Written by Other man, My wife

10 Jul 2013

We had talked about her fucking another guy while I watched. The details of how to do this for real were vague. We looked online and found several options including offers from several guys. Todd sent pictures of himself. After several more online discussions and more pictures of Todd, my wife Marylyn found him OK and told me she would try it.

We arrived on the edge of a dirt parking lot that he had described. It was nighttime when Todd parked next to us. He sat looking for a short time out his window at us. He then got out of his car and came over to our car.

As he came towards us I whispered to her, “Will you fuck him?”

She continued looking at him saying, “Maybe”.

“Say yes”, I said to her.

When she said ‘OK…yes’ I rolled the electric window down. He told us he was Todd and asked if we wanted company.

When I said, “sure”, he got in the back seat. He asked, “Do you still want to watch?”

I looked back at him and said, “I want to watch you fuck Marylyn.”

Now looking at her he said, “I can do that”.

After a pause, he asked her, “What does Marylyn think about that?”

She looked at me and shook her head ‘yes’.

I told Todd, “It looks like we are on but we have never done this before.”

Todd offered, “There is a motel down the road. Let’s go there.”

When we got to the motel, he parked beside our car and I went to get a room.

Once the three of us were in the room, I awkwardly asked, “Are we all ready?”

Todd looked at Marylyn and said, “I want to fuck you all night long. Are you ready for that?”

She said, “We’ll see”.

He stood next to her and said, “Sit on the bed”; which she did.

I sat in a chair.

“Show me your pussy” I heard him tell her.

She then lifted her dress as he looked between her legs. Still staring between her legs, he then told her to take her panties off.

I then watched as she pulled them off and lifted her dress revealing her bare pussy to him. He immediately got on his knees and pushed his mouth down onto her cunt. Both of her hands wound up on the back of his head as he licked and played with her.

“Oh yes…Oh, yes…” she exclaimed looking down at him eating her pussy.

A short time later, he stood up, told her to undress. He took his clothes off at the same time.

When they were both naked he said, “You have a beautiful body. I need a quick fuck”.

He then spread her legs wide apart and then mounted her missionary style without any more foreplay. As he did this, I watched her guide his dick into her. They both began to fuck each other. Her breathing was getting faster. “Oh yeah” she moaned in the middle of having her pussy slammed, while grunting “harder…harder”.

Watching them fuck by the dim light of a lamp was a great turn on for me.

Her hips were bouncing into his dick and his ass was pounding his dick deep inside of her.

Very quickly she was moaning, “Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…”

I knew these distinctive sounds were generated by orgasm.

When he announced he was coming, she continued furiously fucking him.

Later, as they lay resting side by side after their first fuck, I could see his come flowing out of her pussy and splattered around on his dick.

He asked her, “You liked fucking me, didn’t you?”

“It felt good…awesome actually…you are a good lover” she said.

“Are you ready for more? He asked.

“Oh, yeah”

“Make my dick hard” he told her.

When her hand began jacking him off, I watched her also begin sucking him with one hand while massaging his balls with the other.

Not much later, he told her, “I’m ready for more. I’ll last much longer this time.

I then watched them fuck for several hours in many different positions. Each time he composed a new position she accommodated him by following his instructions.

Later on the way home, after they had fucked for several hours, I asked her how she felt.

“It was intense”, she said.

“Did you like doing it?” I asked.

“It was worth it”.

“Will you do it again?” I asked.

She looked at me with a strange look saying, “I felt like a teenager again. And, the answer to your question is ‘yes’.

“I told you it would be awesome” I replied, “Were you thinking about me being there watching you get fucked?”

She thought for a moment and said, “I don’t think so. Once I got started with Todd, I was too engrossed with his attention to think about you. His touching me felt like electricity. When he was ejaculating in me I wanted him to feel fantastic so I fucked him harder when he was coming. I wanted to satisfy him. It was so intense. He made me come multiple times. I haven’t had this kind of response in a while.”

I couldn’t wait until getting home to get my share of her pussy, so on the way back I pulled into a dark section of another parking lot and fucked her in the back seat. I could feel the slipperiness in her pussy from his semen that lubricated her.

As we were again heading home, I asked if she would let me watch her fuck another guy again.

She said, “I think so. It depends on the guy”.

I secretly took that as a ‘yes’.