Written by brad2003

30 Sep 2014

I have recently got back from a holiday in Tunisia. While there, I spent many hours just walking up and down one of the beaches, as my wife likes to stay around the pool and sunbathe all day. One day, while I was walking along a quiet, more secluded part of the beach, which was about a mile from the private hotel beach, I went into the water, just up to my waist. There was a female walking along the beach, who I realised that I had seen before. She walked past me for about 10 yards, then walked the other way, again for approx 10 yards. She looked good, dressed in a bikini with a wrap covering her bottom half. She smiled each time she passed m, and I smiled back. She sat down on the beach, facing me and the sea. She had her legs up and her arms were resting on them. I could see her bikini bottoms and that she looked like she had a good figure. After about 5 minutes, with me just splashing about in the water, and giving her a few looks, I watched as she put her hand down by her bikini bottoms. Trying not to stare, I watched as she moved her hand to her pussy, and started moving her finger up and down it. I could'nt believe what I was seeing. I was about 8 yards into the sea, but could see everything she was doing. She smiled at me again, and looked up and down the beach. There was no one else there, and she moved her bikini bottoms to one side, exposing her pussy. Even from 8 yards away, I could see that it was shaved. She started to finger herself,first slowly, then faster. I had a hard on, and just kept staring at her. Then I could see her body jerk, so she must have climaxed. By now, my cock was throbbing, and I put my hand down my swim shorts and caressed myself. She then came into the water and stood by me. She never said a word, but put her hand into my shorts and started to wank me. I tried to ask her he name, but she put a finger to her lips, as if to say 'shh'. As there was no one else on the beach, I got my cock out, and she played with it, sliding my foreskin back and rubbing my bell end. Then she stopped and started to walk out of the sea. The beach was only about 15 yards wide from the dunes at the back, to the water edge. She went up the slope towards the dunes, and beckoned me to follow her. I did this, and at the top of the dune, it dropped down about 4 feet on the other side. She was kneeling down, and I stood facing her, with my stiff cock poking out towards her at face level. Checking the area again to make sure there was no one else walking about, she pulled my bathing shorts down, and started to suck and wank my cock. She did this so fast and smoothly, that I could feel my cum starting to rise. I tried to tell her, but she continued. Just as I started to cum, she took my cock out of her mouth, and I shot my load over her tits and neck. She smiled, got up and went into the sea to wash it off. During this time, she never said a word, and although she was tanned with dark eyes and hair, I did'nt know what country she came from. After coming from the sea, she smiled again and walked away. I never did see here again, despite looking out for her.