful cock in my mouth. He started laughing at me and calling me all sorts of slutty names, making me almost cum on the spot. I tried to reach down and play with myself but he had my arms pinned with his weight! I was really going crazy! He finally put his black cock into my hungry mouth and I sucked for all I was worth! He stated moaning even louder then got off me a tiny bit and started fucking my mouth hard and fast. I was gagging and coughing and drooling all over. A few times I thought I might throw up! Then all of a sudden, he shoved his black cock as deep as he could and exploded hot cum down my throat! I had no choice but to swallow it completely. I thought he might get up and leave but instead he pulled me up and tossed me around so I was on my hands and knees on the couch. He climbed up behind me and began slapping my ass cheeks! He was calling me a bad girl and his black cock slut that needed a spanking. “Right?” he asked me. “Yes sir. I am a very bad girl who needs to be punished.” Between spanks, he would shove his face and tongue into my pussy and ass! I came all over his face!! He then put his fat black cock head right up against my aching pussy and told me that he wasn’t going to move and if I wanted his cock, I would have to do all the work. I quickly shoved my whole body back at him, causing his huge black cock to penetrate me deep! I screamed! It felt so good! Then I moved forward, then back down hard onto him, again and again and faster and faster! “That’s it slut! Fuck that black cock!” I came again and again! Then the spanking returned and in between spanks, he started rubbing a finger on my ass. This drove me wild and right then, he shoved a finger into my ass I kept moving back and forth, fucking myself hard with his black cock! “You like it slut! Huh! You keep cumming on my cock bitch!!” Right then, he pulled out of me which almost made me cry out but then he put his fat black cock head against my virgin ass and shoved it in!! I screamed in a sudden sharp pain and thought Dave was going to run in and put a stop to this, but he didn’t. In a few moments, the pain was gone and my fingers were deep in my pussy as he became the first person(other than Dave)to penetrate my butt hole! He began pulling my hair back towards him hard, asking me how much I was loving it. I was loving it so much I couldn’t even respond to him. Again he laughed at me and called me sexy names. Right then, “Ahhhhhh you fuckin beautiful slut!!!!” and he came again, filling my ass with hot cum! This sent me to another monster climax! Before I knew it, he was off me and quickly dressing telling me to call him every single time Dave leaves the house. I said ok and he ran out of the house. I just lay there completely used and completely spent when I heard Dave walking up behind me. “Told you so…” he says to me as we laugh. He gently picks me up in his arms and carries me to the shower where he fully bathes me. We spent the next two days(straight), loving each other and re-living the sexy scene.