Written by Dan

2 Sep 2011

This story is about the second time Marianne and I cucked her sissy husband, David. I told them I was coming over to their house again in exactly one week from the first time I fucked Marianne in front of David. I ordered her to wear thigh high leather boots, leather crotchless panties and I leather bra and to have her hair tied up on top of her head. She was to dress David in a short, fuzzy see through pink nightie, nothing else. I wanted him to be in the same position as he was was I entered their house the week before, on all fours and head down.

I arrived at 7:00PM and walked in. Sissy David was on all fours in the living room and Marianne was sitting on the couch. She got up immediately when I walked in. I again ordered David to crawl over to me with his head down. I reached into a paper bag I was carrying on removed the same dog collar and leash I had the week before. After putting the collar on him, I said, "Heel," and I walked him up the stairs on his hands and knees and into their bedroom, with Marianne following. I tied the leash to the bedroom door and made David "sit."

I pulled Marianne over to me and began to passionately kiss her on her lips and neck. I turned her around and was kissing the back of her neck and reaching around the front of her and rubbing her nipples over her leather bra. Marianne was getting excited already since she hadn't had sex in a week. I looked over at David and I could see his little hard on through the sheer pink of his nightie. He understood he wasn't to touch himself until I told him to do so.

I reached down and fingered Marianne's wet pussy. I stuck two, then three fingers into her and finger fucked her for several minutes before removing them, walking over to David, and having him lick my fingers off. I told David to stand up. I then ordered him to undress me so I could fuck his wife. With shaking hands he unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. He then knelt down and removed my shoes and socks and from a sitting position he reached up and unzipped my pants and took them off. He reached up and slipped off my underwear, pulling the front over my hard, straight cock. After removing my underwear David reached up and touched my cock. I slapped him as hard as I could and told him, "Nobody touches my dick until I tell them to!! Lay down on your stomach!!" David obediently laid down. I told Marianne to come over to us and I removed the belt from my pants and told her to administer 25 whacks to her cuck hubby's ass. She quickly grabbed the belt and pulled him his nightie. She hit his ass harder than I expected. David was crying with every strike. He told her to stop and Marianne yelled, "Shut up bitch." She was really getting into it. Large red welts appeared on David's ass immediately. He just lay there with his face buried in the carpet crying.

I pulled David up and made him sit again. "Stop crying and watch me fuck your wife!" I walked over to the bed and pulled the covers off and put them on the floor at the foot of the bed. I grabbed Marianne and pushed her down onto the covers and began to lick her pussy. She was so wet by now my face was covered in her juices. Marianne was rolling her hips and pushing her cunt into my face. Moans were coming out of her mouth in rapid succession. David was sniffling by the door.

I got on my knees, pushed Marianne's legs up over her head, and began to pound her soaking pussy with my very hard cock. She was pleading for me to fuck her hard. Within minutes she yelled out and announced that she was cumming.

I pulled out of Marianne and rolled her over onto all fours. I walked over to David and led him by the leash to her ass. "Lick her asshole. Get it ready for my cock." David began to say, "She doesn't like--" I slapped him and told him to shut up and start licking. Marianne was rolling her ass around, meeting David's tongue. I reached into my bag and pulled out two items. I told David to stop and for Marianne to get up. I ordered David to lay face down on the blankets. I gave Marianne a strap on dildo and told her to put it on. "Really?" she asked. I slapped her and told her not to question me, just put it on. With tears in her eyes she obeyed. I then gave her some KY Jelly and told her to lube up the dildo and he sissy's ass. David began to squirm and protest. I pushed his face into the blankets to quiet him. I watched as Marianne reluctantly started to slip the head of the dildo into her cuck's ass. He squirmed and cried. Marianne pushed in a little deeper and David began to moan. I then got behind Marianne and pushed her forward. I lubed up my cock and her ass and began to enter her.

As she was fucking her hubby's ass, I was plowing into hers. David was moaning and squirming more and Marianne was panting heavily. Every thrust into her sissy's ass was met with a thrust of my own into her tight ass.

We got into a rhythm and were fucking like a machine. David yelled he was cumming from his little cock rubbing against the covers. Marianne suddenly let out a sound I was now familiar with letting me know that she, too was having an orgasm. Marianne fell forward on top of sissy David as I continued to fuck her ass. In a few minutes I shot a huge load of hot cum into her ass.

I pulled out and saw my cum dribbling out of her sphincter. I rolled her off David and ordered him up. I saw his ass was bleeding a little from the whipping he received from his hot wife. I grabbed him by his collar and pushed his face towards his wife's used ass and ordered him to lick her ass again. I held his face down and he eagerly licked my juices out of Marianne's crack.

I pulled him over to the bedroom door and tied him to it again. I walked over to Marianne and without even being told to, she began to suck my sticky cock. I pulled out and slapped her face with my cock. She begged me to stick it back in her mouth. I shoved it in and fucked her face. I gave David permission to play with his useless dick. Holding her face onto my dick, I shot another load down Marianne's throat. She had been fingering herself and climaxed at the same time. I looked over at David he was jerking himself. He looked so ridiculous in that pink sheer nightie.

I got dressed and told Marianne she could take the collar and leash off David whenever she wanted to. I was done fucking and I was going to leave. I told them to meet me at a hotel in town, in the lobby, on the following Saturday at 9:00PM. Marianne was to wear a short skirt, no panties and a sheer top with a sexy bra. David was to wear slacks and a regular shirt, nothing fancy. They should be prepared to stay the night and Marianne was to bring the collar and leash with her.

My next posting will be about what happened to Marianne that night.