Written by HaveGunWillFuck

21 Sep 2013

When I arrived, I saw them parked on the other side of a grove of trees. They were next to a sign which read, “Grove #4”. After a short time, he walked over to my van and verified who I was. Up until then we had never met in person. He then sent me to a spot near “Grove #7” where they really wanted me to park. After doing that, I waited for them to join me.

They were an interesting couple that I met through an ad. The three of us are here tonight, because he wants to watch his wife get fucked by a stranger, which in this case I will be the stranger. He returned to his car and the couple then drove to the place where I parked my van. After they parked behind me, I got out of the van and stood next to the passenger window of their car where his wife was seated. Even in the near darkness, I could see her face blush. I then asked if she was ready to get in my van. When she said, “Yes”, we both together walked to my van, where I slid open the van door and watched her get in. I had previously placed a mattress there covered with a sheet. At the same time, her husband got into the front of my van on a place where he could watch us over the back of the front seat.

She was sitting on the sheet with her legs straight out and her elbows bracing her upper body in a semi sitting position. I wound up sitting with my arms around my knees next to her on the mattress. The sun was now totally set.

In the fading twilight, I asked her, “Are you sure about doing this?”

She weakly said, “I’m OK…he wants it”.

Keeping my gaze on her eyes, I then slid my hand under her dress and she spread her legs a little to give me access.

Immediately I found she was totally naked and my hand began to explore a very wet pussy. As I played with her I could tell she was sexually excited thus continued exploring and stimulating her moist pubic area.

I then confessed to her, “I am intensely horny and very sensitive right now. Our first fuck will be quick. You will get a longer one later?”

“Make love to me”, she replied.

I then pushed her dress up, slid it over her head which exposed her entire naked body to my visual senses. She didn’t even have a bra on. I moved to get my mouth on her pussy and began cunnilingus. She spread her legs and put her hands on my head. As I continued licking her she began moaning, thus, I no longer worried about any hesitation she might have regarding her willingness to be fucked by a stranger. I could tell that she wanted it and she clearly was enjoying it.

I knew without looking that her husband was watching our every move. When I said, “I want to fuck you now”, she pulled me towards her to be on top of her totally naked body in a way that made it clear to me that she was ready to get fucked and most importantly left no doubt in my mind that she was encouraging it to happen.

When she immediately reached down to help me get my dick inside of her, I knew then absolutely for sure she wanted it to happen. As our fuck began, I sensed her real tight pussy was exceptionally tight and it took some force and twisting by her to have it slowly slide into her. Once I was entirely inside of her, I started fucking her and she began fucking me back.

Without looking, I knew he was watching his wife fuck me.

”When I whispered to her, “I’m ready to come”, she was moaning, “OH... OH... OH” and kept right on fucking me.

In a matter of seconds I began filling her with my semen as she continued fucking without pause. Then after I exhausted my first load of semen, I laid there cooling down. Her hips were still wiggling her pussy around my ever shrinking dick. I was still deep inside of her.

At that point, her husband turned on a small lantern and aimed it at our bodies which added a faint glow around where we were lying.

I was still lying on top of her with both my hands squeezing her tits in the missionary position when I asked her, “Are you ok?”

When she nodded ‘yes’, I said, “The next time will be better”. I then began deep kissing her. She began very willingly kissing me back. When she ultimately came up for air, she whispered, “You are a good lover”.

Then her husband commanded, “Suck on his dick”.

Hearing this, she twisted her body away from me and I felt my shrinking dick slide out of her tight pussy. She rolled me to be on my back and dropped her head down to put my now somewhat floppy dick in her mouth. Both her husband and I were then watching her bobbing her head up and down while she was holding and sucking on my somewhat flaccid dick trying to make it hard again.

I was lying on my back when her husband then offered: “Sit on his face while you do that” and I helped her twist my body to put her pussy on my mouth. I then felt her again begin holding and sucking on my dick as I licked away at her clit.

He then ordered her to turn her body around so he could see her pussy as she fucked me.

Then after she twisted body around to face him, she assumed a position where she re-inserted my dick so she could sit on it. The view of her pussy with my dick in it was fully exposed to him. She then began fucking me again, this time with him having a full view.

With her husband enjoying a full frontal of her sitting body fucking my dick pointing straight up in the air, her husband asked her, “Do you like fucking him?”

She was still pumping up and down on my dick when she answered, “intense…” to his question.

It was then that another car drove up with its headlights aimed right through the front shield of the van and parked next to their car. Her husband got out of the van and left in the direction of the intruding headlights.

His wife and I were now huddled trying to hide under the sheet and could not hear any conversation coming from the outside.

A short time later, an unfamiliar face appeared at the side of the van looking in at us.

We then saw her husband come to this person’s side asking him to leave. I then heard this stranger ask her husband, “Are you watching them fuck?”

Her husband replied, “This is a private party.”

I then said to her, “Sounds like the party is over.”

She intervened, “I agree. “

Her husband left but quickly came back saying, “He won’t leave.”

I then said, “This party is over.”

When her husband left, we both quickly got dressed. I then quickly slipped her my business card saying, “Call me if you want to see me again.”

I then left the couple and went back to my home.

A couple of weeks later she called me and I invited her to my house, where I live alone. She came over and we fucked our brains out. Now on a regular basis whenever he is away on business, she comes over and we fuck.

Not a bad ending, especially with a pussy that tight. It’s heaven when we are here fucking.