Written by Chris

6 Jun 2008

This is a true story of an experience a few years ago. It was early summer and wife was away on holiday for a week. I knew of a cinema in the city near me which shows only porno, and which I knew to be a place where men played with men. I am happily hetero, but I wanted to feel a cock in my hands. I had a shower, changed into clean clothes, drove into town and parked round the corner.

The cinema was quite normal, a bit shabby, with a main part and a couple of smaller rooms with small screens. There were around 15 men in there,who kept moving around. I sat near the back to work out how things went, saw one man go down on another about ten rows away, and noticed the toilet door opening and closing frequently. I couldn\'t see a man I could imagine being with (I\'m not attracted to men, I just wanted to feel a cock and to feel slutty)so I wandered into one of the smaller rooms and sat ona sofa there.

After a few minutes a man came in. He was around 50, a few years older than me, well dressed, and had a small

briefcase with him. He sat close to me and we both watched the gay pron on the screen. After just a minute I felt his thigh press against mine. I was being approached by another man, a whole new experience. I took the decisive step, putting my hand briefly on the inside of his thigh then I got up and went back into the main cinema knowing he\'d follow me.

We sat in the middle, away from others, and undid each others\' trousers. If you hate the idea of a bisexual experience then forget it, but if you are curious, go for it, it feels bloody marvellous. Trousers down around our thighs we reached into each others\' underpants and pulled our cocks out. Feeling another hard cock for the first time is simply magic, I was loving it. He held my balls as I wanked him slowly. He asked me to go slowly as he was very excited too. I kept going, revelling in what I was at that moment, a happily-married man wanking off a stranger in a porno cinema.

He came without warning, his spurts of hot cum covering the back of my hand, his stomach and his shirt front. He took out a clean handkerchief and we cleaned each other up before he got up and left. I hadn\'t cum, but it didn\'t matter, I\'d wanked another man to orgasm, and loved it.