Written by Arlington_49

12 May 2015

I thought last week’s elections may have had something to do with all of this “sex play” time, however a colleague thought I was nuts trying to be humor political! As Norman put it, “your wife doesn’t need a political excuse to fuck…!” He probably said it more correctly and tactfully than others would dare express…! A few days since now, it was nothing more than my wife’s usual pattern as she engages potential clients AND assumes I’ll be away a few days. Only this time, I was on a ‘day-trip’ and home by 11pm to catch my charming lady put out her ‘charms.’

Judi’s client is amusingly Evelyn’s newest boyfriend from her stable collection. Barrett and three of his colleagues have connected with Judi’s RE firm to negotiate a property transfer and commercial upgrade. Bear in mind, the business details are a product of post wife intercourse with Barrett and his friends…;) For me last week, I simply came home after a long day to find my wife displaying her assets, and having those same assets properly handled by 4 well-endowed gentlemen who ranged from 35 to 55 years old! Barrett himself is near my age…perhaps late 40’s! Barrett is the only ‘single’…the other 3 are married men none of whom I personally know!

My wife seemed to be in great shape last Thursday evening…well wined and likely having weed to boot! ALL 4 lads were engaged in one fashion or another…it was NO “I’ll watch while you fuck the lady” demeanor… No, all 4 played active roles. What do I mean by that?

In the guest room, Judi was spread out on the bed’s coverlet…no one really gave thought to using the bed proper…why have it made up…;) Barrett and two of his colleagues had ‘positioned’ and retained Judi across the bed…Barrett and one colleague holding Judi’s thighs, legs apart…while a 3rd gent at head of bed retaining Judi’s wrists. I was surprised no one aware the guest bed has wrist and anklet retainers at each bed post for just such fun times…! Likely…amazingly…this was probably Barrett’s first tryst with my wife! Barrett’s oldest colleague, I believe Alan his name, was missionary positioned between Judi’s legs. However, I properly noted, Alan wouldn’t be the first lad to deep fuck Judi!! Oh no, very clear semen oozing from her clit. It also appeared Judi’s face was smeared with someone’s cream from an earlier endeavor…probably one of the lads face fucking her. The BIGGEST surprise and humor for me, Barrett noted my presence, greeted me and introduced me as Judi’s husband to his colleagues. NO ONE paused or recoiled…!! It was as if they had been previously advised, my wife’s sexual activities NO surprise for me…;);) You know, they were correct…;);)

I enjoyed my wife’s performance! She didn’t appear aware I was present, another reason why I thought her weed use in play Thursday. It dulls her recognition and common sense. It also allows her to perform for the men in whatever manner they wish. Alan proceeded to bang deep into Judi’s cunny with loud grunts that I thought amusing. Judi’s moans were clearly overshadowed by Alan’s behavior.

Barrett was up next following Alan’s deep deposit, though again as he withdrew his limp cock, quite stirring to see Judi’s love hole couldn’t retain all of their cream. Their semen however properly lubricated Judi’s cunny. There wouldn’t be much vaginal irritation that night. The ‘irritation’ would come a bit later in the evening!

Barrett was the last of the first round! One of the younger men asked if I was interested in fucking “the woman”…as he put it…”She is your wife, and we thank you for your understanding…” as he wryly smiled with the others. I demurred, offering I would have my wife at close of their party. And, the “party” did continue!

Judi attempted to sit up, however even there the lads controlled her actions. They assisted Judi into a position where each lad would be able to compel her to suck each of their cock’s…again! Barrett didn’t participate…he wanted something better…and surprisingly asked my permission. Judi gagged on each of the three gentlemen who pressed for their BJ’s…! At end of the 3 man series, while still gagging, two of the lads turned her over, face down on the bed. We all knew what Barrett had planned.

First fingering my wife’s button hole with combination of deposited semen and Vaseline ointment, Barrett would find pleasure anal-fucking my wife. I had NO intention to interfere. I did approve. Fucking bluntly, I wanted to see my wife’s reaction! Her reaction was no real surprise…!

As Barrett took his time properly getting into a comfortable position…and only one of his friends had to retain Judi in position on the bed…I chatted with the other two lads wanting to know more about Judi’s business with them. It was quite simple after all…! Judi had pursued Barrett for his contract. Barrett who knew Eve and I had been a duo for nearly 3 years, he presumed NO problem playing with my wife. You know what…? He was correct!! I watched Barrett delicately, slowly, ever so slowly slide into Judi’s bum love hole! Judi was wincing on the bed…she groaned and on occasion appeared to express objection. However, my wife was so stoned we all took her groans and attempt at movement to be nothing more than eagerness and reacting to the first effects of a rear love fucking…!! Truthfully, it was so…!

When Barrett made full entry…or appeared full entry, he increased the fuck pace. As his pattern in a normal missionary, leg-spread fuck sequence, he began to pump harder and faster into Judi’s bum. Judi moaned and clearly engaged in further orgasms. I say “orgasms” as in plural. Judi couldn’t control herself while Barrett rear-banged her! Perhaps 10 minutes or so passed, before Barrett blew his wad into her hole! NO condom used…Barrett took a chance he wouldn’t find himself in soil or residue. He was right, the bum fucker! He deposited his cream in Judi’s ass, and moments after he pulled out to the smiles and cheer of his colleagues, his sperm began to seep from Judi’s crack! My wife was fully done Thursday night…! She was missionary gang fucked…she was compelled to give head to each of the lads…and she complied to Barrett’s anal fucking.

The only “party” left in Judi that night…somewhere around 1:30 am…me…her husband’s share in her charms! Mine was a simple “exercise”…a missionary fuck on a woman who probably had NO idea her hubby as now fucking her…!! AND, amusingly, Barrett wants at Judi again…solo…according his conversation with me yesterday. As he put it, Judi’s contract has yet to be fully approved and legally executed. Until then, Barrett wants my wife!!