Written by playinglady69

23 Jun 2007

"Come on, come on slowpoke"

she said. As she turned around, I was facing her. She looked

up and said "Are you okay" I was so nervous and

excited I could barely speak. I shook my head and said "reality

is sinking in". "Oh honey, it'll be okay...you

don't have to do anything, we'll just hang out".

"No, I WANT this to happen, I am so excited right now,

I'm afraid if I start walking, I might have a orgasm

right here". With that she she took my head and led

me over to her. She lightly kissed my lips and whispered

to me "I feel the same way, this is going better than

I could have imagined". "I never thought you'd

be up for this tonight, hoped, but didn't expect it"

she said. "Neither did I Jani" I told her. We

turned to walk in the house and Adam was sitting on the bench

out front, cock in hand stroking his erection. We went over

and sat down on either side of him, leaned over and kissed

each other on the lips. Their house was set back and secluded

or we might not have done this. Jani put her hand on Adams

cock and began stroking it for him. I leaned over and kissed

him. As I kissed him, he felt for my nipple and lightly played

with it between his fingers. I let out a sigh and his other

hand moved up my leg, under my skirt and a finger lightly

traced my pussy and it's wetness. "Babe, she

is drenched" he said to Jani. "So am I"

she said, "so am I". "Let's move this

inside" Adam said and we got up and walked in the house.

"I know we are all wanting this to happen, but I don't

want it to be over in 2 seconds...so let's just chill

for a bit" he sighed. "I'll go get some wine,

have a seat and put on some music" and off he went. Jani

and I sat down and agreed we were moving really fast because

of the anticipation and how great things had been going,

but neither of us wanted this to be a wam bam thank you maam

type thing so we decided to turn down the heat a bit. Adam

came back and told us he set everything out by the hot tub.

"Oh, yeah, slow things down" we laughed. "Ha

ha, very funny" he replied. "I thought it'd

be nice...I'm going in, you can join me or not"

Knowing fully that I did not bring a suit with me, Jani asked

if I'd be okay going in. I told her yes, I'd be perfectly

fine with it...that it didn't matter what we did, as

long as we were all enjoying it. She came over to me and said

"You really are incredible, I thought you'd

be freaking out about this" I told her I was on the inside

but the desire overwhelmed the nervousness and that's

how I knew I wanted to be with her. With that I started to kiss

her and this time she returned the kiss with a full on kiss

and slid her tongue in between my lips. I practically melted

when she did this it felt so incredible. I put my hands around

her and moved up to her breasts. Her nipples were fully erect

and standing. I took one in between my fingers and played

with it. She sighed and I told her how I imagined doing this

from the first time we had written each other. "Me

too" she said. She put her hands on my ass and gently

squeezed it. Then she brought one hand around and slid it

up my leg to feel my juices. I was so wet that she got so turned

on and started to kiss me more passionately. I slid my hands

under her shirt and found out she didn't have a bra on.

The feel of her soft breasts on my hands was incredible.

I wanted to suck on her nipples, so I lifted her shirt up and

over her head then brought my lips down to her nipple. I played

with her other nipple as I sucked on her gently at first,

the nibbling at it. She shook with excitement and slid her

finger into me. I moved in closer to her she our pussys were

close together. She traced my clit and felt me tensing up....she

moved in and out of my faster and faster and I exploded into

her hand. She started to shake and I realized she had come

too from doing this. She sat me on the sofa and spread my legs

apart. She kneeled in front of me and brought her lips to

meet the wetness she created. She sucked on me and brought

me to a second orgasm. I moaned with sheer pleasure. I never

realized it would feel this good. Suddenly Jani moaned

and I opened my eyes to find Adam lying on the floor underneath

her. She was sitting on his face as he ate her tender fruit.

This got my juices going again and Jani went right back down

again to bring me to my 3rd orgasm of the night. She got up

and leaned in to kiss me, as she did that, Adam thrust his

cock into her and she let out a moan of pleasure. Her pussy

was pressed against mine and I couldn't believe it

but I was still aroused. Finally, when Adam thrust in her

again, we all let out a moan of pleasure as we collapsed into

one long orgasm. We lay there for a few minutes and then Adam

went out to the hottub where they had a sunroom with showers

and he got in the shower. Jani and I lay there for a few minutes

relishing in what had just happened. We then, got up and

decided to head for the showers ourselves and go relax in

the hot tub. We knew this was only the beginning of what was

going to be a long, pleaurable evening...for all...