Written by mcmlxi2004

28 Jun 2011

Want to take some photos of my hot wife? That’s what the ad said. “Of course” I said, “I’m not David Bailey but I’d love to”… Emails exchanged, a quick chat on the phone and there I was, sitting in the bar of a Manchester hotel with Mike & Sally (names changed of course).

Her pictures on their profile didn’t do her justice, hot was certainly the word to describe this voluptuous lady sat before me. Fabulous large breasts that her bra was struggling to contain and the clingiest summer dress that showed off her long tanned legs – I was going to love taking some pictures later.

Glasses of wine all round, the usual small talk about useless time wasters (yes I’ve had them too, it’s not only the men), complementing the lady, flirting even, making sure everyone was comfortable. We set a few ground rules, I’m there to take pictures, no touching unless asked, maybe Mike will join in for some twosome pictures, we’ll just ‘go with the flow’. That suits me, it brings out the voyeur in me. Isn’t there a little bit in everyone? We take our wine and head upstairs…..

It’s a nice large room, plenty of space. The camera is tested, fully automatic, that’s good. Got a nice picture of them together. We both tell Sally she looks fantastic – it’s true she does, she smiles and leans forward, her arms straight, pushing her breasts together. Snap Snap.

She leans further forward, hands on her knees. Snap Snap. I move behind her. Snap Snap. Great legs. A glimpse of her thong. Mike suggest poses. Snap Snap. The dress comes off. Snap Snap. We all suggest poses. She’s naked now. Snap Snap.

“How about my toy?” she asks. Mike and I agree. It’s between her breasts. Snap Snap. In her mouth, then sliding between her open thighs. Snap Snap. She’s on her back working the dildo slowly in and out of her pussy. It’s glistening wet with her juices. Snap Snap.

It must be a bit much for Mike, he’s undressed and slipping his hard cock into her mouth, the dildo still working its magic. Snap Snap. I can’t tell you how hard I am, I’m too busy to release my cock though, there are more pictures to be taken. Snap Snap.

“She’s going to cum” says Mike, “Get ready”... She does. She squirts. Snap Snap Snap. Wow that’s awesome. “I want you to fuck me” she says to Mike “NOW”. He takes her doggy style. Those wonderful breasts swaying beneath her. Snap Snap. He’s really pounding her now, she cums again, squirting her juice over his cock. Snap Snap.

“Your turn” she says to Mike, pushing him onto his back and straddling his still hard cock. She starts slowly, her hands on his chest, before each thrust becomes more urgent than the last. I don’t know about you but there’s always been something about a hot woman riding a man whilst he’s fondling her breasts that really for me. Snap Snap.

“Why don’t you stand on the bed and take some from above us?” Sally asks me. I stand on the bed, working my way round their sweating bodies. Snap Snap. She makes a playful grab for my cock, “You’re hard” she says feigning surprise. “Hardly surprising” I reply as she unzips me. I glance at Mike, he’s smiling as his wife takes my cock into her mouth. Snap Snap.

I’m always impressed when a lady can ride a man while sucking a cock – I always think it must take a lot of practice, but Sally seems a natural. She works her magic, she can tell I’m close to cumming, the first shot she takes in her mouth, the rest spurts over her breasts. Mike must like this as he starts to cum, deep inside his wife, which triggers Sally to another orgasm….

Later, we all sit on the edge of the bed, glass of wine in hand, thanking each other for a great time. “Next time we’ll bring the video camera & the tripod” Sally says to me, “I’ll be wanting that cock inside me and Mike can be David Bailey”.