Written by voyeur husband

21 Sep 2007

This happened last summer in Aust & hoping to replicate it again shortly when we go on holidays.

My wife & I (both 47) were on holidays in northern Queensland & spent most of our time at the pool at the resort or the many beaches in the area. We knew of a beach that was unofficially clothing optional so decided this particular day to work on our allover tans, so it was clothes off.

We`arrived & positioned ourselves halfway between the waters edge & the dunes/cliff edge. Being there for an hour or so my wife nudged me a said a guy was wanking closeby while looking at my wife. I looked up and he had stopped so went back to reading my book. 2 minutes later i was nudged again so quickly looked up and the same again so went back to reading. Again a third time so instead of looking up just spoke to my wife & said he is obviously keen on you and likes your full brazilian or pierced nipple to which she just scoffed.

For a while i went back to my book but knew she was looking over her sunglasses at his action.I moved my hand over her backside with no resistance & down her crack. She slightly open her legs and was absolutely dripping so i gently inserted one finger & she moaned whilst all the time watching the guy. I saw this as an opportunity & went for it. 2 fingers in and a third just touching her arse & i thought this is going to be fun then all of a sudden she let out a little scream & bucked. All over in a couple of minutes!!!

Straight away she said lets go, put a skirt & singlet on, no underwear & we were out of there. Jumped in the hire car & headed back to the resort which was 30 minutes drive away. Along the way I started to play with her bald pussy & she just lent back & let me go for it before she came again.

The following day I suggested we try the same beach again & she didnt want to but I offered dinner at the most expensive rainforest restaurant in town so the deal was done. Arriving at the beach we sat down a little closer to the dunes/cliff & went about reading.

Half an hour later another couple sat down near us and` proceeded to sunbake before the same guy who had been wanking the day bfore turned up and sat just above them. Keeping an eye on him he soon started the same show to them and when they saw what he was doing they grabbed their clothes & moved further down the beach and I said to my wife its back to you to which she said he can do whatever he likes.

I soon had my fingers in her going for it and she was so turned on she started to lift her arse in the air & fuck my fingers. I was a little engrossed in the action & didnt see a second guy walk up behind us & stand quite close and play with his hard cock. He was only feet away & concentrating on my wifes movements & I nodded to him it was ok to get closer. My wife had no idea he was there & this guy soon replaced my hand with his and all along my wife didnt know. I could tell she was close to coming so i motioned that he could go all the way & fuck her from behind. He slid his cock in quickly & she soon worked out it couldnt be me as i was lying next to her but she was so close to coming she just finished herself off upon which she collapsed on her stomach.

I was so hard i wanted to fuck her as well & the sight of his come running out of her made me even harder. I stood up & the guy that had been wanking walked over to us & rolled her over & offered his cock for her to suck. We have had a couple of threesomes but nothing like this and especially in public. My wife said we should go to the dunes & she grabbed her gear & raced off. I just wanted to come at this stage and the guy who had been wanking went off after her. I grabbed the rest of our stuff & walked after her with the guy who had just fucked her following.

The 3 of us started working on her & within 10 minutes there were another 2 guys, 5 of us in total taking turns to fuck & suck and fill her up. From a business women to this in 2 days was sensational.

About an hour later & full of come we finished up & returned to our car. Speaking on the way back to the resort she said she was so horny & wanted to do this again next year as it was our last day. Driving along the road I felt her & come was dripping out onto the seat and she was still turned on.

When we got back to the resort we went upstairs to our room & she went out onto the balcony with a drink. I followed minutes later & there she was legs in the air playing with herself for all the resort to see but she said she was sore & was having trouble comming again. I went down on her & tasted all the different come and it wasnt long before she added hers to my mouth.I stood`up and came over her t-shirt with out hardly touching myself with the taste of 4 guys & my wifes come on my lips.

We are weeks away from going again & this time she wants to go separate & let me watch her fuck a few guys in the dunes & then let me join in as if I'm just another guy at the beach.

Amazing how once you get out of the office and your clothes how things can change!!