Written by Steve

12 Jun 2012

Hi all, we've ummed and arred about writing on here after reading some of the negative comments about other peoples stories.

we know the couple involved in muddhopper's jacuzzi story posted a few weeks ago and because of the chemo and other drugs he's on,which left him suddenly tired, he had to split the story and received some negative comments for his trouble.(needless to say he said fuck um).

But for every idiot desperate for a wank, there are many more genuinely nice readers, so if my grammar is crap and you don't like my recollection, then just move on to another posting.

I'm steve 57 and a tad over weight, Helen is 45 and looking at her slim and beautiful body, i still cant believe my luck.

I'm a keen photographer and last Saturday a couple of us were due to photograph a girl on a motorbike.

Unfortunately she cancelled only an hour before she was due.

Although annoyed and disappointed, i could appreciate her reluctance to venture out on a bike due to the weather, but a bit more notice would of been appreciated.

My next problem was contacting the boys. With them about to leave home it was agreed, after about 20 texts that they'd both still meet at ours and we'd take the camera's out somewhere.

By the time they'd arrived, the heavens had opened up once again so we sat in the kitchen supping tea and bitching about the weather and fact that my newly converted double garage would have made an ideal home studio for the bike shoot.

Helen then returned home, having walked Ben our Highland terrier around the local woods. Dripping wet and wearing her multi coloured wellies and rain coat, Jimmy said she'd look good on film. After a bit of pleading and feeling sorry for us she reluctantly agreed to pose in her mack, on the condition that we hurry, because she had lots of jobs to do.

With the garage already set up and the heating on, we were soon ready to proceed, Helen stood outside for a few seconds to get the coat wet so the rain glistened on its plastic surface.

Jimmy went first and Helen looked great as she posed as directed. Adam weren't use to model photography so i directed helen as he took a few shots, needless to say, by the time it got to my turn helen was starting to moan about her wet hair and the damp collar of her blouse.

I said it would look good if i photographed her drying her hair as if she had just returned from her walk.

After a reluctant, "Well as long as your quick", she said she'd pop to the loo and get a towel.

As she rubbed her hair dry she kept moaning about the way she must of looked, despite us assuring her she looked great.

I told her to forget us and just act natural, she'd simply been out in the rain and was drying off. As she took her mack off the damp blouse had stuck to her body in places and she looked really nice.

I've always liked to show Helen off and although not hardened swingers, we do visit the odd naturist spa and she has had the odd fiddle with people whilst in the hot tubs or play room, so i asked her as we'd been let down by the girl on her bike, would she pose a bit longer for us?

Adam said she looked great and would love to photograph her more, Jimmy said "how about if we paid you what we were going to give the model"? Adam added that he rather shoot her than the model anyway. Jimmy said it was only £25 a head, but given the choice of earning £75 pocket money, or doing the ironing, he knew what his missus would choose.

Helen said ok, but she wanted to blow dry her hair, do her make up and change her clothes.

By the time we'd supped another cuppa, she was ready. Jimmy said come on you two we'd better cough up before we start, we dont want Helen thinking we've conned her.

Smiling she put the money in her purse. i did mention that now she wouldn't need any housekeeping that week, to which she said "that's fine if you don't want to eat". lol.

The shoot got under-way and i could feel the unspoken tension, as i asked helen to unbutton the blouse she had on. Jimmy asked if she was ok slipping the blouse off one shoulder, to which Helen replied it would be easier if we just told her how we wanted her to pose instead of keep asking if this or that was ok.

Jimmy told her to slip the blouse off and after a few more shots handed the sync lead to Adam, Adam took about 6 photos and handed the lead to me.

I asked Helen to remove her skirt, as she stepped out of it i took a few snaps and jimmy told her how great she looked. Helen said she felt an idiot just standing there with nothing to do with her hands. Jim jokingly said well you can hold onto me any time!

Helen said actually i wouldn't mind that because this feels too static. Jim looked at me, i just said whatever.

As jimmy put his camera on his bag, he asked what she wanted him to do? I don't know, just make the photos look natural, this shoot was your idea, not mine, she replied with a smile.

I suggested they embrace, and Adam added that it would look like a wife greeting her husband home from work.

Ok i said, that's the shoots theme, Helen you were just getting undressed when your husband got home.

Jimmy held her and i started so shoot.

Helen said God jim, your so wooden, relax your meant to be my husband, not a statue.

With that he held her around the waist and kissed her on the cheek.

she took his face in her hands and kissed him on the lips.

Between kissed i heard her say, forget the camera and just relax.

As they kissed she began to unbutton his shirt and run her fingers across his hairy chest. He discreetly asked if he should turn he back towards us and un-clip her bra strap?

She replied by running her hand over his groin as she kissed her way down from his lips to his chest.

Jimmy unclipped her bra and needing no further encouragement eased it from her body and cupped her breast. Helen then knelt in front of him and began to unbuckle his belt, jim looked over at me and i just nodded.

As she released his belt and undid the stud on his jeans he placed his hands around her head.

she then eased his trousers and pants over his butt and as they fell to his thighs he drew her head towards his already erect dick.

she took him deep in her throat and slowly began to facefuck him.

After a few minutes he eased her mouth away and pulled her up so they embraced. he then knelt before her and eased her briefs down to her ankles and she stepped from them.

I could see his finger slowly explore her moist fanny, and helen stood with her legs apart offering him unrestricted access.

He then took hold of her hand and pulled her to the floor, although freshly painted and clean Helen told him to lay day and she would sit on him.

She then sat astride of him and he reached up and began playing with her nipples. I could see although it looked like he was shagging her, he wasn't actually inside her. which i had mixed feeling about as i'd often indicated to helen that id love to watch her getting shagged.

Jim then pulled her towards him until he was sucking on her nipples.

As he did that i noticed helen begin to play with herself, her fingers were rubbing her clit, then slowly sliding inside her before returning to her clit.

Such stimulation was obviously too much for her and she took hold of jims pulsating dick and impaled herself upon it. After a little shuffle to get comfy, she fucked him so hard he couldn't last long and he muttered i'm coming, shall i come inside you?

You won't hurt me, just fuck me as hard as you can was helens only reply.

I captured the moment he ejaculated inside her, to which Helen responded by shuddering to a climax. She told him to lay still as she came down slowly.

After the shoot we all went in the house, i made us all a cuppa,whilst helen went up for a shower.

We have decided to repeat the shoot, but in a more comfortable area.

Sorry its a bit long and tame, but its true and i finished it, unfortunately i'm not very good at putting pen to paper and helen, like other we know, now refuse to write about our antic's because of all the negative comments, left by people who really should join a writers guild and leave S H for us more easy going fun loving people.