Written by Rob Leeds

22 Apr 2007

A few weeks ago I met these guy in the park dinner time and we had a session but one I met several times later at his house.

Latest was last Thursday I phoned him and arranged to go and see him.

I had 2 weeks of cum waiting to be taken and as soon as I arrived he let me in, he was alrady naked just a dressing gown which was off in seconds.

I stripped and we went straight into his shower room where we played and sucked for some time.

Then he turned the water heater up very hot and sprayed my prick, balls and ring getting me super hard.

He turned,bent over shower still on hottish and I slid into him in one push.

I fucked for a while maybe, 2 minutes then he pulled away.

Water red hot again, sprayed me again and then dropped to his knees and began sucking hard and fast.

By now I was gone and it took only a few hard sucks befoore I unloaded into his mouth.

As I did I held his head tight and rammed hard to the back of his thraot so he had to swallow it all.

My knees sagged and I finished up kneeling with him.

He stood up and I took his prick in my mouth sucking hard and fast squeezing his balls and same as me he spunked within seconds.

Finished we dried then back into the sitting room still naked and sat drinking and fondling each other until it was time for me to leave.

Can't wait for next week he is arranging for his mateto come as well.

I'll write it up for you guys.

Rob Leeds